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This World Has Gone Crazy
Chapter 56.1- part6

P.S. Sorry, I’m a little late. I have a slight fever and I was all groggy lol. Thanks again Baozi, Lenette, Anon, Lorenzo and Xinue123!


There was the sound of piano music in the bar. Before the busiest time of night, there weren’t many guests. People sat together in twos and threes and listened to the music, chatting leisurely. The atmosphere was rather good. Father Qi went to the bar, sat down, ordered a drink, and began to look for his son.

Shen Shu and Baby Face didn’t have class tonight. They sat at the bar as usual. When they saw him, they immediately looked over. The former narrowed his eyes lazily and whispered, “He’s very handsome, has a good figure, and his watch is genuine. He’s a rich man.” He sighed regretfully, “Alas, why isn’t he wearing skinny jeans?”

Baby Face had long been accustomed to his older brother’s “bird watching hobby” and sat in silence.

“If he has a decent personality, you can give him a try. Although he’s a little older, he’s more stable.” Shen Shu concluded quietly, took a sip of his drink and finally withdrew his gaze. He looked at his younger brother. “Didn’t I ask you to switch goals? Have you thought about it?”

Baby Face was silent for a moment. “Not yet.”

“Then keep thinking.” Shen Shu answered, intentionally looking at the person over there.

Father Qi was wearing a proper suit and had the style of a successful man. Coupled with that handsome face, he became the focus of attention. He had only been there for a short while when a little zero couldn’t help going up to him. He sat beside him and asked with a smile. “Sir, would you like to buy me a drink?”

Father Qi glanced over. Seeing the eyeliner on the man and his seductive demeanor, completely unlike a serious person, he couldn’t help but look at his son who was sitting on the stage and playing the piano seriously. He immediately felt gratified. He cocked his head slightly, his eyes filled with pride. Compared with this man, his son was such a good boy ah.

The little zero’s smile froze after being ignored. “...Sir?”

Father Qi didn’t look at him again. He waved his hand, obviously sending him away. The man was frozen again and had to leave bitterly. Some of the others quickly gave up their intentions, while others were eager to try, but none of them succeeded. Father was accosted by three people in a short span of 20 minutes. He immediately frowned and felt that if even he could be harassed, wouldn’t his son who was as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade be even worse off? His son was so good-looking and had extraordinary temperament. The number of people who liked his son must be immeasurable. If he met someone who came on hard, he would surely be bullied!

Shen Shu was watching with great interest. He wasn’t a fool. After sitting down, the man quickly turned his eyes to the stage and didn’t move for a long time. There was only one person on the stage at the moment. However, that man... belonged to someone. He smiled and walked over. He was about to chat with him but when he looked up, he saw that the man’s eyes were suddenly filled with grief. He was shocked. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m fine.” Father Qi silently looked at his son, his eyes bloodshot, and filled with remorse, even a little grief-stricken. If he and his son had reconciled early on, he could’ve let him out of his misery as soon as possible, instead of having to suffer from all the harassment!

Shen Shu looked at him and reminded him, “You don’t look like you’re alright.”

“Go play elsewhere, little kid. Laozi’s affairs have got nothing to do with you.” Father Qi said this while trying to control the impulse to carry his son home. He continued to look sadly over there, feeling deeply that he wasn’t a good father. He thought to himself, Dad is sorry for letting you suffer so much. Dad will compensate you many times more in the future. I’ll make sure to give those who bullied you a good beating to get even for you.

“Who said it’s got nothing to do with me?” Shen Shu narrowed his eyes slightly, smiled and said, “The one playing the piano is my little brother. You like him, don’t you? Don’t think about it, our Xiaoyuan has someone already.”

“Xiaoyuan? I don’t like... him...” Father Qi paused slightly and recalled that his son was now called Zheng Xiaoyuan. He quickly swallowed his words, then took a second to react. He stared at Shen Shu, his voice rose as he asked, “You said that he has someone?! What does that mean?!"

Gu Bai was talking with Qi Le’s boss about his resignation in the office on the second floor. At this moment, he had just finished talking and went downstairs. Who knew that he would see a certain someone sitting at the bar drinking the moment he came out of the corridor? In an instant, he was shocked and rushed over. But before he could speak, he heard the man’s angry question and suddenly froze.

Shen Shu was thrown back by his roar. When he saw Gu Bai approaching from the corner of his eye, he pointed at him triumphantly and said to the man, “Take a good look. This is Xiaoyuan’s boyfriend. He’s handsome, rich but most importantly, he’s much younger than you.”

Gu Bai, “...”

Father Qi, “......”

Father Qi silently reflected then looked over, staring at Gu Bai. Gu Bai’s heart thumped as he stood there stiffly, motionless. This matter came out of the blue, so he didn’t know what to say. He could only wait for his sentence to fall. Father Qi had watched them grow up. Naturally, he knew their relationship was that of two brothers, and this guy had just promised him that he would definitely protect Xiao Le. Therefore, these two kids had most likely claimed to be a pair to avoid harassment. He observed for a while. Seeing his calm gaze, he grew more sure of his speculation and was immediately grateful. He looked at him appreciatively. “Well done!”

Gu Bai, who had always been a calm person, almost couldn’t take it when he heard this. He repeated stiffly, “...Well done?”

“Yes, very good.” Father Qi pulled him close and warned Shen Shu, who was trying to lean in to eavesdrop. He lowered his voice. “Fortunately, you’re protecting Xiao Le. Otherwise, God knows how much bullying he would suffer.”

Gu Bai slowly regained his senses. Although he hadn’t yet understood what this man meant, he had to seize the opportunity whenever he could declare his position. He looked at him sincerely. “This is what I should do.”

Father Qi nodded and sighed, “It’s been hard on you two to have to pretend to be gay. This incident hasn’t reached your school and affected you, has it?”

Gu Bai, “...”

Father Qi raised his eyebrows. “Is it very serious? If you have any trouble, please tell me. Uncle will help you settle it. “

“...” Gu Bai said, “It’s okay, we’re fine.”


“Mmm.” Gu Bai responded, sighing in his heart. He slowly recovered his composure, then turned to look at his wife. Suddenly, he saw a man appear at the entrance and felt a headache coming on. “Uncle, I see a friend. I’m going to sit over there.”

“Go,” Father Qi waved his hand and reminded him at the same time. “We should distance ourselves from each other from now on. Don’t act too close to each other.”

“...” Gu Bai got down from the bar stool and walked towards the door. He grabbed the man who was rushing in and asked hopelessly, “Doctor, what are you doing here?”

“I’m looking for Zheng Xiaoyuan!” The hot-blooded doctor was filled with excitement. “I heard that he suddenly has another personality and want to see him. He hasn’t got off work yet? I heard... Can you let go of me first?”

Gu Bai turned a deaf ear. Right now, Father Qi didn’t know that Xiao Le was labelled as having multiple personalities. According to the man’s temper, he wasn’t sure how he would react if he suddenly knew. Naturally, he couldn’t allow the doctor approach his wife. He whispered, “We’re very busy today. Can we make another appointment?”

The doctor looked at him and said, “I’m very busy too. I had a hard time getting out.”

“We can personally go to the hospital to look for you.”

The doctor was shocked and thought for a moment. “Every time you said you would take the initiative to look for me, you didn’t. I don’t believe you anymore.”

Gu Bai, “...”

The doctor wriggled and wanted him to let go. At this moment, the music in the bar stopped suddenly. He looked up and saw that the man was done with work. He immediately rushed forward excitedly. His explosive force was so great that Gu Bai was caught off guard. The doctor actually managed to break away and ran over.

Qi Le also had a headache when he saw a certain idiot. “Did Wan Lei tell you to come?”

“No.” The doctor took out his small notebook. “He hasn’t looked for me, but I call him every day to ask about your situation. Yesterday, I heard that you had another personality. I originally wanted to come, but Yu Mingjie suddenly said that he was a koala and insisted on hugging a tree which made it impossible for me to leave. I came immediately after work today... Speaking of which, do you still recognize me? Have you changed back?”

“...” Qi Le didn’t answer. He stared at him. “You’re the tree, aren’t you?”

The doctor replied casually. “This is nothing. The day before yesterday, he said he was given an aphrodisiac. And three days ago, he said he was reaching the mating season.”

Qi Le, “......”

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This World Has Gone Crazy Chapter 56.1- part6