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60 What a Pity

No one had expected such an outcome.

Looking at the gate, the head of the Li family was heartbroken, and his heart was in turmoil.

He was furious. If he had taught his son well, this would not have happened.

Looking at Li Fang, who was kowtowing on the ground, he gritted his teeth and slapped him.


This slap was so powerful that Li Fang couldn’t block it. He didn’t even have time to react before he fell to the ground and died.

Everyone’s heart was filled with emotions. Ling Feng probably didn’t kill Li Fang because he already knew what would happen to him.

After killing Li Fang, the Li family felt even more pain in their hearts. They didn’t feel comforted at all.

He could only bow to the door, put the assets on the ground, and then turned to leave.

Seeing him turn around, everyone consciously made way for him.

After he left, the crowd started to discuss.

“This Li Fang is a rare genius of the Li family. What a pity.”

“It’s his bad luck to offend people he shouldn’t have.”

“I didn’t expect this Ling Feng to be so easily angered. Furthermore, he’s so decisive in killing and doesn’t leave any mercy. Even if they came to ask for forgiveness, he would never forgive them. Looks like we’ll have to be careful in the future and not do anything like bullying others.”

“Let’s all take care of the younger generation. Who knows when an unexpected disaster might happen, and we old bones will be implicated.”

“I have to hurry home and teach my unfilial son a lesson. Don’t go out and cause trouble. Isn’t it a trap for his father to cause trouble everywhere?”

Everyone understood this and quickly returned to warn their juniors not to bully others or endanger their lives in order to avoid endless trouble.

It had been too long since a genius like Ling Feng had appeared.

That was why they were used to being arrogant and domineering over the years. Once their character was developed, it was hard to change.

He was afraid that those juniors who didn’t know the severity of the situation would unknowingly offend others and bring trouble in the future. They could make their own decisions for their own lives, but they couldn’t implicate their families.

When everyone thought of this, they immediately became anxious. After putting the gifts on the ground, they hurriedly left to go home.

After the crowd dispersed, Ji City was about to make a big move again.

All the arrogant and foppish sons of the younger generation were suddenly grounded at home, and many young masters of rich families were also well-behaved.

They even began to pay attention to some ordinary people who seemed extraordinary and took the initiative to get to know them. When they saw the beggars lying on the road, they felt that they might be some experts.

The townsfolk were all confused. How did those arrogant and conceited people suddenly become like this?

He used to look down on ordinary people and beggars, but now he was being polite to beggars.

What was even more bizarre were the orphans in Ji City. All the big families started to adopt them, and the welfare Institute was snatched up. The director and teachers were dumbfounded.

But this was also good.

Although he didn’t know what was going on, there were all kinds of rumors, and he didn’t know if they were true. He didn’t know if he should believe it. However, they were certain that something must have happened.

At this moment.

All the gifts had been kept in Ling Feng’s room. Most of them were checks and some asset transfer papers. There were also many other things. They were all placed on the ground and were full.

“The Li family is amazing. They gave us a third of their assets,” Ling Yun said emotionally.

The smile on Ling Feng’s face also became wider and wider.

The Li family’s big gift was really too heavy. A third of his family’s assets were more than a few hundred million.

“This check is worth 50 million yuan. Big brother, are we going to become new rich heirs?”

“And these are spiritual fruits. They’re extremely precious. You might not be able to buy them even if you have money.”

“This sword looks very ordinary, but it’s still sharp.”

Ling Yun became a tool for opening gifts, but he enjoyed it.

However, the eldest senior brother at the side was not interested at all. He did not even look at it and just kept drinking from the gourd.

However, this gourd looked quite small, but he kept drinking it as if he couldn’t finish it.

“Big senior brother, is this gourd a magical treasure,” Ling Yun asked curiously, “or an ancient artifact?”

The eldest senior brother was speechless.

“Move aside!”

“Is it true? That’s amazing!” Ling Feng also sighed.

The eldest senior brother was speechless. He put down the gourd and explained to Ling Feng, “This gourd is indeed a treasure, but it can only store wine and nothing else. This was a gift from the director.”

Ling Feng was even more curious.

“Then do you have that kind of space treasure? ”

“No!” The eldest senior brother immediately replied. How is that possible?”

Ling Feng didn’t believe it. “How can there not be? I think it’s possible!”

The eldest senior brother was helpless. “There is. The dean has a space ring. It’s the spoils of war from when he defeated a ninth-rank combatant. But if you want it, you can kill a ninth-rank combatant too.”

“I can’t do that!”

The eldest brother sighed unhappily and continued to drink.

Ling Feng kept all the gifts. In total, there were about 60 million star coins, and he would be cashing them later.

As for the other treasures, he ate those that could be eaten, kept those that couldn’t be eaten, and left those that were useless aside. He also picked some suitable for Su Ranran and left them aside.


After packing up the gifts, Ling Feng ate a few spiritual fruits. Although they had some effect, it was better than not eating them.

Then, he picked up another fruit and ate it. He seemed to have a little more resistance to lightning, but it didn’t have much effect.

After that, he picked up the sword again and saw the words “three lives” written on the blade. The name of this sword was “Three Lives Sword,” and it certainly seemed to shout it out loud.

“It doesn’t feel good except for the money. But when you go to school, you’ll know there are better things,” the eldest senior brother said.

“Better things? Speaking of which, what kind of treasures are there in the school? Senior brother, tell us!” Ling Yun said.

“You’re not even a student yet,” the eldest senior brother said lazily. “Why would I tell you?”

“Big senior brother, just tell me!” Ling Yun said coyly. “Look at how pitiful I am!”

“You’re pitiful, my ass! Stop pretending.” The eldest brother did not care at all.

Ling Yun had a flash of inspiration.

“Then, senior brother, can I go to your school too?”

Ling Yun’s words left him speechless. “You’re just a clone, nothing at all. You still want to enter the academy? Go and kill some monsters.”


Seeing this, Ling Feng could only open his mouth and interrupt the conversation.

“Senior brother, are you going out for a while?”


The eldest senior brother suddenly paused and stood up. “Yes, I have to go to the Li family.”

After eldest brother left.

“Big brother, I’m just thinking for you. Don’t you want to know about the academy?” Ling Yun said with a wronged expression.

The man shook his head.

“I don’t want to.”



“I don’t believe…”

“It’s up to you to believe it or not.”

Ling Yun snorted.

Ling Feng ignored him and went straight to the bank to exchange the numbers on the check for star coins.

Then, he took the assets that the Li family sent over under his name. This way, his assets would be over a hundred million.

That night…

There was a thump, and the door opened.

“Junior Brother, Senior Brother is back!”

It was the eldest senior brother.

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