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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere
Chapter 55 - 55 Every Major Force Fighting For One Person

55 Every Major Force Fighting For One Person

Today was an extraordinary day.

Whether it was the commoners or the various forces, Ling Feng’s matter quickly became known, and there were a lot of discussions.

The media didn’t stay idle. They turned news of Ling Feng defeating Shi Yifeng into major headlines.

Moreover, he directly pointed out that Shi Yifeng was an arrogant person who deliberately found fault with him. In the end, he only had himself to blame.


After hearing this news, Gao Lu Huan became angry and depressed. Since everyone said that Shi Yifeng was trash, didn’t that mean he was even worse than trash?

After all, Shi Yifeng was above him.

The current situation was …

One height was not as good as two, and two was not as good as three.

Damn it.

“Why am I always the one getting injured? Who the hell did I offend?”

In the dormitory of the first high school.

The teenager under the blanket was full of resentment.

Ever since Shi Yifeng had defeated him, Lu Huan’s life had been completely turned upside down.

In the past, not only was he worshipped, but he was also highly respected.

But now, no one believed in his strength, and someone actually wanted to challenge him.

Shi Yifeng was only defeated, and he didn’t provoke anyone. How could this be?

They were all awakened, so what was there to be embarrassed about?

But now that Ling Feng had defeated Shi Yifeng, he didn’t know which wicked person had implicated him.

They said that not only he couldn’t beat an SS rank, but even Ling Feng couldn’t beat him, and that was a complete waste.

After seeing this, he was so angry that he wanted to die on the spot.

“Damn it! If it weren’t for you, would this Ling Feng have implicated me? That Shi Yifeng probably lost to you because of your good luck or talent suppression. If it were me, I would definitely be able to beat you!”

At the thought of this, he kicked the blanket away and got out of bed, planning to go to the three high schools to find trouble with Ling Feng.

At Su Ranran’s house.

Su Ranran’s cold face had a hint of a smile on it. She gently pushed the door open. The sun shone on her, and she could feel the freshness of the air.

“I’ve finally come out of seclusion.

“Although I didn’t break through to the fourth rank, the difference between the difficulty between the third and fourth ranks is too big. It’s different from what I imagined. The fourth rank is obviously much more difficult.

I wonder if Ling Feng has been cultivating properly these few days?”

Su Ranran’s smile widened as she thought of Ling Feng.

“How about going to school? I haven’t been there in a long time.” Su Ranran muttered to herself.

Su Ranran looked at the school gate as she walked through the streets.

When they arrived at the school, the students seemed to be different from before. Everyone was smiling, holding their heads high, and full of confidence.

That was a big change!

He had only been in closed-door cultivation for seven to eight days.

Why did everyone change so much?

Su Ranran felt that something was amiss. Was it just her imagination?

She was stunned. For a moment, she was at a loss.

A thin young man came out of nowhere. With a face filled with anger, he walked into the crowd and shouted, “I want to challenge your school’s Ling Feng!”

The crowd was in a heated discussion, finding it unbelievable.

“Where did this guy come from? You actually dare to challenge Ling Feng. Are you an idiot?”

“This person looks very familiar! Wasn’t he from a high school? It’s the trash that Shi Yifeng defeated. Challenging Ling Feng on such a standard is simply overestimating his own strength and asking to be humiliated.”

“This kid is really funny! Do you think you can beat Ling Feng?”

“Lu Huan from first high! You’ve come to the wrong place and challenged the wrong person! I advise you to go back to where you came from!”

Lu Huan’s heart ached when he saw how everyone looked down on him.

“What’s wrong? You don’t dare to? Ling Feng, are you scared?” Lu Huan shouted in disbelief.

If Shi Yifeng could win against Ling Feng, then he wouldn’t have had anything to do now.

But that guy actually lost, and he lost to Ling Feng.

Because he had lost to Shi Yifeng before, he was now the topic of conversation.

Of course, he couldn’t tolerate such a humiliating thing.

It was just a competition. Even if they lost, it wouldn’t be shameful.

Thus, he had to do something.

He did not realize, however, that Su Ranran was staring at him coldly.

Su Ranran’s face was as white as snow. She released a bolt of lightning from behind her that turned into a storm that surrounded her.

“You have to defeat me first. Only then will you be qualified to challenge Ling Feng,” she said to Lu Huan.

Su Ranran’s words shocked the students around her. They immediately recognized her.


“Oh my God, Su Ranran has finally come out of seclusion!”

“Su Ranran, kill him! Don’t show any mercy. This grandson wants to fight with Ling Feng? What a joke.”

“It is! Don’t hold back! Pin him to the ground and rub him!”

“It’d be best if he’s beaten up so badly that even his own mother won’t recognize him! He asked for it!”

Everyone watching the show was in high spirits, and they all cheered.

Su Ranran looked at him expressionlessly, while Lu Huan’s face was filled with black lines.

He was so angry that his teeth itched. He really wanted to teach these people a lesson to vent his anger!

“Since Ling Feng isn’t here, I’ll deal with you first. After I defeat you, I’ll deal with Ling Feng. I want to prove that I’m not bad!”

Su Ranran looked at the other party doubtfully. Did something happen these few days?

Forget it.

She didn’t want to think too much.


This person was actually so blind that he dared to challenge Ling Feng. According to Ling Feng’s talent, he didn’t seem to be this person’s match. That’s why she wanted to help Ling Feng beat up the other party.”

“That’s great! Someone’s matched up again!”

“There’s a good show to watch!”

The two of them did not set a venue for their competition. They found a space on the field and dispersed the surrounding people before starting the competition.

Everyone formed a circle and watched the fight, knowing that the fight between two SS-ranked Masters would be very interesting. It would definitely be a big scene, and the results would be shocking.

Su Ranran finished her work quickly so she could go look for Ling Feng.

She raised her hand and formed a lightning bolt. A vortex formed in the center of the lightning bolt, spinning wildly.

“I’ve already broken through to the third stage,” she said indifferently. I’ve also learned a new skill, Lightning Blackhole!


The Lightning Blackhole in her palm instantly gathered lightning elements, and a storm quickly formed.

The lightning bolts spun wildly and twisted together, forming an impressive shape.

Lu Huan was not afraid at all.

“After Shi Yifeng defeated me, I developed a new skill for my Flame Dragon Armor.”

Then, he was covered in armor.

Countless flames gathered in the center of his palm, finally forming the shape of a dragon’s head.

“This move is called Dragon’s Bite!”

The dragon in his palm gradually grew bigger and finally released the appearance of a whole dragon.

The dragon was about 40 meters long. It leaped in the air, and its pus was covered in a thick flame. Suddenly, it flew toward Su Ranran.

Su Ranran also released the black hole in her hand at her opponent.


The collision between the lightning and the dragon was like a huge volcanic magma explosion. Flames splashed in all directions, and everything within ten meters was covered in scorching magma.

“Hehe! You’ve lost!” Lu Huan laughed smugly.

However, the next second.

He was stunned.

A figure had appeared in front of him.

The figure was very tall, more than ten meters long, but it was very blurry. From the body’s shape, it was impossible to tell the gender.

The figure was right behind Su Ranran.

Suddenly, the figure began to move.

He bent over and raised his arm slightly, and the black hole instantly returned to his hand.

“Go!” Su Ranran said calmly.

The figure gave the order, and the blackhole instantly transformed into a spear.

She held the spear and stabbed it at Lu Huan.


The sound was clear, but the naked eye could not see the spear falling.

In the next moment.

A miserable cry was heard. Everyone finally understood that everything was over.

Lu Huan clutched his chest in pain and looked at su Ranran in shock and fear.

“You! Why are you so strong!”

Su Ranran’s eyes were still as cold as ever as she said nonchalantly, “Did you pass the exam? This is the difference between those who were accepted in advance and those who went through the examination process!”

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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere Chapter 55 - 55 Every Major Force Fighting For One Person