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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere
Chapter 52 - 52 Kill This Shameless Villain

52 Kill This Shameless Villain


A shrill scream rang out, and Shi Yifeng fell to the ground in pain.

Ling Feng also used his snake to wrap around Shi Yifeng, lifting him into the air.

This series of actions was as smooth as floating clouds and flowing water. It seemed to be very long, but in the eyes of everyone, it was just a matter of a moment. In the eyes of everyone, Ling Feng hurriedly transformed and counterattacked the other party.

After that, Shi Yifeng’s voice could be heard.

But after a while, everyone knew.

“F*ck! F*ck! This Shi Yifeng is despicable! A loss is a loss, and I can’t afford to lose!”

“Scumbag, attack from behind. Use whatever means you can!”

“Ling Feng, kill him! Kill him now!”

Everyone was shouting.

Shi Yifeng was almost unable to breathe from being wrapped up. He said in a hoarse voice,” Ling Feng, Kill me if you can!”

“Hehe! You wouldn’t dare!”

“So what if you promise me? in the end, I’m an SS-rank, and you’re just a lowly A-rank. Do you think that by promising me once, you’ll be able to rise up? Bullshit! You’ll always be a weakling, never climbing to the peak! In the future, you will also be a stepping stone under my feet!”

Shi Yifeng laughed arrogantly. Even if he was being suppressed by Ling Feng, he could kill him with a finger as long as he wanted to

However, Shi Yifeng did not think that Ling Feng would do that. He was certain that Ling Feng would not dare to do so.

Ling Feng was speechless towards such a despicable person.

If trash was cheap, then they deserved to die!

Ling Feng’s face sank. “Are you looking for death? I’ve never seen such a request before!”

“Fine, since you want to die so badly, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the surroundings fell silent as if a pause button had been pressed.

“From now on, you will slowly experience death, bit by bit, slowly and carefully. Don’t be anxious, because it’s useless.”

As Ling Feng’s words fell, Shi Yifeng felt as if a cold wind had entered his body, and he trembled continuously.

He struggled with all his might. His life had only just begun. It was not easy for him to get rid of his poor days, it was not easy for him to see hope, and it was not easy for him to become a man of high status.

“No! I can’t die! I can’t die!”

However, no matter how he struggled, it was to no avail. Even the feeling of suffocation began to hit him, and breathing became more difficult. Even his eyes were about to roll over.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

A cry for help rang out. When everyone saw Shi Yifeng’s miserable state, they all trembled. Just a moment ago, Shi Yifeng was still insufferably arrogant, but he was now like salted fish on the chopping board, waiting to be deboned.

Ling Feng was truly a ruthless person. Everyone finally understood that no matter who you offend, you can never offend Ling Feng!

At this moment, In the office:

The principal was a little worried.

“Isn’t this kid having a martial arts competition? Why is he still trying to kill us?!”

Originally, the Vice-Chancellor had planned to talk to Ling Feng after the competition ended. However, he had not expected the series of events after that.

However, this wasn’t Ling Feng’s fault. He could also tell that it was obvious that someone wanted Ling Feng’s life. This Shi Yifeng was probably a target and was being used.

Ling Feng wanted an eye for an eye, so there was nothing wrong with that.

However, the problem was that if a student from the second high school died in the third high school for no reason, even if Shi Yifeng took the initiative to pick a fight, the third high school would still bear a huge responsibility.

And the first one would be him, the principal.

“This Shi Yifeng is really stupid to the extreme. He’s rushing to court death. And Ling Feng, he really wants to kill us. With such a big matter happening, I can’t do anything!”

“Principal, you have to take care of this. If a student from the second high school dies in our school, it will be a big problem! At that time, it’ll be impossible for you not to show up,” Secretary Qian said.

The principal felt it made sense and immediately said, “You! Quickly go to the training hall and save him. Ask Ling Feng to let Shi Yifeng go.”

Secretary Qian paused, “Principal, what about you? You’re not going?”

The principal thought for a moment. “Ling Feng and I don’t get along. What if my words don’t work? anyway, you go quickly and think of a solution.


Secretary Qian was helpless, unable to resist the principal’s orders.

“Alright, I’ll go now.”

In the building.

Li Fang looked on at the scene with mixed feelings.

In the beginning, he was still happily holding the mentality of watching a show and killing Ling Feng. But now, he began to feel afraid. In a short time, his three views had been subverted.

“Second Uncle, what should we do now?” Li Fang said calmly.

Young Master Li’s face was also solemn. He had already made arrangements for this matter, but who would have thought it would develop like this? It was completely unexpected.

Originally, he wanted to kill with a borrowed knife, but he did not expect that the knife would not work.

There was nothing he could do about this matter now, and he felt uneasy.

The Li family had a powerful background. However, if this matter were to spread and people found out that the Li family had incited the SS-ranked Shi Yifeng, things would be different. No matter how powerful one’s background was, one would be unable to withstand investigation!

Furthermore, an SS-rank was the hope of the human race, a future with limitless possibilities. They were the candidates to become the strongest. Even those who held great power today would not dare to touch them easily.

However, if there was an accidental death in battle, Ling Feng would not hold Shi Yifeng responsible. After all, his skills were inferior to his opponent’s. Moreover, Shi Yifeng was so arrogant that he even attacked him from behind. It was normal that Ling Feng would kill him.


However, if someone were to find out that Shi Yifeng’s actions were ordered by their Li family, the consequences would be completely different. The Li family would definitely be in big trouble.

What should he do?

He was quiet, but when he suddenly saw a figure appear, his suspended heart could finally be at ease.

“I don’t need to do anything.”

“But!” Li Fang was confused.

“That woman is Secretary Qian, right?”

“It seems so!”

“I guess she’s going to solve this problem. With her there, we don’t need to do anything unnecessary, let alone show our faces. If Shi Yifeng were to really die here, the three high schools would most likely be held responsible as well. So, how could they possibly just stand by and do nothing?”

Li Fang was relieved. “That’s great!” Shi Yifeng doesn’t need to die, and Ling Feng won’t be able to kill him.”

Young Master Li smiled.

“Ling Feng is still too naive. He thinks that violence can solve everything.”


The two of them laughed and felt at ease.

When they arrived at the training hall, Secretary Qian looked for Ling Feng.

The atmosphere in the training hall was very serious. She looked at Ling Feng.

“Lingfeng, let’s talk!”

Ling Feng was inside the black turtle’s carapace and was currently increasing his strength. Shi Yifeng looked like he was about to die.

If he had been any slower, Shi Yifeng would have died.

Seeing Secretary Qian rush over, he was relieved.

This is too slow, Ling Feng thought.

He didn’t mind killing people, but killing Shi Yifeng in front of so many people was no different from him. He wasn’t a brainless madman.

Moreover, even if he wanted to kill someone, he could have chosen another time or place. Why did he have to do it on such a big occasion? Killing anyone would be difficult to escape responsibility and criticism. He was not stupid.

Now that the matter had blown up, the higher-ups would definitely come out to stop it. Ling Feng knew it.

“Talk? Talk about what?” Ling Feng asked.

“Let him go. We can talk things out,” Secretary Qian said.

“That’s impossible.” Ling Feng finished it in one gulp.

Secretary Qian was speechless. This solution was too straightforward. He didn’t give her a chance to plead at all.

Looking at the other party’s hesitation, Ling Feng thought, “If you want me to release her, you should at least show some sincerity. Do you want me to release her with just a few words?”

“I know what happened,” said Secretary Qian. “But he’s from the second high school. If he really dies in our third high school, it won’t be good for you.

“What effect can it have on me? At most, I’ll be criticized.”

Ling Feng was unmoved.

“Forget it. I should give her a hint.”

Ling Feng released a clone while no one was paying attention. The clone entered the crowd and shouted in a deep voice, “Yeah, what’s there to discuss? I can give you anything you want. Er Gao is the richest. Just name your price.”

The surrounding underlings from the second high school also immediately understood. “That’s right, however much money you want, just say it, as long as you’re willing to let Shi Yifeng go!”

“That’s right, Lingfeng. The school will definitely compensate you. It doesn’t matter how much it costs as long as you let him go,” Secretary Qian chimed in immediately.

The clone added, “That’s right, that’s right. Secretary Qian will definitely give you 60 million star coins as compensation. We will also go and talk to the principal of the second high school. The second high school will definitely apologize to you in person.”

Secretary Qian was influenced and immediately agreed.

Lingfeng, as long as you spare his life, the principal will definitely compensate you. I guarantee it.

Ling Feng laughed in his heart.

“Words are no proof.”

Secretary Qian was anxious, “Why would I lie to you? I’m here on behalf of the principal!”

The clone shouted again, “Secretary Qian doesn’t have the final say. Only the principal has the final say. Get the principal here!”

Secretary Qian immediately called the principal.

When the call went through, the principal heard about the matter and was extremely unwilling. However, everyone was watching, and it was embarrassing for him to disagree.

Shi Yifeng was already in a very bad condition, and his face was pale. If he didn’t agree now, it would be too late.

The principal had no choice but to agree.

“Alright, 60 million yuan in compensation and Er Gao’s apology. I agree!”

Ling Feng was very satisfied with the principal’s assurance. He didn’t forget to add, “I’ll give you a month.”

“No problem!” The principal agreed.

Ling Feng thought for a moment and said to the principal, “If you don’t have the money when the time is up, then you’ll have to pay for it out of your own pocket, Principal.”

The principal’s face was pale. He didn’t expect Ling Feng to be so difficult to deal with.

However, he could only agree at this time.

There was no need for an apology, yet Lingfeng insisted. He was already in such a bad situation.

Ling Feng calmed down and looked at Shi Yifeng. “Alright then. Since you’ve all pleaded for him, I’ll let bygones be bygones and be merciful and let him go.”

After saying this, the snake’s tail released Shi Yifeng.

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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere Chapter 52 - 52 Kill This Shameless Villain