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49 You Nobodies

On the tournament stage…

Shi Yifeng looked down at the crowd and laughed proudly.

Below the stage, everyone was furious, but there was nothing they could do. They couldn’t beat him. If they could, they would beat him up as a group to vent their anger!

Shi Yifeng also knew this, so he was even more arrogant.


“The three high schools are only so-so! All of them were trash. So what if there were many S-Rank students? they were all trash! You want to take turns fighting me? What a joke!”

After he finished speaking, he spat at the people below the stage.

The humiliation was too obvious, and the students below the stage were furious.

“Shi Yifeng! Don’t be too arrogant. I want to challenge you!” An A-Rank awakened shouted.

“That’s right. Although I’m a B-Rank, count me in to take care of this fanatic!”

“For the three high!”

Everyone was shouting loudly. In their passion, they had forgotten the difference.

Shi Yifeng looked at this scene and was slightly surprised. However, after thinking about it, he realized his goal had been achieved.

He had originally wanted to take this opportunity to kill Ling Feng. Now that he had incited public anger, wasn’t it a good opportunity to provoke these fools and force Ling Feng to go up the stage and tear him into pieces?


“It still had to be me!”

“The trash below the stage, do you think you can defeat me? What a joke!” Shi Yifeng disdainfully swept his gaze across the crowd below the stage. His provocation was on point.

Everyone was so furious they were about to rush up to kill him!

“So what if you’re strong? There’s always someone better. You’ll die in someone else’s hands sooner or later if you’re this arrogant!:

Hearing this, Shi Yifeng laughed. “You trash! A loser! What right do you have to criticize me? Can you even beat me?”

The faces of the people below the stage were ashen. They were angry and depressed, but they were helpless.

Indeed, no one could beat him.

“However, if any of you want to go on stage because you’re angry, I’ll fulfill your wish. Come and try. Even if all of you come on stage, no one can touch a single strand of hair on my head.” He arrogantly clamored, insufferably arrogant, as he gave no regard to whoever he was speaking to.

A student couldn’t stand his arrogant look and jumped onto the stage, shouting, “I’ll be the first!”

He had just gone on stage, but who knew that moments later, he would be smacked down.


The man fell to the ground and vomited blood, then fainted.

“Trash, you dare to come up with such a skill?!”

When the crowd saw that their classmate was seriously injured and humiliated by him, they were even more furious.

“The threshold for the three high is really low. Any cat or dog can enter. I think it’s better to turn it into an amusement park as soon as possible. And you trash, why don’t you go home and farm instead of cultivating!” Shi Yifeng said with a smile.

“Shi Yifeng, what are you getting out of this? Our school’s Ling Feng has even surpassed his level to defeat a teacher. If he were to go on stage, he would definitely be able to take care of you!” someone said.

When the others heard this, they immediately agreed.

That’s right, even if Su Ranran wasn’t here, there was still Ling Feng!

Although everyone was shouting Ling Feng’s name, they knew that Ling Feng was only an A-Rank. How could he defeat an SS-Rank?

The clamoring coming from inside lacked some confidence.

However, Shi Yifeng was in extremely high spirits. He had finally heard the name he wanted to hear.

“To be able to beat a teacher, he must be someone. But why isn’t he on stage? Does he not dare, or is he afraid? You guys are praising him so much. Get him to fight with me!”

Below the stage, Shi Yifeng’s underlings also immediately echoed, “I heard that Ling Feng is only an A-Rank. I’m afraid he can’t even take a single palm from big brother. He might even die!”

“That’s right. You can’t even take one palm. What are you doing here? Are you going to die?”

“I bet 100 yuan that Ling Feng won’t dare to go up the stage!”


The mockery was unbridled, and everyone was furious when they heard it.

The A-Ranked Ling Feng against the SS-Ranked Shi Yifeng… it was obvious they had no chance of winning.

Just like what those underlings said—it was very likely that he wouldn’t be able to take a single blow and might even lose his life. Was that why Ling Feng didn’t dare to go up the stage?

Everyone knew the difference between them and Shi Yifeng. No matter how unwilling they were, they did not dare to ask Ling Feng to go up the stage. If he were to be killed by Shi Yifeng after going up, they would be harming their classmates.

No one spoke again and began to endure silently, not wanting to let their classmates take the risk.

Ling Feng, who was sitting in a corner watching this scene, sneered.

Although he knew that Shi Yifeng was trying to goad him into action, and he didn’t want to fall for it, Ling Feng still felt a little displeased to be ridiculed and looked down upon by Shi Yifeng and his little brother.

He stood up and strode forward.

“A clone.”

There was a slight breeze, and the temperature suddenly dropped.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

About a hundred meters away, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled. White light blinded the entire place.

Everyone was stunned, and their attention was drawn over.

“What’s that? There’s so much white light. It doesn’t look like lightning!”


“That’s right. It’s not lightning, but the fluctuation of an ability. There’s someone over there releasing an ability!”

“Could it be Su Ranran? Su Ranran came?”

“I knew it. At this critical moment, Su Ranran would definitely step forward bravely. My goddess is finally here!”

“No! That wasn’t Su Ranran! It seems like there are two people!”

“Two people? Why do they look so similar?”

“What’s going on? they look the same!”

The white light dissipated, and the 100 clones scattered in the surroundings.

Everyone was shocked.

“Ling Feng’s talent is cloning!”

“There’s actually so many? He’s too strong!”

“There are at least dozens scattered in all directions!”


“It seems like it has improved again! It seems that he has appeared at this time to teach Shi Yifeng a lesson!”

Ling Feng stepped onto the stage under everyone’s surprised gazes.

His eyes were as calm as water as he looked at Shi Yifeng.

“Since my name has been called, how can I not accept the challenge?” Ling Feng’s relaxed tone showed that he didn’t take the other party seriously at all, and there was no respect at all.

His reaction caused the arrogant Shi Yifeng to reveal an expression of displeasure.

A mere A-Rank dared to stand out? It seemed he was really looking for death!

“The reason why yours truly is working so hard today is to kill you without anyone knowing and without being suspected. Otherwise, there’s no need for me to do this.

‘However, since you’re in such a hurry to die …

“Fine, this young master will grant you your wish. See if I don’t poke your bones and scatter your ashes!

“I heard that you’re only an A-Rank. If an A-Rank dares to challenge an SS-Rank, is there really no one else in the three high schools? Kid, if you accidentally die in my hands, don’t blame me!”

Ling Feng laughed. “Then you can rest be assured. I bought a huge amount of insurance. I won’t lose anything even if I die. But you, do you have insurance? If not, I’ll recommend an insurance company to you. It has good business and friendly service, so you’ll definitely need it. ”

Shi Yifeng’s anger soared to the sky when he heard this. “Good brat, you’re shamelessly boasting. No wonder someone wants your life!”

“It’s probably just that trouble comes from the mouth!”

“Hehe! Why are you talking so much nonsense? Let’s just start fighting!” He was very happy that someone could provoke him so arrogantly. When it was time to make a move, he would not hold back either!

“Yes, hurry up and fight. After I’m done, I still have to go home and wake Senior Brother up!”

The corner of Shi Yifeng’s mouth twitched. Wake Senior Brother up? Go to hell!

“Good kid, if I don’t kill you today, my surname isn’t Shi!”

Shi Yifeng’s anger had reached its peak, and his heart was also in a mess.

Ling Feng achieved his goal, and the corner of his mouth rose. Panicking? Very good!

Ling Feng took a step back, and just as Shi Yifeng was at a loss, Ling Feng opened his mouth. “Brothers, Let’s move! Show no mercy!”

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