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48 Too Arrogant

As soon as he finished speaking, a young man with a cold face, a blue forehead ribbon, and two knives in his hands slowly walked over.

When everyone saw this person clearly, they were all shocked.

“Leng Yue! Didn’t he spend most of his time hunting and rarely showed himself? He’s actually here!”

“This is the famous martial arts fanatic. It’s rare for him to come!”


“So what if he’s a martial arts fanatic? it’s only true that he can beat him.”

Leng Yue’s face was cold and indifferent. He calmly looked at Shi Yifeng and said, “I’ll fight you.”

Shi Yifeng coldly laughed. Who cared what kind of goods they brought? in any case, they were all trash.

Golden light covered his body as he looked at his opponent. I know you. Your dual-blade attacks are very powerful. Even I have to pay attention to it.

“What rubbish are you talking about? Let’s start fighting!” Leng Xiao was speechless.

“Hahaha, looks like there’s really no one in the three high schools. Your realm doesn’t seem to have reached the same level as mine, right? but I will suppress my combat power and won’t bully the weak! I’ll also teach you what the difference in levels is! What do you mean by the difference between heaven and earth!”

“Hey, why do you have so much trash talk? Are we fighting or not?”

The young man tightly held his two blades. It was as if he was stepping on a firestorm wheel. With a whoosh, his two blades emitted a blue light. He took a step back, his body slightly tilting to the side. As he waved his two blades, a whirlwind suddenly flew out, stabbing toward Shi Yifeng.

This speed endlessly surprised everyone. The white light whizzed.. in a flash!

“Not bad!”

Shi Yifeng didn’t move, and a golden shield appeared before him.


The two daggers made a loud sound when they hit the shield.

“You’re fast enough, but my defense isn’t something that a small fry like you can break.”

After saying that, Shi Yifeng laughed loudly and extremely arrogantly.

He suddenly stomped on the ground.

“It’s my turn!”

Pointed spikes made of earth emerged from the ground, and they covered a radius of ten meters around him.

Leng Xiao was slightly surprised and quickly avoided these things. After moving to a few places, she landed not far away.

However, before he could react, the light above his head was blocked by something.

“Watch my sword that equals the heavens!”

The ground glowed with golden light, and the earth elements gathered in the sky. It didn’t take long for the earth elements to form a ten-meter-long sword that took aim at Leng Xiao’s position and slashed down.

It was so fast that it was impossible to guard against. When Leng Xiao noticed it, he panicked. Although he also had amazing speed, his right arm was still injured.

Shi Yifeng sneered, “Oh, you’re bleeding. Admit defeat. There’s no need to continue fighting.”

Leng Xiao’s eyes dimmed. The opponent was indeed strong enough to suppress him.

A sense of defeat filled his mind. It turned out that the strength of an SS-Rank was so overpowering. He felt extremely uncomfortable.

Why was the difference so huge?

Leng Xiao was unwilling to accept this, but the truth was right in front of him. He could only secretly make up his mind that one day, he would wash away the humiliation he had suffered and defeat Shi Yifeng.

He retreated.

“Next? Do you have more?”

Shi Yifeng laughed even more insolently, not bothering to hide his arrogance.

Everyone was speechless, and no one responded.

From the window of his office not far away, the principal looked at the stage and said coldly, “Su Ranran, still no news?”

Secretary Qian shook his head. “I’ve called her family. They said she’s in seclusion.”

The principal sighed.

Shi Yifeng’s strength was indeed not to be underestimated, but they couldn’t just let him do as he pleased in the school.

Although it was normal for him to compete in martial arts, and as an elder, it was inappropriate for him to interfere, not to mention that it concerned the school’s reputation.

“With the exception of Su Ranran, who do you think can beat Shi Yifeng?”

Secretary Qian thought for a long time but couldn’t think of anything.

“The difference between the S and SS-Ranks isn’t some tiny gap. Besides, the realm is also a huge threshold. I see no other hope other than Su Ranran.”

The principal was helpless in this situation.

“If there were any SS-Rank experts, taking turns would be useful. However, Shi Yifeng is the child of the earth. As long as he touches the ground, he will be able to obtain an endless supply of stamina and combat power. According to the current lineup, taking turns would be completely useless. Even if everyone were to take him on once, Shi Yifeng would still not suffer any injuries.”

“Why don’t we just lose once? It’s fine. We’ll just fight back when Su Ranran comes out.”

That’s right,” the principal nodded. “Well, that’s true. It’s not a big deal to lose once. You’re the one who understands!”

The principal left the window and returned to his seat.

He was about to give up when he suddenly thought of someone.

“Where’s the kid who can clone himself?”

The principal was a vengeful person. He had suffered a loss at his hands a few days ago, and now he remembered.

“Ling Feng?” Secretary Qian immediately remembered.

At that time, Ling Feng had defeated a Tier 3 teacher with his Tier 2 strength, which was still fresh in the minds of people.


At that time, Su Ranran had also stood up for him, so Secretary Qian naturally remembered this person.

“That’s right, it’s him, Ling Feng! How is he now?” The principal had an idea.

“He had gone hunting with Su Ranran before. After she went into seclusion, he went hunting alone. Although he encountered assassins, he seemed to have eliminated all of them.

If Ling Feng was the one who killed the assassin, then …

However, the principal thought about it and decided not to.

“He’s only an A-Rank. Forget it. Let’s just focus our attention on Su Ranran. When she comes out of seclusion, we’ll talk to her nicely and let her represent the school to challenge Shi Yifeng.

Secretary Qian also felt that this was a good idea. However, he felt an indescribable feeling towards Ling Feng.

Next to the building.

Li Wu stood beside an important figure and pointed at Ling Feng, who was in the audience. He said in a low voice, “Second uncle, that person is Ling Feng.”

The second uncle he referred to was the Li family’s third young master. He was the one behind the assassination of Ling Feng.

Ling Feng’s background information had already been thoroughly investigated.


She was just an orphan who grew up in a welfare home and had no relationship with Su Ranran whatsoever. They were just deskmates and had few friends outside of school.

Such a person would not attract any attention if he were eliminated. As long as he was careful and did not leave any traces, no one would know who did it.

When Su Ranran learned of his death, she might blame it on Shi Yifeng.

However, both were SS-Rank, so they were balanced and would not suffer any casualties.

Even if one died in a battle, it would be a death in a martial arts competition. According to the rules of the competition, no one could be blamed.

“Second uncle, those S-Rank experts have all been defeated!”

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