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This person was the owner of the weapon store where Ling Feng had bought Tang blades many times.

Speaking of which, Ling Feng had long felt that this person was not ordinary. After all, he could tell that something was wrong with him but did not make a move on him. Thus, Ling Feng guessed that this person should be a senior.

Or the principal of a school.

And just now, this senior had actually flown over!

Flying was the standard of a seventh-rank combatant!

This old man had Tier 7 combat strength! And from his tone, it seemed like he knew the invincible Academy the young man was talking about. Could it be that these two people’s combat power was similar?

Ling Feng was caught in the middle with a blank look on his face. He was clearly just an ordinary B-rank. He had only evolved four times to reach S-rank. How did he become the target of the two forces?

I don’t understand!

“Kid, don’t be so surprised. My identity isn’t a secret, so I’ll tell you. I am Professor Wang from the school of elements and the commissioner who came to Fantasy City to recruit students. I thought I could only recruit Su Ranran, but you really surprised me!”

Professor Wang looked at Ling Feng in front of him, his eyes full of surprise and surprise.

Not to mention talent, just the speed at which this kid’s combat strength broke through was already on par with an SS-rank talent. After all, even Shi Yifeng, who had an SS-rank talent, had just broken through to Tier 3 not long ago.

Based on the speed of his breakthrough in combat strength alone, it was not worth professor Wang’s thoughts. The most important thing was that this kid’s talent had changed again!

Talent transformation was already considered the most difficult. It was countless times more difficult than a breakthrough in combat strength. And such a difficult thing actually happened to Ling Feng twice in less than three months.

This was not a matter of one plus one equals two!

He had lived for so many years, but he had never seen such an outstanding genius. Furthermore, an S-rank Cloning Talent had never appeared in the history of mankind.

It could be said that Ling Feng was the first person to break through to the S-rank clone in history. He would definitely be recorded in the history books!

Professor Wang had come here with the intention of traveling around. When he saw a Bodhisattva appear not far away, he came forward to investigate out of curiosity.

Who would have thought that this Bodhisattva was actually Ling Feng!

Professor Wang didn’t really mind at first. After all, there was still some time before the recruitment. He could extend an olive branch to Ling Feng then.

However, when he heard that the invincible Academy was trying to rope in Ling Feng, he immediately became anxious.

They definitely couldn’t let Ling Feng join any other Academy, especially the invincible Academy!

The invincible Academy had declined long ago, and it was located in the sinkhole where danger lurked everywhere. Ling Feng was a genius, one with unreasonable talent.

He definitely couldn’t die like that.

This kind of genius should enter the Elemental Academy. The Academy would give him resources, and he would grow up crazily, eventually becoming the pillar of humanity!

“What do you think, kid?”

Ling Feng said bitterly, “The two seniors are both experts. What use is my decision?”

The young man took a sip of wine and looked at professor Wang. He could not find a similar face in his memory, so he said, “You can choose. I respect your decision.”

Professor Wang also looked at the young man and thought, “This person should be the invincible Academy’s current eldest senior brother. His cultivation is similar to mine, but he doesn’t quite match the rumors.”

On careful thought, it was true that one should not believe the rumors. Eldest senior brother rarely went out and liked to stay in the sinkhole to refine weapons, so it was normal for the rumors to be mistaken.

“I respect your choice, but I suggest you consider your little girlfriend. After all, you’ve been at university for four years, and many things have happened. Many couples break up because of different places. You should know this.”

Hearing this, Ling Feng almost cried out again. “Aren’t you forcing me?”

Ling Feng looked at the two seniors and said, “Senior, can you introduce the Elemental Academy?”

After saying that, Professor Wang’s heart was filled with joy. It seemed that he had succeeded!

“My elemental college is ranked third among the top ten. We mainly recruit elemental-type awakeners and have signed contracts with six elemental worlds, so we can go to those six elemental worlds to cultivate.

“Cultivating there will yield twice the result with half the effort. Moreover, our college has all kinds of mystical cultivation realms that can greatly increase the speed of cultivation!

“Furthermore, the students who enter our school will be free of charge and will receive a monthly allowance of 10000 star coins. Everyone will be allocated a villa and three servants. When they enter the school, they will receive 10 million star coins.

“After graduation, you’ll be guaranteed a job. Whether you want to join the army, an adventure team, or a government unit, the academy can easily get you one.

“Of course, it’s not just what I’ve said. You’ll understand the other benefits when you go to the academy. But that invincible Academy has been in decline for many years, and only two people are in the school.

“Furthermore, they’re guarding the sinkhole. Their mortality rate is extremely high!”

Hearing these benefits, Ling Feng couldn’t help but say, “I’m tempted.” Then, he looked at the young senior, but the young man only smiled and didn’t show any other emotions.

“It seems like Professor Wang knows our Invincible Academy very well. But do you know what benefits we offer?”

Hearing this, professor Wang was stunned and then shook his head. The Invincible Academy was guarding such a dangerous place. Putting aside the fact that their lives were in danger at any time, what benefits could you get?

Even if there were benefits, you had to be alive to enjoy them in the first place!

“My invincible Academy is located in the sinkhole and is surrounded by many foreign races. It can be said to be a rare trial ground. If you train there, you’ll benefit greatly!

“Secondly, the sinkhole is the weakest place in the Blue Planet’s space. If the alien races can invade our Blue Planet, can’t we also invade the new worlds? When the time comes, the resources within can be used for our own use.”

“Finally, even if my invincible Academy has fewer people, we were once at the top of the ten great academies. Even if we have fewer people now, we will have more resources on average. Therefore, as long as you join my academy, all the facilities in the academy will be free of charge.”

After saying that, the young man took another big gulp of wine. Ling Feng looked at the wine gourd with a face full of doubt. This wine gourd didn’t look that big, so why was there so much wine inside?

Professor Wang sneered and said, “So what if you have so many resources? The land of the ultimate is so dangerous. If a young man goes there, he may lose his life if he is not careful. There will be no future for him. How can it be safer than my Elemental Academy? As long as he can grow up in peace, that is the future of mankind!”

The young man snorted coldly. “You’re a pacifist. You’re very afraid of death!”

When professor Wang heard this, he was about to flare up, but a wine gourd was stuffed into his mouth, and he couldn’t speak at all.

“Talk less and drink more. Kid, tell me, where do you want to go?”

Ling Feng stood there and thought for a moment. Then, he turned to professor Wang and bowed.

Seeing this, Professor Wang was overjoyed. This kid was not bad. It seemed that his dissuasion had worked!

“I’m sorry, Professor Wang.”


After that, Lin Feng turned and walked toward the young man.

“I choose the Invincible Academy!”

The smile on Professor Wang’s face suddenly froze.

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