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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere
Chapter 44 - 44 Are You Willing To Come To My Academy?

44 Are You Willing To Come To My Academy?

The moon hung high in the sky, and a faint silver light fell from the sky.

A golden Bodhisattva stood on the ruins, his eyes full of compassion. Just a single glance could calm one’s impetuous mood.

However, the movement of the Bodhisattva’s birth was also very loud. The fierce beasts that kept roaring in the distance looked over, but they did not rush over.

Instead, he stood there and kept roaring at Ling Feng.


One by one, the ferocious beasts sat there, facing Ling Feng’s direction with their heads held high as if they were fighting against him.

The young man stood there, and the speed at which he brought the wine gourd to his mouth began to slow down. He looked at Ling Feng with a look of surprise.

At this moment, Ling Feng put his hands together and said in a deep voice, “I am Ksitigarbha. Today, I will send you to hell!”

After saying that, the Golden Wheel floating behind Ling Feng’s back gradually grew. It began to spin and flew into his hand.

Ling Feng held it in his hand, then gently pushed it towards the Mountainback Python.

Even though Ling Feng’s movements were very slow, the Golden Wheel’s rotation became faster and faster. It even broke through the speed of sound, and bursts of sonic booms sounded in the surroundings.

The spinning wheel struck the python’s body, which had been split into two, and a sizzling sound rang out from its body.

The spinning wheel did not directly cut the python’s body in half. Instead, it continued to collide with it. After each collision, the spinning wheel would bounce off.

However, after bouncing off, the wheel would quickly hit again. Ling Feng stood there, calmly controlling the wheel.

Even though he knew that the spinning wheel could not kill the snake so easily, its hardness was sufficient. Hence, killing the Mountainback Python was only a matter of time.

The young man stood there, drinking his wine in boredom. When he saw this scene, he drank even faster, and a trace of disappointment appeared in his eyes.

He thought that the current Ling Feng would surprise him, but it seemed that he had expected too much from Ling Feng. After all, he only had Tier 3 combat power.

However, it was also very surprising to the young man. After all, Ling Feng’s combat strength was only at the third rank. It was already very good that he could do this.

Ling Feng’s perception was very strong under the state of one body and one heart. He also noticed that the young man’s expression was not right and said to himself, “I originally wanted to get along with you under a normal identity, but since you look down on me, I can only lay my cards on the table.”

Ling Feng no longer concealed his strength. Initially, he had planned to grind this Mountainback Python to death. That way, he wouldn’t have any accidents.

However, since this mysterious young man wanted to see his full strength, he would show him a little. Moreover, Ling Feng was also very curious about the opportunity that the young man mentioned.

Even if using all his strength would bring some side effects, it was worth it.

Just like that, Ling Feng suddenly stopped spinning and put it behind him. Then, Bodhisattva put his palms together, and Ksitigarbha’s body began to change dramatically.

With a flash of light, Ksitigarbha also changed his appearance.

He was wearing a crown and a heavenly robe. He held a staff in one hand and a Lotus in the other.

The transformed Ksitigarbha made a gesture of pinching a flower with his fingers, and the lotus flower in his hand slowly opened, with a burning red flame inside.

“Heart Fire!” Ling Feng muttered in a low voice.

That ball of heart fire left the lotus and charged towards the Mountainback Python. As it rose, the flame grew bigger and bigger. Ling Feng also continuously strengthened the heart fire.

In order to keep the heart Flame at its strongest output, the flames landed on the python, penetrating through its scales and burning toward the deepest part of its soul.

After the snake sensed it, its already weak breathing became more intense. Soon after, it became extremely weak again, as if it would die at any moment.

Seeing this, Ling Feng also heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that the heart fire that he had improved was much stronger than the original.

Initially, the heart fire had a limit, and that was to rely on fire attribute skills. The higher the level of the skill, the greater the power of the heart fire.

However, after Ling Feng’s modification, the heart fire no longer had such limitations.

He had added the heart fire into his own mental energy, thus creating this heart fire technique that ignored skill levels. Of course, this was not completely without flaws.

It was extremely harmful to an opponent who was on the verge of death.

If he encountered an opponent at his peak condition, it would be fine if the opponent’s mental power was not as strong as his. If the opponent were stronger than him, then he would suffer a backlash.

Seeing Ling Feng’s improved Heart Fire, the young man’s eyes also had a trace of admiration.

“This kid’s comprehension is pretty good!”

After a short while, Ling Feng’s heart fire burnt the python to death.

“Congratulations on killing the Mountainback Python, level points +7000!”

Immediately after, a skill crystal rolled to Ling Feng’s feet. He deactivated his skills and picked up the skill crystal.

He didn’t put it into his pocket but walked towards the young man.

“Senior, I hope you can accept this skill crystal!”

The young man glanced at Ling Feng indifferently, then looked at the skill crystal. His eyes seemed to have a bright moon in them. He then said, “I don’t need this crystal. You were the one who killed the Mountainback Python, so you can keep it.”

Seeing that the young man was not willing to accept it, Ling Feng could only give up. After all, this young man’s combat power was so strong. If he wanted to get a skill crystal, he could just go and farm it.

However, Ling Feng was still very polite.

“Thank you, senior! Then this junior will respectfully comply.”

“Kid, you’re not bad. I’ve passed through 30 cities but never met someone as interesting as you.”

The young man’s tone was filled with emotion. The kid in front of him did not look very eye-catching, his combat strength was not strong, and his talent was not top-notch.

However, he was able to display a strength that did not belong to his talent and combat strength.

In short, you can’t trap this kid in a certain range. Once you do, he will use his actions to tell you that the range is too small.

This was the first time the young man had encountered such a person.

If he had to give an evaluation, the young man could only say, “You always catch me off guard.”

Because of such an evaluation, the young man felt a sense of thankfulness. If he could take him under his wing, it might not be so bad after all.

“Kid, are you willing to join my academy?” The young man hung the wine gourd on his waist. Under the moonlight, he looked like a master.


“Senior, may I ask if this is my only chance?” Ling Feng said after a pause.

“No, if you enter my Academy, I will not treat my students unfairly. I will not return on my words if you don’t enter and still give you opportunities.”

Ling Feng also understood what he meant. ‘If you join my academy, I won’t let you suffer. There will be a lot of opportunities. But if you don’t, then I will just give you something to send you away.’

“May I ask which academy you are referring to?” Ling Feng asked. He didn’t know much about these universities. Other than the top ten schools, he only remembered a few special schools among the top hundred.

In fact, Ling Feng didn’t have many requirements for the university. The senior in front of him was strong in combat and strength, just like the legendary masters.

Therefore, if he could enter the academy that he was talking about, it would be a pretty good choice.

He didn’t have much to rely on in a University anyway. He had the system, so resources weren’t that important. However, if he could enter a good university, he would be able to broaden his horizons.

“The head of the ten great academies, the Invincible Academy!” The young man said indifferently.

However, after hearing this, Ling Feng fell into deep thought.

Where did the Invincible Academy come from?

Moreover, he also learned about the top ten Academies. He naturally knew about the top ten Academies, but it wasn’t the Invincible Academy.


Moreover, the name sounded more like it would come out of an anime.

“You don’t have to doubt it. The Invincible Academy was once the top of the ten great academies, but it voluntarily gave up its ranking a hundred years ago. Now, it has become a hidden Academy, stationed in the ultimate and suppressing those invaders worldwide!”

Hearing this, Ling Feng fell into deep thought again. He knew about the sinkhole himself. It was the weakest place in the Blue Star’s space and the easiest place for the myriad world to invade the star.

Therefore, it was extremely chaotic and dangerous there.

“Senior, I’m willing to die.”

Before Ling Feng could finish his sentence, an old and familiar voice interrupted him.

“Kid, don’t be fooled. That Invincible Academy only has two people from top to bottom, and the death rate is extremely high. If you go, don’t hold any hope of coming back alive.”

Ling Feng looked toward the source of the voice. In an instant, the owner of the voice appeared in front of him. When he saw who it was, he was shocked.

It was actually the owner of the weapons store!

“Kid, do you want to consider coming to my Elemental Academy? You can come with your girlfriend!”

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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere Chapter 44 - 44 Are You Willing To Come To My Academy?