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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere
Chapter 42 - 42 You Dare Bully My Clone?

42 You Dare Bully My Clone?

In the ruins of the old city…

Ling Feng shuttled through the broken buildings, the Tang sword in his hand constantly waving. Every time he waved, a monster would be killed by the sword.

The ground was littered with the corpses of monsters, most of which were cockroaches and rats.

The system’s notifications kept ringing in his ears like a DJ as Ling Feng began to kill the monsters.

His level points continued to increase, and he was getting closer and closer to the million mark.

Soon, the sky darkened, and the moon rose. Night had come.

More and more monsters were crying out. Ling Feng understood that the monsters that were sleeping during the day were beginning to wake up. This was also why adventurers had to return to the city before night fell.

Some extremely terrifying monsters would start hunting at night. This was also to protect the safety of some adventurers, which was why there was such a rule.

In addition, the vision of adventurers at night would be somewhat obstructed. For the sake of safety, most adventurers would return to the fantasy city before night fell.

Ling Feng swung his blade to kill a rat monster. Suddenly, he felt that something was wrong behind him. Immediately, Ling Feng’s hair stood on end. He quickly rushed forward a few steps and turned around to look.


The sound of heavy breathing could be heard as hot air rushed toward Ling Feng and his face began to turn serious. This was a beast!

Number one’s reaction was the fastest. He quickly rushed in front of Ling Feng and held the Tang Dao horizontally in front of him so that he could attack at any time.

Ling Feng didn’t choose to rush up to attack but instead took a few steps back. At this time, Ling Feng finally saw the appearance of the beast, which looked like a saber-toothed tiger.

It had a huge body and two huge fangs on both sides of its mouth. Its eyes were red, and its body was roughly ten meters long and three meters tall.

“Check the monster’s information.”

“5 upgrade points will be consumed. Do you want to check?”


[Twin-toothed Wind Tiger]

[Combat Strength: Late-stage Tier 3]

[Skills: Storm, Speed, Perception, Tiger pounce, Tiger roar]

[Description: Extremely fast, but not as strong as you. Its teeth have the power to break spells. Not a bad refining material!]

Seeing so much information, Ling Feng was a little suspicious. Under normal circumstances, there was no way that so much information could be given to him at once.

“Because the beasts are too weak.” The system’s voice sounded again.

Only then did Ling Feng realize.

After that, the monster started moving. A few whirlwinds suddenly appeared under its feet. The speed of the Twin-toothed Wind Tiger also increased. Every time it moved, it brought with it a gust of wind!

Number one stood there and observed carefully.

In fact, the beast initially wanted to sneak attack Ling Feng because among these people, Ling Feng’s strength was the weakest, and number one was the strongest.

However, now that number one had stepped in, the Twin-toothed Wind Tiger no longer chose to ambush Ling Feng. Instead, it began to fight with number one.

It had no other choice but to fight number one.

Number one moved!

He held the Tang Dao in front of him. The blade pointed forward. Suddenly, the blade glowed with an Azure light, which was extremely eye-catching in the dark night.

The two-toothed Wind Tiger didn’t have time to dodge, so it could only rush over.

The Tang sword slashed out and clashed with the tiger.

The beast felt the pain and quickly dodged the attack. Number one had already expected this and pulled out his Tang sword, then jumped up.

The Tang sword in his hand slashed ruthlessly slashed at the Twin-toothed Wind Tiger’s body.


The beast couldn’t avoid it and ate the attack. It let out a painful cry and then released its skill without any energy.

Seeing this, number one quickly retreated. After all, a counterattack before death was the most fatal.

At some point, number four had already sneaked under the tiger. A small dagger appeared in his hand, and with a slide kick, he cut open the beast’s lower abdomen.

Instantly, the two-toothed Wind Tiger fell into a pool of blood and stopped breathing. It was completely dead.

“Congratulations on killing the Twin-toothed Wind Tiger, Level Points +400!”

Hearing the system notification, Ling Feng heaved a sigh of relief. This was too scary!

This was the first time he had personally saved someone, and he almost failed. Fortunately, he had his clone, or he would have been finished. Thinking of this, Ling Feng gave his clone a thumbs up.

The night had completely fallen, and it should have been pitch black. However, Ling Feng’s surroundings suddenly lit up with several rays of light. Before he could see clearly what they were, a burst of foul smell assailed his nose.

The surrounding avatars also quickly protected Ling Feng, constantly killing the beasts that rushed over.

Seeing the corpse on the ground, Ling Feng finally saw what the beast was. It was a Corrosive Wolf!

These wolves looked like dead bodies that had crawled out of rotten soil. Their whole bodies were in a rotten state and were filled with a foul smell. However, their eyes were very sharp.

In the night, there were flashes of green light.

“Tier 3 Corrosive Wolfpack, but there aren’t many of them. Kill!”

Seeing the situation clearly, Ling Feng’s mouth revealed a trace of a cold smile. Raising his Tang Dao, he took the lead and rushed over!

After a while, these corrosive wolves were all killed by Ling Feng and his clone. Ling Feng also took the opportunity to catch his breath. However, before Ling Feng sat down, he saw an even larger wolf walking towards him.

There were even a few extremely strong wolves following him.

Seeing this, Ling Feng’s face turned serious. He no longer hid his combat strength and directly used one body as one.


With a flash of light, Ling Feng transformed into an Unmovable Emperor.

However, the current Unmovable Emperor was twice as big as at the high-level secret realm building.

One of Unmovable Emperor was red, and the other was blue, formed from his fire clone and water clone, respectively. The intellectual sword was also twined with two rays of light, one blue and one red.

Not only that, but at this time, the Unmovable Emperor also had six more arms, a total of eight, each arm holding a different weapon.

The two main arms at the front held the intellectual sword and the karmic fire chain.


The Corrosive Wolf King paled in comparison to Ling Feng’s huge body. The ten-meter wisdom sword in his hand quickly slashed down, and the wolf king had no time to dodge. It could only launch an attack to block it.

A cloud of green mist spurted out of the wolf king’s mouth, attempting to block Ling Feng’s attack, but it was completely useless. The intellectual sword didn’t even stop for a moment, directly looking at the wolf king.

Under immense pressure, the wolf king was unable to move at all. Ling Feng’s intellectual sword annihilated even the guards.

Ling Feng lifted the intellectual sword, and when the dust dispersed, only a few piles of rotten flesh were left on the ground.

“Congratulations on killing the Corrosive Wolf King. You have gained 500 level-up points!”


Hearing the system’s notification, Ling Feng hurriedly deactivated United As One. This skill was good. It killed monsters very quickly, but it also consumed a lot of energy.

With his current energy, he couldn’t sustain it for too long. Thus, Ling Feng would only use this move when he encountered a difficult opponent.

“I have enough points to level up!”

Ling Feng looked at the system excitedly.

“Upgrade talent!”

“Do you want to spend 1000000 upgrade points to upgrade your talent clone?”

“Yes!” Ling Feng said excitedly.

“Upgrade successful. Your talent clone has reached S-rank!”

Suddenly, a white light wrapped around Ling Feng, and Ling Feng slowly floated in the air. Because it was nighttime, his light ball became the most dazzling place in the surroundings.

The light ball attracted the beasts in the distance.

Although the beasts were only active at night, it did not mean that they were afraid of the light. On the contrary, they yearned for light more!

The beast’s eyes were filled with greed as it rushed toward Ling Feng. However, he did not know what was happening outside. At this time, he had once again entered his consciousness.

However, Ling Feng was currently standing in the ocean. In the distance, there were two stars, one big and one small, surrounded by planets of different sizes.

The entire ocean began to surge at this moment. Although the sea was extremely calm, Ling Feng could feel that the calm sea was surging wildly.

The stars also began to change, but the biggest change was still the largest star.

The star was like a heart beating in the air. Every time it beat, its volume would increase a little. In a short while, it had become ten times larger.

It had also stopped beating.

The ocean also began to expand along with the star. Ling Feng could clearly feel that his spiritual power was also expanding wildly.

It was as if the ocean represented his energy, and his energy had increased tenfold.

Seeing this change, Ling Feng couldn’t help but laugh. The ocean and the star in front of him began to blur. His vision turned black, and he returned to reality.

When he opened his eyes, almost all of his clones had fallen to the ground or died.

Looking at the battlefield, the clone was fighting with a group of beasts. Although the clone was stronger, there were more beasts, so many so that they up for their lack of combat power.

The dessert of victory began to fall towards the beasts.

The clones were about to die. Just when the clones felt that there was no hope, Ling Feng suddenly took a step forward.

“You want to bully my clone? Prepare to die!”

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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere Chapter 42 - 42 You Dare Bully My Clone?