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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere
Chapter 41 - 41 The Swift Sword, The Shocking Ling Feng

41 The Swift Sword, The Shocking Ling Feng

Because of his new talent, Life Absorption, Ling Feng had a bold idea.

It seemed that it was not a bad thing for his main body to embark on the path of devouring from today on, right?

In that case, it’s decided!

“My main body will embark on the path of devouring!” Ling Feng said with a smile, his clones standing by his side.

“Alright, brothers, the big guy has been taken care of. Let’s continue!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the clones quickly disappeared from their original spots and began to split up to kill. Ling Feng’s ears were also constantly ringing with system notifications.

At first, the system notification sound was like melodious music, and Ling Feng’s mood was very good after listening to it. However, gradually, Ling Feng became a little frustrated.

Because he was listening to the beeps, he couldn’t calm down to recover his energy, so he had to turn off a part of it, leaving only some necessary beeps.

Ling Feng sat in a safe and quiet place, recovering his energy.

The rest of the clones also had a clear division of labor. Some went to earn level points, while others took out pens washi to draw ruins maps.

A portion of his clones were also responsible for carrying the corpses of the monsters that were Tier 2 and above for Ling Feng to use life absorption to improve his own strength.

Gradually, it formed a production chain. When Ling Feng’s energy recovered enough, he would use life absorption to improve his strength.

However, the only thing he didn’t have was that the absorption was too slow. After three hours, Ling Feng had only absorbed ten monsters ‘corpses. This was too slow.

Moreover, the conversion rate of these ten monsters was too low. When they were put together, it only increased his physical strength by one percent. The increase in his mental strength was so small that it was negligible.

Only by absorbing the corpses of high-tier monsters would he be satisfied with the extent of his improvement. Otherwise, there was really no need to do so. However, these three hours were not without any gains.

He had gained at least 1% of his physical strength and proficiency in life absorption.

At this time, one of his clones sent him a message. The map of the ruins had been successfully drawn!

Ling Feng looked up at the sky. It wasn’t too late. He checked the system again and saw that his upgrade points had almost reached one million. When he reached one million, he could upgrade his talent!

Thus, he began to look forward to it.

Suddenly, a loud noise from afar attracted Ling Feng’s attention. He looked over curiously and asked, ”

“Why are there still people hunting in the old ruins?”

After all, other than the mutated rats and cockroaches, all other resources had been plundered. This was both a safe and not-too-safe place in one.

Therefore, if there were no special circumstances, no one would come here.

In comparison, the rejuvenated forest was more popular with adventurers. There were foreign races and monsters there. There were also many things there, and medicinal herbs were everywhere.

It was not like this place, where rats and cockroaches were everywhere.

Thinking of this, Ling Feng rushed towards the place where the sound of battle came from. He was ready to see what was going on.

In a short while, they arrived at a Street. This was once a bustling Commercial Street with heavy traffic and a sea of people, but now it was dilapidated. The ground was full of weeds, and the high-rise buildings on the side of the road had collapsed.

A lot of rats and cockroaches ran by the side of the road. Ling Feng killed them and earned a few leveling points. After walking for a while, he finally arrived at the edge of the battlefield.

Hiding behind a large rock, Ling Feng carefully peeked out half of his head, wanting to see what was going on in front of him.

Suddenly, he gasped.

“It’s actually a mountain back python!”

Ling Feng had once read about mountain back pythons in a book.

Its body was over a hundred meters long, and it had a mountain-shaped horn on its head. Its fangs were extremely sharp, and it could spew out poisonous gas. An adult mountain back python had the combat strength of a Tier 6 beast.

The snake in front of him was at least a hundred meters long. Therefore, it was definitely an adult mountain back python!

Tier 6 combat strength!

Ling Feng did not expect that such a python could exist in the ruins of the old city. Thinking of this, Ling Feng looked to the side.

If this snake was already so strong, who would its opponent be?

Ling Feng carefully observed the man. He had the appearance of a young man with a frivolous expression. A long sword was at his waist and a wine gourd in his hand.

The young man’s long hair fluttered in the gentle breeze.

Looking at the young man’s face, Ling Feng frowned slightly. He had never seen such a young man in the photos of the higher-ups in the fantasy city.

The mountain back python seemed to feel that the young man’s actions had provoked it, and it was about to launch an attack.

Immediately, the serpent’s body underwent a drastic change. That was the snake’s attack!

However, the young man just stood there indifferently, pretending that he had not seen anything. He took a sip of wine and then tidied his hair.

Seeing this scene, Ling Feng was dumbfounded. Is this guy a fool? That mountain back python is already attacking us, so you should make a move. Otherwise, you can just run away.

The mountain back [ython’s attack was extremely powerful. From Ling Feng’s point of view, even if it had the combat power of a Tier 7, it would still take all its strength to withstand this attack. It would only have a chance if it were heavily injured.

At this moment, the young man seemed to have reacted. He placed his hand on the hilt of his sword and touched it for a moment before taking it away. He took a sip of wine and looked indifferently at the snake that was still attacking him.

Ling Feng was dumbfounded.

“What’s going on? You move when you make a move and run when you don’t move. What do you mean by touching it? Could it be that he knew that he was no match for her and wanted to die?”

At this moment, a gust of wind blew past, and the mountain back python attack stopped. What happened next made Ling Feng’s eyes widen in shock.

The mountain back Python’s body was split into two, and it lay on the ground, dying. Its body was already covered in a pool of blood.

Seeing this scene, Ling Feng was so shocked that he was speechless.

That young man had only touched the hilt of his sword, and as a result, the snake was split into two. Moreover, it could no longer move, and was in imminent danger!

“What a fast sword! What kind of battle prowess does this expert have?”

Ling Feng sighed.


It was simply too fast and too powerful. One must know that even a Tier 7 combatant would not have been able to withstand the mountain back python’s attack with full confidence.

However, the young man in front of him had only used one sword.

At this time, the young man placed the wine gourd on his waist and looked at the big stone in front of Ling Feng. His tone was very calm, with a trace of alcohol, “Little friend, it’s not very polite to peep.”

Hearing this, Ling Feng’s heart skipped a beat. However, he still walked out from behind the rock. Since the young man had already noticed him, there was no way he could escape.

Even if he ran away, this young man would catch up to him immediately and kill him. After all, the young man’s combat strength could be said to be hidden.

“Hello, senior! This junior’s name is Ling Feng. Your sword strike just now was truly too shocking. This junior can’t move his feet for a while. If I’ve disturbed you, I hope you won’t take it to heart,” Ling Feng cupped his hands and said.

The young man just smiled and waved his hand, “Glib tongue, you can go now.”

Ling Feng also heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like this senior was not someone who would kill the innocent. However, when he saw the mountain back python that was twitching on the ground, a thought suddenly appeared in Ling Feng’s mind.

“Senior, this junior is very envious of senior’s happy life. I wonder if senior can let this junior have a taste of killing this beast with my own hands and also have a taste of killing evil spirits like senior?”

Hearing Ling Feng’s words, the young man also looked at Ling Feng. Ling Feng was also extremely nervous at this time.

“Brat, it doesn’t seem to be polite to meet with a clone.”


The young man’s eyes were like a bright moon, and he saw through Ling Feng.

Hearing this, Ling Feng was shocked. This was the first time his clone had been seen through. One must know that ordinary people could not see the difference between the clone and the original.

From this, it could be seen that the young man in front of him was really an expert.

“Senior, my main body is not far away. Should I let my main body come over and kill this evil beast with my own hands?”

The young man took a sip of wine out of boredom and said, “Come on.”

Although the young man’s expression did not seem to care, Ling Feng knew that if this young man had any ill intentions towards him, even if he were given ten minutes to escape, the young man would be able to kill him at the first moment.

However, if he could kill this Tier 6 mountain back python, not to mention the crystals that it would drop, just the points alone would save Ling Feng a lot of time in hunting the foreign races.

The young man had long sensed Ling Feng’s existence. However, because Ling Feng’s strength was too weak, he did not take it to heart. However, from Ling Feng’s words just now, the young man felt that this kid was a little interesting.

If a normal person were to encounter such a situation, they would not even have the time to run away. Who would fight the mountain back python with their own hands?

The young man really couldn’t think of a reasonable reason, so he could only think that this kid hated evil as if it was his enemy.

After a short while, Ling Feng’s original body walked over and bowed to the young man. He then drew his Tang sword and attacked the mountain back python.

The young man placed his hands on his chest and looked at Ling Feng’s expression. He took a sip of wine and laughed, “Brat, your blade isn’t too good. Also, your strength isn’t enough. You want to kill a Tier 6 mountain back python, but you can’t even break its defense.”

At this time, Ling Feng’s face also turned red. It was indeed the case. He originally thought that he could pick up a bargain, but in the end, he couldn’t even break through his defense.

However, Ling Feng didn’t believe this and immediately used his ultimate move, one body as one!

A Buddha statue of Ming King, tens of meters tall, appeared there. Seeing this, the young man’s face was filled with shock.

“This is interesting.”

The intellectual sword in Ling Feng’s hand ruthlessly slammed downward, and a series of grinding sounds rang out. The intellectual sword in Ling Feng’s hand was almost shattered, but it only managed to leave a mark on the scales of the mountain back python.

this defensive power is really too strong! Ling Feng couldn’t help but sigh.

The young man laughed again. kid, this mountain back python’s strongest point is its defense. Even if you have a Body Fusion technique, your cultivation level is too low.

“I can definitely do it!” Ling Feng would not give up easily.

“If you can do it, I’ll give you an opportunity!” The young man hugged the wine gourd.

“Senior, can you hang this mountain back python for a while? I need to make some preparations!”

After Ling Feng heard this, he wanted to kill this snake even more.

“Alright, it won’t die before you return,” the young man said indifferently.

It had been a long time since he had met a little fellow like this. Furthermore, the young man wanted to see how Ling Feng would be able to break through the mountain back python’s defense.

Even though he didn’t think Ling Feng could do it.

Ling Feng came into contact with his clone and then threw himself into killing monsters!

This time, even his main body had entered the battlefield to kill monsters so that he could obtain enough level points faster.

“I only need 100000 upgrade points. As long as I save up a million upgrade points, I can upgrade my talent. This is my only chance!” he thought.

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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere Chapter 41 - 41 The Swift Sword, The Shocking Ling Feng