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The Massacre In The Ruins

At this time, outside the city, Ling Feng had also arrived at the ruins about a hundred miles South of Fantasy City. This place seemed to be an abandoned town.

With a pen and paper in his hands, he walked while drawing a map of the ruins of the old city. He was earnest until a beeping sound interrupted his thoughts.

His watch beeped.

Ling Feng opened it curiously and found a message from the class group.

“Second High, Shi Yifeng?”

Ling Feng had also heard of this name. He used to be a low-key person with only four walls and was often bullied by others. However, he became arrogant and overbearing ever since he awakened his SS-rank talent.

He had become someone who would take revenge for grievances, even returning kindness with ingratitude. In a short period, he had become the overlord of the Second High School, and no one dared to say anything.

Many students had become his underlings, and even the teachers treated him with respect. This allowed Shi Yifeng to feel the power of his talent and strength.

Therefore, he didn’t waste his talent but relied on his SS-level talent to cultivate hard, and his realm was constantly breaking through. Coupled with the People’s praise, his mentality also began to swell.

Hence, after breaking through to Tier 3, he challenged Lu Huan.

Lu Huan was no match for him, and Shi Yifeng was even more insufferably arrogant. He felt that no one in the world was a match for him, so he turned his spear to Su Ranran.

However, Su Ranran was currently in seclusion and did not know what was happening outside.

Thinking of this, Ling Feng’s brows furrowed.

When Su Ranran comes out of her closed-door cultivation, this clown will be more honest. Ling Feng said indifferently.

This matter wouldn’t affect him. Even if Shi Yifeng had challenged an S-rank student from the three high schools, he couldn’t possibly challenge an A-rank student as an SS-rank student, right?

Therefore, Ling Feng decided to take this opportunity to improve his combat power or talent. Only by becoming stronger would he have the right to speak.

After that, Ling Feng turned off his watch and turned his attention back to the ruins of the old city.

Even though there were many monsters in the ruins, Ling Feng had 20 clones. So they split into four groups and continued to clear the monsters.

This had once been a modern city before the invasion of the alien races. Because of this, the attack of the heavenly energy caused the town to change dramatically, and the plants also grew wildly.

The skyscrapers began to shake overnight, falling one by one.

The most important thing was not the plants but the mutated animals. Their bodies had grown several times more extensive, and their numbers had increased by dozens.

As the monsters grew, their appetites grew, and they began to attack humans for food.

There were too many of them, and it was impossible to kill them all. Moreover, the monsters did not have any intelligence, to begin with, and they only knew how to take revenge. Seeing their kind killed, their eyes naturally turned red.

He charged forward as if he didn’t care about his life.

Under the monsters’ attack, the humans could only choose to give up on this place. So some of them went a hundred miles away and built Fantasy City.

This was the story of the old ruins.

At this moment, a sewer appeared in front of them. Ling Feng sent a part of his clone into the sewer, killing rats and cockroaches.

After these animals mutated into monsters, their combat strength increased rapidly. They were comparable to a Tier 1 mutant. Their numbers were even more terrifying as they rushed over overwhelmingly.

Ling Feng didn’t hesitate at all. Instead, he just waved his blade as he walked forward.

After a while, the monster’s roar suddenly reached Ling Feng’s ears. He immediately felt something was wrong and ordered his clone to swing his sword to the ground quickly.

He walked forward, and a shop appeared in his sight. He pushed the door open, and it was a mess inside. There was not a single item on the shelf because the shelves had all fallen to the ground.

He turned and saw the rats rushing towards him in great numbers.

“F*ck, why does this rat hold such a grudge?!” Ling Feng grumbled.

After that, his main body found a place to hide in the distance, and he ordered his clone to attack.

The twenty clones rushed over one after another. When they saw so many rats, their eyes became more serious, and they waved their Tang swords continuously.

Ling Feng’s clone also killed those ferocious-looking, red-eyed rat monsters.

His clones only had Tier 3 combat power, so they could quickly deal with the Tier 1 rat monsters.

However, there were too many of them, which gave Ling Feng a headache. It wasn’t dangerous, but he couldn’t get out of this predicament in a short time.

Ling Feng’s blade rose and fell, and the system’s notification sound constantly rang in his ears, causing the speed of Ling Feng’s sword to increase by a few notches.

“Congratulations on killing the Red-Eyed Rat Monster. Level points +50!”

“Congratulations on killing the Red-Eyed Rat Monster. Level points +50!”

“Congratulations on killing the Red-Eyed Rat Monster. Level points +50!”


The system notification sound was like a stimulant, constantly reverberating in Ling Feng’s ears. As a result, his hand movements also gradually accelerated.

An hour later, the clone had killed 1000 rat monsters and gained 50000 points.

After three hours, Ling Feng killed all the rats chasing after him. At this time, Ling Feng’s leveling points had reached a historical number; over 300000!

Now, including all the upgrade points, Ling Feng had almost 500000 upgrade points on him. However, he was still a little short of one million. He would only be able to upgrade his talent when he had one million upgrade points.

This time, he had a headache. Should he improve his combat power or his talent first?

Five hundred thousand upgrade points were enough for him to increase his combat strength to Advanced Tier 3, but it was not enough to break through to Tier 4 since they were two different concepts.

He would need ten times the level-up points to cross this threshold.

After much consideration, Ling Feng decided to improve his talent first. As for combat power, if his talent were improved, his cultivation speed would also increase. This way, he could save a lot of upgrade points.

After deciding on the child, Ling Feng looked at the remaining three clones and smiled bitterly. He then recalled them and summoned ten more clones to draw the map.

He then summoned five fire clones and five water clones. The fire clones were responsible for killing the rat monsters, while the water clones killed the mantis. The division of labor was clear!

“What? are you asking me? Of course, I’m going to find a place to hide!”


After that, his level-up points also kept increasing. Towards this, Ling Feng started to complain again.

It would be great if this clone could ignore distance. In that case, he only needed to lie down at home while the clone was hunting the alien races.

Unfortunately, the clone needed to control the distance. Once the length was exceeded, the clone would automatically dissipate.

And with Ling Feng’s current mental power, the clone could only exist within a radius of 500 kilometers.

If he wanted to improve his mental power, besides improving his combat strength and transforming his talent, he could only come into contact with related cultivation techniques at university.

He had also heard that pills could increase mental power in the myriad world.

However, it was too early to think about this. He should speed up his killing of monsters and then improve his combat power and talent. He couldn’t bite off more than he could chew!

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, Ling Feng’s level had reached 700000.

“Finally, my hard work paid off. I will be able to upgrade my talent soon. By then, I will also be an S-rank talent!

Ling Feng’s heart was filled with excitement. When he reached S-rank, the school would also reward him with this. “I wonder what kind of treasure the school will reward me with.”

At this moment, he suddenly felt that one of his clones had lost contact with him. Immediately, Ling Feng’s heart tightened.


Then, he connected to another clone and had him quickly go to the place where he had lost contact with the clone to check.

A huge vine appeared in front of Ling Feng, tightly wrapped around the clone’s waist, and the clone had no way of breaking free.

The clone continued to resist, but it was all in vain. The vines were also very strange, and the thorns on the vines stabbed into the clone’s body.

The clone’s body trembled, and the energy in its body quickly decreased. It was all absorbed by the vines. Then, the clone disappeared into the air as if it had never existed.

Ling Feng’s training with this clone was also completely cut off.

“Brothers, come to me. Let’s kill him!”

The clones received Ling Feng’s order and quickly came over.

All sorts of clones released various attacks, but when they hit the vines, there was no reaction. Or rather, the effect was not particularly good.

Only the fire clone’s fire spurted out and dealt huge damage, burning a large portion of the vines.

The vine seemed to know the power of the fire clone and retreated.

Ling Feng’s eyes lit up. He ordered the five fire clones to continue attacking the vines and recalled all 15 of them. He then summoned another five fire clones.

Because the consumption of attribute clones was too great, Ling Feng could only maintain ten attribute clones at the same time.


Upon receiving the order, the ten fire clones fired their skills as if they were free. The vines had no way out, so they could only wave them in the air.

Suddenly, a heavy roar came from the ground. Then, the ground suddenly cracked open, and the clone quickly retreated. He did not continue to attack, but carefully observed what was going to happen next.

A spherical root with dozens of vines growing on it appeared on the ground. Upon closer inspection, they were actually floating in the air!

The stallion waved its vines at the clone, and without Ling Feng’s command, the clone quickly dodged the vines.

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