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The Challenge Of The Second High

Seeing this news, Ling Feng didn’t think too much. No matter how strong an SS-rank genius was, it had nothing to do with him, an A-rank Awakened.

However, since Su Ranran was involved in this matter, Ling Feng did not know if she would accept the challenge.

However, Ling Feng knew that Su Ranran was currently in seclusion and probably did not know about this.

This matter quickly spread throughout the three high schools, and everyone was talking about it. It also became the biggest melon in the entire Fantasy City, and a group of people who didn’t mind the drama ate it with great relish.

Seeing this situation, Ling Feng also wanted to ask what the person in question was thinking. He immediately sent a message to Su Ranran, but it was like a rock in the sea.

There was no reply.

“She must still be in seclusion,” Ling Feng muttered to himself. Then, he decided not to care about this matter anymore and decided to leave the city!

After a while, Ling Feng arrived at the awakened Guild and saw a mission more suitable for him.

[Mission: Explore the ruins 50 kilometers south of Fantasy City and draw a map of it. Reward: 500000 star coins. *Requirement: Tier 3 Awakened!]

It just so happened that he had also reached Tier 3, so he could accept this mission.

After some thought, Ling Feng accepted the mission and walked out of the city.

At Second High.

Shi Yifeng was sitting on a stone platform, and below the platform was a group of underlings. These underlings were all looking at him with fawning expressions.

Suddenly, Shi Yifeng stood up. He raised his arms and shouted, “I, Shi Yifeng, am definitely the strongest SS-rank in this illusory city. I will definitely let the Elemental Academy know that choosing Su Ranran was a mistake and that choosing me was the right choice. It’s obvious that they were wrong!”

“You, come here. Use my name to issue a challenge to Su Ranran!”

Shi Yifeng pointed at one of his underlings, who walked over with his back bent. He quickly echoed, “Alright, alright, big brother.”

“Big brother is awesome! What Su Ranran? She has to keep her tail between her legs in front of big brother!” One of the underlings, who understood the ways of the world, shouted.

As expected, after hearing these words, a trace of pride appeared on Shi Yifeng’s face. He looked at the person and gave him a thumbs up.

“Not bad. You have a bright future!”

Shi Yifeng held his head high. In addition to the fact that he had just defeated Lu Huan, Shi Yifeng was currently in a state of jealousy and excitement, and his confidence was also extremely inflated.

In his heart, the number one SS-rank in Fantasy City was definitely his.

Adding on the fact that his underlings were constantly praising Shi Yifeng, the current Shi Yifeng was being praised to the clouds.

At this time, a figure came from the distance and attracted everyone’s attention. The person was getting closer and closer, and everyone made way for him.

They started discussing.

“Who is this guy? Aren’t you from the third high school? why are you at our second high school?”

“You probably don’t know about this, but during the previous beast tide, this guy betrayed his classmates and caused the death of one of them. He was expelled from the third high school. I don’t know why he’s here at our second high school.”

“Ah? No way, how can such a person come to our second high school? His character is obviously not good!”

“You don’t know about it, do you? There’s an innate ability called the ability to make money. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it.”

“What kind of innate ability is this?”

“That’s enough. He paid to get in. Also, this person’s background is not simple. His name is Li Fang, and he has the Li family behind him, even though he is only a direct descendant of the Li family.

Hearing this, everyone finally understood. They could only enter the second high school because they were from the Li family. Otherwise, the second high school would definitely not accept them based on their character.

If Ling Feng was here, he would definitely recognize this person at a glance. He was Li Fang, the man who had once tried to pursue Su Ranran.

The previous beast tide was indeed very dangerous, but everyone chose to fight with all their might. Only Li Fang did not use his full strength.

Furthermore, he even sacrificed a student in order to escape. Otherwise, Li Fang would definitely not have been able to escape.

On the other hand, Li Fang thought that this group was dead for sure. By then, his career wouldn’t be exposed for sacrificing a classmate for his own safety. He could even fight for the reputation of a hero.

Unfortunately, his sudden appearance disrupted all his plans. Not only did he save everyone, but he was also expelled from the school.

Because of this incident, Li Fang not only hated Su Ranran and the others, but he also hated Ling Feng. If Ling Feng had not suddenly appeared, he would not be in such a sorry state.

Now, as long as Li Fang thought about Ling Feng’s appearance, he would be filled with hatred. also, Li Cong and Li Wu’s sudden disappearance caused some people in the family to guess that the two of them had met with an accident.

To the Li family, Li Cong wasn’t too important. Even if he had Tier 3 combat power, he only had a B-rank talent. However, Li Wu was different.

Li Wu was an a-grade talent awakened. If he was to grow up in the future, he would definitely become the pillar of the Li family. Therefore, the Li family had been investigating this matter, but they had no leads.

Hence, no matter what, Ling Feng’s name had always been on the Li family’s kill list. However, if they wanted to kill Ling Feng, they could only do so outside the city.

After all, there were too many people in the city, and the city gate would detect them.

However, it was too difficult to kill Ling Feng. They had to set up an ambush outside the city in advance. Moreover, Ling Feng was too cautious. Every time he left the city, he would send a few of them out at once.

It was fine if he didn’t know which one was the main body.

The key was that the main body and the clone acted separately. you couldn’t tell which was the main body, and with him acting separately, there was no way to make a move.

If he were to act rashly, Ling Feng would definitely sense it. What if he cherished his life and did not come out in the future? Therefore, every assassination attempt failed.

However, when Li Fang saw Shi Yifeng defeat Lu Huan and his insufferably arrogant state, he suddenly had a plan in mind.

He then met with Shi Yifeng in private and gave him a large sum of money. He only needed him to challenge Ling Feng and kill him.

Shi Yifeng naturally wouldn’t refuse such a simple task that could even earn him a large sum of money.

Moreover, Ling Feng was only an a-grade talent awakened. Even if he was accidentally killed in the arena, Shi Yifeng would not be held accountable. After all, his talent was there for all to see.

He couldn’t possibly punish an SS-rank just for the life of an A-rank, could he?

This was a complete accident!

Challenging Su Ranran was Shi Yifeng’s ultimate goal, so getting rid of Ling Feng while he was at it was not a big deal. He did not even need to get serious.

If he could defeat the SS-rank Lu Huan, then wouldn’t the A-rank Ling Feng be able to handle him?


Li Fang leaned his head over and whispered a few words.

a hint of impatience appeared on Shi Yifeng’s face, and he said,

“You didn’t manage to contact Su Ranran?”

“That’s right. I heard that she’s in closed-door cultivation. It seems like she’s trying to break through to Tier 3,” Li Fang said.

“If that’s the case, I’ll wait for her to break through before I defeat her. I don’t want to be called an unfair winner. I’ll wait until she breaks through Tier 3 before I defeat her. only then will I be worthy of Tier 1 SS-rank!”

Shi Yifeng’s face revealed a confident smile.

One of his underlings immediately echoed, “Big brother is mighty!” Big brother is the strongest!”

Seeing this scene, it would be a lie to say that Li Fang wasn’t envious, but he was mostly ridiculed.

He also understood Shi Yifeng’s background.

He was born into a poor family, so he regarded money as his life. After awakening the SS-level talent, he began to become arrogant and looked down on everyone.

He was a tyrant in the No. 2 high school.


However, the entire school did not dare to voice out their anger. Even the teachers did not dare to say anything.

Li Fang was indeed envious of him, but he also looked down on him. He was envious of his talent and looked down on his character.

He was arrogant and domineering, and he would directly attack if he was not convinced.

In Li Fang’s eyes, this was the behavior of a reckless man. In his mind, it was the most fun thing to do. Especially when you did it behind his back, but he didn’t know who did it and treated you as his own.

“Since Su Ranran is in closed-door cultivation, why don’t you challenge all the S-rank Awakened in the three high schools and defeat them all? Beat them up until they’re afraid of you. Then, create some hype and wait for her to come out of her closed-door cultivation.”

“If you defeat her, you’ll be able to soar into the sky!”

“It’s fine if she doesn’t accept the challenge. you can challenge the A-rank and get rid of Ling Feng at the same time. Su Ranran will have no choice but to make a move.”

“Even if she doesn’t want to do it, public opinion will force her to do it.”

Li Fang said expressionlessly.

Hearing these words, a smile appeared on Shi Yifeng’s face. This plan wasn’t very brilliant, but it was indeed very sinister!

What a good scheme! You’re really my Crouching Dragon!

Li Fang forced a smile on his face and said, “No, no. It’s all thanks to big brother’s strong charisma. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have joined you!”


Soon, another challenge letter was sent to the three high schools.

Su Ranran didn’t even respond. This gave another group of people an opportunity to hype up the matter. Su Ranran was hyped up as a coward.

“Since Su Ranran doesn’t dare to fight me, I wonder if the S-rank awakened from the three high schools can fight me? I can fight all of you by myself!”

the declaration of war was extremely arrogant.

Naturally, the three S-ranks saw it and were immediately enraged.

“Who the hell is this Shi Yifeng? You still dare to compare yourself to Su Ranran?”

“That’s right, Su Ranran was a student who was admitted in advance by Elemental College, one of the top ten colleges! both of them are elemental-type awakeners, but he wasn’t recruited. from this, we can see that the gap between the two of them is huge!”

“Since he wants to challenge us, we can’t lose face! Battle!”

“Right! Damn it, isn’t it just an SS-rank? What’s there to be arrogant about? Let’s fight!”

“Even if I can’t beat her, I’ll hold on. When Su Ranran comes out of seclusion, I’ll let him avenge us!”

“Right, even if we lose, we won’t be embarrassed!”

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