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However, the fire clone also had its shortcomings, one of which was that it consumed a lot of energy. However, because of the relatively large consumption, its own ability was also very powerful.

The fire clone also had a few special abilities.

The first was to be immune to a small portion of fire attribute damage. The second was to increase the power of fire attribute skills by about one-third. The third was that all normal attacks carried fire attribute damage!

The last one was the one that Ling Feng was most surprised about.

However, its weakness was also obvious. It was restrained by the water and ice attributes. This was understandable. After all, the five stars were complementary to each other.

Ling Feng was very satisfied with his own combat strength. With the energy in his body, he could only summon a fire clone at most. Although it was not much, it was enough.

Next, he was ready to try summoning a clone with other attributes.

Since he was already able to convert his human energy to the fire attribute, it was only a matter of time before he converted it to other attributes.

Ling Feng closed his eyes and tried to communicate with his spiritual energy. He wanted to change it to another attribute, but after a series of attempts, Ling Feng opened his eyes again.

He frowned. It was too slow.

Suddenly, Ling Feng understood.

He could summon the fire clone so quickly because he had a fire attribute skill, which was flame spitting.

Thus, he didn’t need to simulate the transformation of human energy attribute to the fire attribute, because when he released this skill, he could already transform it to the fire attribute, but he just couldn’t grasp it.

In other words, instead of wasting time by fumbling around, it would be better for Ling Feng to find a skill with an attribute. This way, he would be able to learn a clone with the corresponding attribute in a very short time.

At the thought of this, Ling Feng recalled all his clones and walked out of the door.

After a while, he arrived at the black market. Naturally, he disguised himself. After all, it was really chaotic there.

The black market was located below a bar. The bar was full of red and green lights, full of young men and women jumping around, but if you walked in for a while, you would find that it was very quiet inside.

Inside was the real black market. People were in a hurry, each wearing a mask to hide their identity.

In the black market, many things were illegal. Therefore, in order to protect the buyers and sellers, this rule was set up.

Walking in, Ling Feng unconsciously tightened the mask on his face before walking further in.

There were street stalls on both sides of the road, which looked like a market in the village. However, the things sold here were all kinds of. There were antiques and some materials from other races.

After walking for a long time, Ling Feng found a stall selling skill crystals. he walked up to it.

“Boss, do you have any attribute crystals?”

The boss was wearing a black robe and was about the same height as Ling Feng, but with a hunched back. Hearing Ling Feng speak to him, he also replied, ”

“There’s one, but I’m sorry, it’s already reserved.”

His voice was extremely hoarse.

Hearing this, Ling Feng felt that it was a pity, but he continued, “How much did he pay? I can pay more.”

After all, skill crystals were rare and could only be found if one was lucky. If one was unlucky, even if one went deeper into the black market, one might not necessarily find a stall selling skill crystals at the end of the road.

This was because the drop rate of skill crystals was too low.

After the black-robed boss heard this, he didn’t say anything but fell into deep thought. Seeing this, Ling Feng also saw a glimmer of hope. Perhaps this boss just wanted to see his determination to buy.

“Can you let me see what skill it is?” Ling Feng continued to ask.

“No, I can’t. I promised the buyer that I would keep the contents of the crystal a secret!” the black-robed man quickly said.

Ling Feng was a little speechless. If this was the wilderness, Ling Feng would have already fought with someone who teased him like this. However, this was the black market. He couldn’t do it.

And the buyer that the black-robed boss mentioned was most likely made up to scam him of some money.

This kind of situation was simply too common in the black market. “Anyway, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you. Today I lied to you. Tomorrow, I will change my mask and enter the black market, and you won’t recognize me.”

“Then tell me, how much do you want to sell it to me?” Ling Feng asked.

“Three hundred thousand!” The black-robed boss thought for a while and then said.

Hearing this price, Ling Feng actually had the mentality of picking up a bargain. One must know that Skill Crystal’s market price was only 300000, and this was when where everyone was fighting for it.

Therefore, the price of 300000 yuan was not particularly high.

He observed the black-robed boss in front of him. His combat power was not very strong. Otherwise, he would not have spent so much time and effort to ask for only 300000 yuan.

I’ll be honest with you. I sold it to you because you look familiar, unlike some other buyers who target the seller after buying it. In the end, the seller will lose both money and money. The black-robed boss said.

Ling Feng finally understood that the boss was afraid of being betrayed. Because his combat power was too weak, he would rather sell the crystal to a small figure than a big figure.

“You’re quite cautious, aren’t you?” Ling Feng said with a smile.

you’ll die if you’re not careful. The black market is not as dirty as you think. It’s even dirtier than you think. the black-robed boss’s tone was full of resentment, as if he had experienced being robbed.

“Alright, where are the things?” Ling Feng said impatiently. After all, the boss had just toyed with him.

“Here you go,” The black-robed boss saw that Ling Feng was not willing to listen to his nagging, so he stopped talking and threw the skill crystal in his hand to Ling Feng.

Ling Feng also transferred his star dollars over.

Then, he held the skill crystal tightly and checked what attribute the skill was.

[Swamp: Consumes energy to create a swamp.]

No wonder it was sold so cheaply. It was not a good skill, it was of little value!

“Why is your skill so useless?” Ling Feng glared at the boss in the black robe angrily. This skill had no attack power, and it didn’t even have any defense power. It wasn’t even worthy of being a support skill!

The black-robed boss cupped his hands as if it had nothing to do with him. “Kid, this is the black market. You have to open your eyes wide when buying things. This time, you’ve spent money to buy a lesson!”

Looking at the black-robed boss’s indifferent look, Ling Feng was getting angrier and angrier.

Ling Feng stared at the black-robed boss’s mask as if he wanted to do something.


“Hey, don’t do anything. this is the black market. if you do, you might be caught!” The black-robed boss was frightened by Ling Feng’s gaze and took a step back.

“Why would I do anything to you? I should be the one thanking you.” After saying that, Ling Feng turned around and left. The black-robed boss also let out a sigh of relief.

However, when Ling Feng walked out of the black market, he left behind a fire clone.

I won’t do anything, but the fire clone has a bad temper. I’m not sure if he will do anything!

The fire clone was completely red, and the temperature around him was rising. Walking in the black market, he attracted people’s attention.

He walked to the boss in black. The boss saw that someone was coming and was about to continue bluffing, but a fist hit him.

“F*ck, why are you hitting people?!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a few more punches landed on the boss’s face. With burn injuries, the boss was also in great pain.

“Hey, hey, hey, my nose! My mouth!”

“Who asked you to use tricks? Who asked you to trick people!” As he fought, the fire clone cursed.

The movement was very loud, and soon the patrol team came over with their weapons. The fire clone naturally noticed it, and Ling Feng quickly came into contact with it, turning it into a wisp of fire and dissipating.


Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the fire clone disappeared.

The boss in the black robe also raised his head. He was chubby and looked like he was only 18 or 19 years old.

“Damn it, don’t you know that you shouldn’t hit someone’s face?” The black-robed youth covered his face that was covered in scars.

Not long after, Ling Feng also returned home and began to learn how to create a water clone.

Because of the fire clone’s experience, the water clone was quickly mastered by Ling Feng, and a blue mark appeared in his mind.

The water clone, on the other hand, was dressed in blue. His hair and eyes were also blue, forming a sharp contrast with the fire clone.

“Hmm, I’ve gained quite a lot today. I’ve learned how to split my body with two attributes!”

Ling Feng didn’t know why, but he really wanted to fight with someone. It would be best if it were an opponent who was on par with him. This way, he would be more carefree and unrestrained.

At this moment, her watch suddenly beeped.

In the group chat of the students of the three high schools of Fantasy City.

Hey, did you guys know that Shi Yifeng, the SS-Class awakened from the second high school, has broken through to Tier 3? he even said that he would defeat all the third-year students in the illusory city. I heard that Lu Huan, the SS-Class awakened from the first high school, has already been defeated!

“I’ve heard that Shi Yifeng’s talent is earth. He can control earth and some brocade to attack his enemies. He’s very strong!”

That can’t be. Doesn’t that mean that his next target is Su Ranran? ”

“That’s right. I think it’s possible. Isn’t Su Ranran publicly acknowledged as the strongest SS-rank Awakened?”

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