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Have You Learned It?

The girl was called Feng Xiaoyu.

Feng Xiaoyu’s eyes lit up when she heard the discussions around her. She didn’t expect to meet a famous person!

“You’re a celebrity too?”

Seeing that Ling Feng didn’t answer her and instead turned around to leave, she continued to shout, “Hey, where are you going?”

When the surrounding people saw this scene, they didn’t dare to discuss it loudly anymore or criticize Ling Feng for doing something wrong. Ling Feng’s reputation was simply too resounding!

After all, this was a student who dared to beat up a teacher. More importantly, he had even beaten him before! Who could he reason with? Besides, he had Su Ranran to back him up.

No one dared to find trouble with him.

Therefore, everyone was silent. Ling Feng did not put this group of people in his eyes. They were just a group of people who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

Ling Feng walked towards the nearest reading spot, ignoring Feng Xiaoyu’s words.

Feng Xiaoyu was also not easy to send away. seeing that Ling Feng did not answer her, her big eyes rolled around. then, she came up with a plan and was ready to follow.

“Hey, hey, hey, wait for me!” As she spoke, Feng Xiaoyu got up from the ground and jogged to keep up with Ling Feng’s pace.

The people around them were about to follow and watch the show, but the late librarian stopped them.

“What are you guys doing here? This is the library, not your family’s market! hurry up and go back to your books. if you don’t want to read, then get out!”

Sure enough, after the librarian’s “persuasion,” the people who were watching the show dispersed. However, they had many thoughts in their hearts.

Why could Ling Feng speak loudly, but she couldn’t? What a difference in treatment!

However, no one dared to say it out loud. After all, Ren Lingfeng’s strength was there for all to see; what could they use to compete? He had no choice but to endure it.

At this moment, Ling Feng had also arrived at a reading area. He placed the book in his hand on the table and turned around.

“What do you want? You’ve been following me?”

“Hehe, I saw your book. You’re reading all the knowledge that can only be learned at University. You must be self-studying the University courses! it just so happens that I know a lot about this. I can teach you!” Feng Xiaoyu said with a smile, completely unlike her previous self.

“If you’re not lying to me, that’s fine too.” Ling Feng looked at Feng Xiaoyu.

“Of course, I will.” Feng Xiaoyu raised her head and puffed out her chest, full of pride. Then, she continued, “However, it’s 1000 star coins an hour! What do you think?”

Hearing this, Ling Feng did not say a word. he only rolled his eyes at Feng Xiaoyu, then opened a book and began to read.

Feng Xiaoyu wasn’t discouraged. She sat down beside Ling Feng and took a look at the title of the book he was reading. Then, she leaned over and started reading together.

The relationship between talent and energy

Ling Feng’s brows were tightly furrowed as he looked at the book. The book had many questions, but it did not explain them.

Moreover, the contents of the book were completely different from what was written in the book. Sometimes, the first sentence and the next sentence didn’t even match. This angered Ling Feng even more.

According to the book, energy came from the world. It was an extremely special energy produced by the combination of the world’s energy and the human body’s energy.

The special energy was born with the awakening of talent, and all skills were based on it, just like how a car needed gasoline to start.

However, the book did not mention where the energy of heaven and earth came from, much less where the human body’s energy came from. As if it was possible, he only gave a general idea.

Ling Feng even threw the book away.

Seeing Ling Feng’s expression, Feng Xiaoyu also smiled. Her chance had come!

Then, he puffed out his chest and said, “Don’t you understand? The so-called energy of the world comes from that place. The energy of the human body comes from that place!”

Feng Xiaoyu purposely didn’t say it out loud in order to pique Ling Feng’s interest.

However, Ling Feng was not attracted at all. He put the book aside as if he wanted to find the answer from the other books.

Feng Xiaoyu did not keep him in suspense anymore. Instead, she pouted angrily and said, “Forget it. You’re lucky today!”

“But I’m only going to say it once!”

“The energy of heaven and earth comes from the heavens. A thousand years ago, the heavens and the realms were connected to the Blue Star. Since then, the Blue Star has undergone great changes. The energy has gathered together and changed, giving birth to the energy of heaven and earth.

“This kind of energy is extremely useful. Not only can it drive talent skills, but it can also drive out other cultivation techniques in the myriad world.

“The only shortcoming is that it can’t be used to awaken talents. It must be combined with the soul energy of the human body.

“After the fusion of the two types of energy, with the help of the awakening divine jade, humans can awaken their innate abilities. These few things are indispensable!

“So, this is the relationship between talent and energy!”

Ling Feng nodded thoughtfully and put the book down. If what Feng Xiaoyu said was true, then she must’ve already mastered the knowledge in the book.

However, Ling Feng did not praise Feng Xiaoyu. Instead, he took out a dozen star coins and placed them on the table. She said to Ling Feng, “Thank you for your explanation. This is 1000 star coins.”

Feng Xiaoyu’s eyes lit up when she saw the star coins. She held them in her hand like starving woman that suddenly saw a Manchu Han Imperial Feast.

She sniffed the coins continuously and even clapped his hands.

Ling Feng sighed at how greedy she was.

Stuffing the star currency into her pocket, Feng Xiaoyu’s gaze towards Ling Feng turned gentle, “Don’t worry! As long as you don’t understand something, feel free to ask me, and I will tell you everything I know. Oh, right, let me remind you, these books are all tailor books. The more you read, the more you won’t understand.”

After Ling Feng heard this, he flipped through a few more books and found that the problems were the same as the first book. He threw out the problems but did not solve them. Ling Feng nodded.

“Then let me ask you a question. Can the energy in the human body be converted into other attributes?” Ling Feng completely gave up on the idea of finding an answer from the book and turned to look at Feng Xiaoyu.

“Of course, you can. The energy of heaven and earth doesn’t have a consciousness. However, the human body’s energy is a combination of your soul energy. Naturally, it also contains your consciousness.

“You only need to share this part of your soul energy and then guide the energy in the human body to change attributes. That’s all!

“But it’ll be very difficult because this is a course that only second-year students will come into contact with,” Feng Xiaoyu thought for a while and said.

After hearing this, Ling Feng finally came to a realization. The layers of packaging in his heart were completely shattered, and the door at the very front had already opened a small gap.

All he needed to do was to push the door open, and everything would be solved.


Ling Feng slowly closed his eyes and began to communicate with the energy in his body.

The human body’s energy contained his own soul’s energy. He needed to take this opportunity to connect with his own human body’s energy waves and change the attribute of the energy.

Thinking of this, Ling Feng simulated shooting flames in his mind.

At the moment the flames spewed out, the human body’s energy was converted to the fire attribute, but it quickly returned to normal.

He could feel it, but he could not grasp it.

Ling Feng worked harder and harder. Because of his experience in controlling the avatar, he was surprised to find that this will was actually like the will of an avatar.

Energy conversion!

Immediately, Ling Feng’s body turned a fiery red.

He also opened his eyes, and a small flame appeared on his finger.

At this time, Feng Xiaoyu, who was still thinking about how to trick Ling Feng into earning more money, suddenly felt a warm sensation in front of her.

Upon close inspection, it was actually a flame!


Feng Xiaoyu was dumbfounded. She gasped in disbelief, “That’s impossible! How did you learn it? I must be dreaming!”

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