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Bai Xiaosa’s Departure

Ling Feng pushed open the door and sat down on the sofa with a tired face. He looked up at the ceiling and fell into a daze.

Then, his watch rang.

After opening it, he saw that it was a message from Bai Xiaosa, so he immediately clicked to check it.

“Lingfeng, where are you? I told my father to send someone to pick you up. Have you seen them?”

“No need. Those assassins are already dead.”

“Ah? How did they die?”

“I killed him.”

After that, Ling Feng turned off his watch. On the other end, Bai Xiaosa was looking at his watch with a dumbfounded expression.

Ah? You killed them? That’s 16 assassins we’re talking about, and one of them is a Tier-4 assassin! Even if you have more clones, you still have the advantage in numbers.

But how did you kill an assassin of the fourth step?

However, Bai Xiaosa quickly thought it through.

“He must have escaped. After all, he was someone who saved me before and is quite prideful. If he were to escape, he would definitely feel embarrassed. Yes, that must be it!” Bai Xiaosa heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, the door to his room opened, and his father walked in.

“I’m off to play. Ling Feng killed all the assassins, including Li Wu and Li Cong. In other words, he has completely offended the Li family. If the Li family finds out, they will definitely make a move on Ling Feng.

“But don’t worry, I will protect his life. So, you still have to go to the Academy.

Bai Qianlang was also a little surprised. After all, Ling Feng’s talent was only A-rank, and what he did was completely beyond what an A-rank could do.

Even people with S-rank talent couldn’t do it.

However, this kind of thing was still done by Ling Feng, a kid with A-rank talent.

This was simply too outrageous.

Upon hearing this, Bai Xiaosa looked at Bai Qianlang in disbelief.

“Father, you’re lying to me, right?”

Bai Qianlang sighed and said, “Just think that I’m lying to you. Hurry up and pack up. The seniors of the Void Academy will be here soon. You can leave with them today.”

Bai Xiaosa naturally understood the meaning behind his father’s words. It was obvious that he was not lying to him. At that moment, a fighting spirit burned in his eyes.

“Alright, I understand, father!” Bai Xiaosa gritted his teeth.

Seeing his son’s fighting spirit, Bai Qianlang felt a trace of relief in his heart. He also had a good impression of Ling Feng, whom he had never met before.

After all, it was a good thing that his son’s fighting spirit had been aroused. He would not have to force his son to cultivate in the future.

And the Bai family would need Bai Xiaosa to inherit it in the future.

This was because Bai Xiaosa’s talent was an extremely rare eye-related talent, and what the Void Academy needed was a vision-related talent.

Thus, when the Void Academy received the Bai family’s admission application, it decided to accept this student, because Bai Xiaosa’s heavenly eye was very suitable for the void Academy.

In addition, it was an S-rank, which also met the admission requirements.

Although the Void Academy was ranked last among the top ten Academies, it was still one of the top ten. Therefore, when Bai Qianlang received the acceptance letter, he was so excited that he didn’t sleep for the whole night.

Most of the students in the school had eye-related talents. Because there were few of them, the school didn’t have high requirements for talent levels.

Even so, not all students with A-rank perceptions could enter the academy. There was only a small chance.

As for students with S-rank insight like Xiang Bai Xiaosa, they had a greater advantage and a higher chance of entering the school.

After a while, an old man came to the Bai family.

The old man was dressed in a long robe, and his white beard fluttered in the air. He had a sage-like aura.

If one observed carefully, the old man’s eyes were also different from ordinary people’s. A faint red light appeared in his eye sockets, and his pupils were actually in the shape of a strange flower!

The old man was called Longbeard.

“Senior Longbeard, this junior pays his respects. This child is my good-for-nothing son. He is insensible, so I will hand him over to the academy today! Bai Qianlang’s tone was full of respect.

“It’s fine. We’ve both been through this since we were young. Besides, your son has this inner eye. His future achievements are bound to be limitless. You can relax! The long-bearded man stroked his beard and smiled.”

Upon hearing this, a smile appeared on Bai Qianlang’s face. Then, he stretched his hand into the room and said, “Senior, please come to my humble home for a chat!”

“No need. I still have things to do at the Academy. I’ll definitely do it next time!”

“Alright, I’ll send you off.”

Then, the long-bearded man looked at Bai Xiaosa, who was standing at the side and said kindly, Child, pack up. We should leave.”


The long-bearded man waved his hand at Bai Qianlang and waved the horsetail whisk in his hand. The two of them were wrapped up in the whisk, and they turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

All of a sudden, Bai Qianlang was the only one left.

Bai Qianlang kept looking at the sky. Even though Bai Xiaosa had already disappeared, he didn’t look away for a long time. Then, a smile appeared on his face.”Work hard, son. You must become strong!”

After saying that, Bai Qianlang waved his hand and turned around to walk into his room with a pot of wine in the other.

As the cup fell, Bai Qianlang also felt a little tipsy, and the emptiness on his face disappeared, replaced by sleepiness.

In the next few days, nothing major happened. No one found out that Li Wu and Li Cong were killed. Ling Feng also heaved a sigh of relief.

Even so, Ling Feng was still extremely cautious when he went out these days. He would disguise himself every time.

Su Ranran had also gone into seclusion. Thinking about it carefully, Ling Feng had not seen her for a long time.

Ling Feng no longer went to the wild to hunt alien races, because if he wanted to improve his combat power, he would need a huge amount of upgrade points.


It wasn’t worth it to waste so much time just to break through, so Ling Feng decided to learn more.

“As the saying goes, if you are a bootlicker, the goddess may not be yours, but if you study, the knowledge will definitely be yours!”

“It’s time to go to the school and do some research.”

Speaking of which, Ling Feng already had this idea when he was in the secret realm. However, he lacked the relevant knowledge and did not create a skill, so he could only give up.

Now that he had a deeper understanding of the skill he wanted to create, he decided to go to school.

As he walked towards the school, Ling Feng was thinking about the various factors of creating an elemental clone.

Before he knew it, he had already arrived at the school gate.

I understand now. In order to create an elemental clone, I must be able to freely transform my own energy into various elements. Therefore, I must first understand the essence of energy!

Coincidentally, he had also reached the front of the library and placed his identity card on the examination platform.

With a beep, Ling Feng also entered the library.

Looking at the various books on the shelves, Ling Feng’s goal was very clear. Any book that described energy would be in his hands.


The books were stacked so high that Ling Feng couldn’t even see the road clearly. Thus, he decided to go to the reading area to read these books.

Suddenly, the doctor knocked on someone. Ling Feng lost his balance, and the book in his hand fell. fortunately, he was quick to react and caught the book.

“Ahhhh! It hurts!”

A girl was squatting on the ground, holding her head.

Seeing this, Ling Feng looked at the girl worriedly and said with some guilt, “Are you alright?”

The girl squatted on the ground and glanced at Ling Feng. Then, she continued to hold her head and whimpered, “There’s something! There’s something!”

She stood up and put her hands on her waist. Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head. It was so painful that she immediately covered her head.

Seeing this, Ling Feng also smiled and said, “Then what should I do? should I give you a massage?”


After all, this was Ling Feng’s fault, so he wasn’t impatient at all. However, he didn’t want to say it because this girl’s body was too small.

Even if she stood up, her height only reached Ling Feng’s chin. No wonder she could hit her.

“Then what should we do? You can’t possibly ask for money, right?”

“What do you think I am? Am I that kind of person?” The girl seemed to have suddenly become angry.

Then, the scene changed rapidly.

“If you give me 3000 star coins, I can consider forgiving you.” The girl smiled.

“Are you a scammer? Don’t block my way.” Hearing this, Ling Feng decided not to continue the conversation and nudged her.

Who would have thought that before Ling Feng’s hand could even touch the girl, the girl had already fallen to the ground? Before Ling Feng could react, the girl continued, “Waaa! Why are you bullying me!”

The library was a quiet place. The commotion naturally attracted the attention of many people, and they all looked over.

When they saw such an adorable girl lying on the ground crying, everyone immediately began to blame Ling Feng.

“What’s wrong with you? She’s so cute, and you’re bullying her? ”

“Which class are you from? Report it!”

“Ah? He looks like Ling Feng!”

“Wait. It’s actually Ling Feng? “

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