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I Don’t Care About The Consequences

Since ancient times, dark and windy nights were the best times for murder and arson.

In Fantasy City, the lights were bright, and many people were walking around with lanterns.

It was pitch-black outside the Fantasy City. There was an unexpected danger hidden in the grass, and only the faint moonlight shone unreservedly on the wilderness.

Rocky Hill.

The dozen or so assassins prostrated there, but their faces were full of fatigue. They kept rubbing their eyes as if they were trying to lift their spirits.

Suddenly, there was a sound beside her.

“Asan?” The assassin looked to the side in confusion, even though there was no one beside him.

However, there was no answer to the assasin’s question in the pitch-black air.

Instantly, the assassin felt that something was not right. His heart tensed up, and his hands began to move quickly, but his expression was as if nothing had happened.

However, a bright knife was placed on his neck before he could pull out his weapon.

A hint of despair appeared in the assassin’s eyes. Even though he was prepared to die as an assassin, he was not willing to give up.

“Who are you?”

Unfortunately, the blade could not speak and could only kill.

A bloody line appeared on theassassin’s neck, and the ground was covered in blood. He fell to the ground and stopped breathing.

After that, there were ten sounds of blades cutting across necks. Blood was everywhere, and the blade reflected a blood-red light under the moonlight.

Out of the sixteen assassins, fifteen were dead or injured in an instant.

The only remaining assassin was at the 4th rank, so he managed to avoid this calamity.

However, his condition wasn’t very good either. He clutched the wound on his chest and looked at the person in front of him in shock. He asked unwillingly, “Who are you? why do you want to kill us?”

Number one stood there, motionless. The blood on the blade kept dripping onto the stone, making a dripping sound.

“I, Ling Feng, am the person who killed you.” Number one repeated Ling Feng’s words.

hearing this, the assassin of the fourth step asked in disbelief, “Impossible! What do you think? it’s Ling Feng!”

Number one didn’t respond to his frenzied emotions. He just stood there silently.

“This is impossible! You’re only at Tier 2. How could you have killed so many of us?! I understand. I understand, you must have broken through to Tier 3!”

At the end of his sentence, the assassin’s face was filled with shock. To be able to break through to Tier 3 at such a young age, though he actually only had an A-rank talent?

After the assassin finished speaking, number one slowly walked forward. The Tang sword in his hand glowed with a bloody light as if he was the god of death from hell.

The assassin’s face also turned serious. Since Ling Feng was able to kill the other 15 assassins, it meant that he definitely had the combat power comparable to a Tier 4.

He had to go all out in this battle, or else he would be drinking blood on the spot.

“Dark Stealth!” The assassin growled. Then, a pitch-black shadow suddenly appeared from the ground and climbed onto his body, wrapping him up.

At this moment, the assassin’s attributes were increased by several times.

However, the assassin was currently frantically searching for Ling Feng’s main body. He had a premonition that Ling Feng’s main body was definitely among these clones!

Unfortunately, he was wrong. Ling Feng’s original body was at least a hundred meters away from here.

“Heart fire!” Ling Feng ordered his clone.

The clone did not hesitate and a violent flame appeared in the dark, and a pitch-black shadow appeared beside number three.

Number three did not hesitate. He placed the Tang sword in his hand on the ground and instantly used his hands and feet to firmly lock the assassin in place.

The assassin was shocked and shouted, “Hurry up and let go of me, you mother of god!”

His elbow kept hitting number three’s body. The assassin would use all his strength to hit as long as it could hit, but number three didn’t care at all. He just held on to him with all his might.

At this moment, the rest of the clones seemed to feel the same. They glared at the assassin and sent out energy slashes.

The assassin looked at the dozen or so azure energy slashes that gradually formed a huge energy net. Even if he could break free, he would not be able to avoid this attack.


More than a dozen energy slashes landed on the assassin’s body. In an instant, he was covered in wounds. Even number three could barely feel him struggling.

However, Number 3 was still very dedicated to his work and locked the assassin down.

The assassin’s eyes had lost all life, as if he had gone mad.

“How could it be like this?”

He was clearly the assassin, but in the end, he was assassinated! This was simply a disgrace, a lifetime of disgrace!

And now, he was actually going to die in shame.

However, the clone didn’t understand the assassin’s thoughts. At the same time, it didn’t want to understand either. it brought number three with it and slashed down.

The assassin’s body split into two, and number three turned into specks of starlight.

If a clone died, it could be summoned again, but if an assassin died, it would be a real death.

Then, Ling Feng looked at the assassins who were lying around.

He didn’t kill all of them just now. He left one alive so that he could ask some questions after the battle.

Not long after, the clone carried an assassin over like a dead dog. His eyes were filled with fear, but he did not dare to speak.

He threw it in front of Ling Feng. Ling Feng stood there and said in a condescending tone, “Tell me who put up the bounty, and I’ll consider letting you live.”

“Don’t kill me, I beg you, don’t kill me. I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you everything I know! I only beg you to show mercy!” The assassin knelt on the ground, his head touching the ground as he begged for mercy.

Seeing this scene, Ling Feng’s eyes showed a trace of disgust, but he still didn’t make a move. Then, he slowly said, “It would be best if that’s the case,”


let me ask you, where did you guys get the mission? “The dark market!”

Ling Feng didn’t know much about the dark market. He only knew that it existed in the black market and only those who had successfully registered as an assassin could accept bounties there.

It was similar to the Awakened Guild in that they offered bounties and rewards. However, their rewards were much more generous.

The dark market was full of assassination missions that could not be exposed, so the rewards were more generous.

Bai Xiaosa had already told Ling Feng that he had a bounty on his head, so this question wasn’t his purpose. He just wanted to test if this assassin was honest.

Now, he seemed to be quite honest.

“How about this, I’ll give you a mission. If you can complete it, I’ll spare your life. How about it?” Ling Feng said indifferently.

“Alright, alright, alright. Go ahead, go ahead. I’ll definitely complete it!” The assassin seemed to have seen a ray of light as he endured the pain from his wound and said excitedly.

Ling Feng bent down and whispered a few words into his ear, then stood up.

The assassin didn’t say anything and took out his phone.

“Alright, I’ll send out the message now. I’ll definitely make the other party come out. Please believe me, don’t kill me!” The assassin only wanted to live.


After that, Ling Feng stood to the side and waited in boredom.

“How can I be sure that the dark market bounty is completed?

That was, after the employer received the reward, he would come to confirm the corpse. This way, the reward would be received truthfully. If the corpse was brought back to Fantasy City, it would be detected by the city gate.

Of course, it could also be that the assassin took a photo and sent it to the employer, but some employers didn’t trust it, so there was a precedent of the employer checking it personally.

The news was quickly received by the employer.

At the same time, when Li Wu and Li Cong saw the news, they were filled with joy.

“I’ve succeeded!”

“Let’s go. I have to go out of the city to see his corpse. I have to spit on it and step on it a few times to relieve the hatred in my heart!”

The two of them knew that the dark market had put a bounty on 16 assassins, one of which was a Tier 4. Hence, they did not believe that Ling Feng was still alive.

He was only a stage two, and his strongest combat strength was only at a normal stage three. Li Cong had a deep understanding of this.

The two of them did not hesitate and directly ran out of the city.

As the sky began to brighten, the two of them also arrived at Rocky Hill. However, they just happened to see the corpses lying on the ground and immediately had a bad feeling.

However, when he thought about how he would be able to ruthlessly trample on Ling Feng’s corpse in a moment, the bad premonition in his heart was thrown to the back of his mind.

The two of them looked at the corpse on the ground and saw a person sitting on the stone. Just as they were about to walk up and ask, they took a closer look and saw that it was Ling Feng!

“Hello, long time no see, you two!” Ling Feng looked at the two of them without any expression on his face.

you’re so silly. It’s impossible. How are you still alive?! The two of them were instantly shocked. How was he still alive?

That was sixteen assassins, and there was even a Tier 4 assassin following them. How did he do it?

Only then did the two of them realize that the ground was full of the corpses, and that he had actually killed all of them.

Even an S-rank Awakened could only fight a battle that was one level higher!

At this time, a very terrifying thought entered the minds of the two.

Could it be that he had broken through to the third rank?

If he had Tier 3 combat power and his fusion skill, it would not be a problem for him to fight against a Tier 4 opponent. However, when they thought of this, the two of them looked a little embarrassed.

Under such circumstances, he still called the two of them over. Could it be that he wanted to silence them?

“Ling Feng, I advise you to be kind. I have the Li family behind me. The Li family will not let you off if you dare to touch me!” Li Wu also reacted and arrogantly pointed at him.

“Ling Feng, we hold no deep grudges. If we talk about this matter, it’s indeed the two of us who are in the wrong. How about this, the two of us will apologize to you and compensate you with all our savings. What do you think?”

Li Cong’s tone was really gentle and even a little humble.

However, Ling Feng only smiled faintly.

“I don’t think so.”

“After all, you guys have provoked me. If this news were to spread, I would lose face too.”

Ling Feng unsheathed the Tang Dao on his back. The blade glowed under the moonlight.

All the clones swarmed forward.

It was impossible for a Tier 1 and a Tier 3 combatant to hold their ground against more than a dozen Tier 3 clones.

The two heads rolled together, but their bodies were on the other side.

Ling Feng looked at Tang Dao with a pained expression.

“Unfortunately, the knife is dirty.”

“Let’s burn them,” Ling Feng said to his clone, and then walked towards the direction of Fantasy City.

As for the assassin who survived, Ling Feng didn’t kill him. Instead, he cut off his four limbs and threw him in the cracks of the rocks. As for whether he lived or died, it was up to fate.

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