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You Have Doubling Technique? I Have One Heart One Body

“You still dare dodge?”

However, it was all in vain. Following that, a black light appeared on the teacher’s palm. It was obvious that he had used all his strength. Although Ling Feng didn’t know what it was, he was sure he used a skill!

No matter what, he was still a teacher. If he wanted to use his body to dodge this attack, it would be completely impossible. Thus, he did not dare to be careless.

Ten clones suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked the attack from the teacher on duty.

They could feel the anger in Ling Feng’s heart.

The rest of the people also confirmed their thoughts. Ling Feng was indeed an A-rank talent and not a B-rank talent. thinking up to this point, they all looked at Li Wu.

The suspicion in their eyes made Li Wu very uncomfortable. However, when he thought of his second uncle helping him, Li Wu no longer cared about those gazes.

“Anyway, I’ll be able to vent my anger soon. what do you think about me?

Everyone sighed in their hearts. They wanted to stand up for Ling Feng, but they were too weak. They could only stand aside and watch silently as the teacher bullied the student.

Whatever rules, whatever justice that had existed was now all out the window.

No.1 was followed by four clones, and they quickly ran behind the teacher. Number two, on the other hand, led the four doppelgangers to deal with him, but did not use all his strength.

Seeing this, the teacher also revealed a trace of ridicule in his eyes. ”

Good, a student who has just awakened dares to attack a teacher. If you are allowed to continue developing, how bad will you become?”

“Steel body!”

As he spoke, the teacher’s body turned pitch black. when the sun shone on it, it reflected the light of steel. when everyone saw this, they looked at Ling Feng with sympathy.

“This is teacher Li’s B-rank talent, Steel Body!”

Ling Feng is finished this time. Teacher Li’s combat strength had reached Tier 3!

“What a pity!”

The crowd sighed. Some even turned their heads away, as if they didn’t want to see what was going to happen next.

However, what happened next shocked everyone’s senses.

No.2 did not care about teacher Li’s steel body at all. Instead, he continued to attack. Then, he seized the opportunity and quickly unleashed five energy slashes.

It was aimed at teacher Li’s lower body.

How could teacher Li not care about his sexual happiness for the rest of her life? His hands quickly covered his gems. He couldn’t come back to his senses for a while and didn’t notice No.1 and the four clones appearing from behind.

The fan-shaped Heart Flame shot toward teacher Li’s back.

The flame attached itself to teacher Li’s clothes and couldn’t be extinguished. Because it had fused with the fire of the heart, a part of the flame seeped into the clothes and cast itself over the steel body, burning the teacher’s soul.

No matter how strong the defense of the steel body was, it could not stop the burning of the Heart Fire.

Teacher Li turned pale with fright. The thing he was most afraid of had happened. The fire in his heart burned his soul, making his mind confused.

Then, the intense pain jolted him back to his senses, and he immediately shouted.

“Argh! Ah!”

Teacher Li’s body turned red in an instant. After escaping from the range of the heart Flame, he finally recovered. His clothes were already in tatters.

However, he didn’t care. instead, he looked at Ling Feng with bloodshot eyes. then, his fists rapidly grew in size, and he hammered down on Ling Feng like a meteorite.

No.1 and the other four clones didn’t have time to dodge and were dissipated by the punch.

One had to know that all five of their clones had the strength of a beginner Tier-2.

However, just one punch was enough to shatter them. from this, one could see how powerful this punch was. it also showed that teacher Li was serious this time.

Ling Feng was a little shocked, but his body did not hesitate at all. Five clones appeared again, and number one led four of them into the battle.

Teacher Li’s eyes were bloodshot as he continued to use the same move that he had used to destroy the five clones. he swept, hammered, and hacked as if he had gone mad.

Some of the avatars were unable to dodge in time and could only be shattered.

And so, the ten clones disappeared again.

Teacher Li’s face also showed a trace of joy. these annoying flies were finally killed. This stinky brat made him suffer such a big loss in front of so many people. he must learn from this!

As a teacher on duty, he had used so many methods to deal with a third-year high school student who had just awakened. This was enough to make him lose face.

At the thought of this, teacher Li’s expression turned into anger again as she walked toward Ling Feng.

However, at this moment, teacher Li’s expression froze on her face, and her steps also stopped.

Because, ten identical Ling Fengs once again appeared in front of his eyes!

“How is Ling Feng’s combat strength so strong? could he be a Tier-2?”

“It can’t be. he doesn’t have an A-rank talent. he evolved from a B-rank. If he really had a Tier-2 combat power, then his cultivation speed would be even faster than an S-rank!”

“That’s not all. Teacher Li’s combat strength is at Tier-3, but Ling Feng can actually fight someone of a higher tier. He’s a true genius! Even if Ling Feng is the one in the wrong, he won’t be punished, right?”

“That’s right. moreover, Ling Feng didn’t do anything wrong. ”

“Then Li Wu is finished. Not only is Ling Feng’s talent higher than his, but his combat power is also higher than his. The only one who is biased towards him is teacher Li.”

The crowd chimed in one after another.

The anger on teacher Li’s face became more and more intense.

“Good boy, since you’ve provoked me again and again, I’ll fulfill your wish today. However, don’t kneel and beg me if something unexpected happens!”

After he finished speaking, teacher Li raised his arms and shouted, “Body doubling technique!”

Immediately, teacher Li’s steel-like body grew rapidly. In a short while, he became a giant more than ten meters tall, about ten times the size of his previous body.

Fortunately, the hall was a hundred meters tall, or it would have collapsed.


The giant’s body was huge, like a small mountain. Ling Feng, who was standing at his feet, suddenly felt short of breath.

Teacher Li raised his giant foot and stomped toward Ling Feng’s body. The power made him breathless.

“Not good. This is teacher Li’s ultimate skill!”

That’s right. Even a Tier 3 A-rank awakened might not be able to defeat teacher Li in this state!

“Ling Feng, run!”

“That’s right. He’s attacking your main body. he’s clearly trying to take your life!”

Everyone gasped in shock.

Ling Feng’s expression was also extremely serious, but he didn’t escape. At this point, if he escaped, it would only increase teacher Li’s fighting spirit.

“One body, one heart!” Ling Feng silently muttered.

The 10 clones instantly disappeared, turning into specks of light and gathering in the direction of Ling Feng’s main body.

The white light enveloped Ling Feng’s body, and no one could see what was happening inside. They could only look over nervously.


When the light dissipated, a huge figure appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Everyone’s mouths were wide open in shock. That figure was simply too divine.

This figure was sitting cross-legged on a stone throne, looking like a child. There were seven buns on his head, and the whip hung down to his left shoulder. His left eye was slightly closed, and there was a trace of anger on his face. Flames were constantly coming out of his back. He held a chain of hellfire in his left hand and an intellectual sword in his right.

The statue of Acalanātha!

“The intellectual sword can cut off three thousand of your troubles. Once you enter hell, you will be bound by the chains of Hellfire.”

As he spoke, he lifted the giant sword, and the chains continued to dance in the air.

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