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174 Desperado

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She was extremely shocked. Could it be that these people were unafraid of death? Who were they? They were not afraid of soul techniques at all, and they were not afraid of death. They were like fugitives.

Immediately after, there was a loud noise. Everyone landed safely. Ling Feng grabbed the empress, who was also unharmed. However, the other clones were all slightly injured.

“Light the flame,” Ling Feng ordered.

In an instant, balls of flames appeared on the hands of the clones. They were so many that they could illuminate the surroundings like daytime.

“You guys possess elemental powers, just like those ferocious beasts!”

Beasts had many incredible abilities, one of which was the power of the elements. The people here all had soul techniques but knew nothing about the elements.

They could affect the soul, but they could not change the substance. Their bodies were extremely fragile, and they could only live for a hundred years.

However, the beasts were different from them. The murderer’s body was exceptionally strong. Some could live for a thousand years, which made them extremely envious.

However, after seeing that a human could actually use elemental power, the empress felt a huge wave of emotions.

“Investigate,” Ling Feng ordered again.

The clones spread out in all directions and quickly checked the situation around them. This was a very large cave. It was surrounded by rocks, though the stone walls seemed to have been man-made. Moreover, there were many passages extending in all directions, and it was unknown where they led.

“Do you know where this is?” Ling Feng asked.

This place was very well hidden and was located under the palace. However, the empress’s expression showed that she was very surprised. Could the empress also not know about this place? This was very interesting.

“I’m not sure either.”

“I’m not sure. Do you know a little?”

“I’ve heard some rumors, but I don’t know how true they are.”

“What kind of rumors? Why don’t you tell me?”

“Rumor has it that a peerless demon king is suppressed under this mountain, and the Yun Nation exists to protect this secret.”

“This rumor is quite interesting.”

At this time, the clones returned to report the situation and found the correct passage.

“Let’s go.”

There were many passages, but only one could be passed. This one was man-made. If there was no light, it would be completely dark and invisible.

Not long after, their eyes lit up. A very large hole appeared in front of them. A stone tablet that was more than a hundred meters long was inside. The stone tablet was tied up with iron chains. It seemed that something was suppressed below.

“Soul Suppressing Stele!” Ling Feng and the empress exclaimed together.

This Soul Suppressing Stele was extremely huge, much larger than any he had seen before. This could also explain why the Yun Nation did not have a Soul Suppressing Stele but was not afraid of the ghouls and could live in perfect condition. It turned out that it wasn’t because of the lack of a Soul Suppressing Stele, but one that was really deeply hidden somewhere.

The power of this Soul Suppressing Stele was huge. It covered the entire country, so there were no ghoul incidents. Ling Feng’s previous guess was right, but then he fell into a state of depression.

This was because the Soul Suppressing Stele was unknown to him. His main body had not come over, so he could not comprehend the words on it now.

It would be too troublesome if the main body came over personally. At this time, the empress walked forward. Although Ling Feng was a little surprised, he did not stop her.

The empress walked before the Soul Suppressing Stele and took a jade pendant from her bosom. The moment the pendant appeared, it emitted a green light.

Suddenly, the pendant broke into two halves, but the light still condensed and did not dissipate. Not long after, the light rose into the sky and fused into the Soul Suppressing Stele.

In the next moment, something shocking happened. Many golden characters appeared on the Soul Suppressing Stele and floated in the air.

‘This is the handwriting that records soul techniques.”

Ling Feng took a look at the words and recognized them immediately.

However, he couldn’t understand them. It would be great if his clone could use the system to recognize them.

As soon as this thought appeared, the main body subconsciously said, Translate!”

‘Translating words requires 1 million evolution points, confirm?

After hearing the system’s voice, Ling Feng’s face lit up. These words were transmitted to the main body’s mind through his eyes as if the main body had seen them, so he could use the system to translate.

After understanding this, Ling Feng immediately confirmed.

‘Translation complete! Congratulations on obtaining the Divine Soul Token.’

In the next second, a lot of content appeared in Ling Feng’s mind. These words turned into an ocean of knowledge that entered Ling Feng’s mind.

The Divine Soul Token was a secret manual for cultivating the soul. There were ten levels to this secret manual. Cultivating to the last level would allow one’s soul to become a god. It contained ten soul techniques, each with ten levels. He could cultivate at any level.

These ten were divided into: Refinement, Slash, Change, Capture, Illusion, Return, Degree, Divide, Search, and Control.

The first method could be used to refine soul pearls to increase the power of the soul. The second type could gather power to attack the soul. The third method could change the form of the soul. The fourth type could intimidate the soul. The fifth method could make the soul feel easily.

The fifth method could allow the soul to return to the body, but it was limited to those who had just died or those in a vegetative state. The sixth method could be used to ferry souls. The seventh method allowed the power of the soul to attach itself to an object, giving it the power of the soul. The seventh method could search the memories of the soul. The eighth type could control the souls of living beings.

‘There are ten levels to each of these ten soul techniques, so what I’ve learned now is the first level.’

Ling Feng closed his eyes and realized that among these soul techniques, the Soul Splitting Technique was the most shocking and pleasant surprise. Because this technique could allow the soul to attach itself to another body, the clone could also have a soul.

But unfortunately, he only had the first layer now, so he could only give out a portion of his soul power. However, there would soon be a second level. The second level would have two portions, the third level would have four portions, and the tenth level would have more than 1020 portions.

At this moment, he was extremely excited. When he opened his eyes, he saw the empress in front of the Soul Suppressing Stele, staring at the words in a daze.

‘Tm very familiar with these words but can’t understand them.” The empress sounded a little disappointed.”

Hearing this, Ling Feng smiled. Because he had already obtained the Divine Soul Token, he was in a good mood. Then, he let his clones check the surroundings.

After the main body retracted his consciousness, he did not care about the other avatars. The first thing he did after obtaining the secret manual was to practice it. He wished that he could practice it to the highest level as soon as possible. Moreover, there were ten levels for each type. Of course, he wanted to save time. Therefore, he sat cross-legged and closed his eyes to start cultivating.

At this time, a lot of knowledge about soul power appeared. It circulated this knowledge and converted it into energy that gathered in its soul. It did not take long for it to obtain a lot of soul power and fuse it into its soul, strengthening it..

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