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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere
Chapter 114 - 114 The Fight for the Human Race

114 The Fight for the Human Race

Other than the observation tower, the tallest building in the entire school was the conference hall.

Though it was not a big building, it stood over 30 meters tall.

It was divided into two floors. The classroom was at the bottom, and the meeting room was on the second floor.

At this time, there were thousands of people in the meeting room.

This was the first batch of people from the major cities. Among them were many technical personnel from the technology department and the defense department.

The rest were some elite soldiers sent by the central city to protect these personnel.

Ling Feng had also arrived and was standing at the back of the conference room. A general was giving a speech on the stage, and he was listening attentively.

“I’ve been fighting since I joined the army. I’m uncultured and uneducated. I’ve been to the western and southern borders. I’ve also fought with the ferocious beasts of the Eastern Sea for more than ten years.

“I’ve been to all the territories and fought for the human race. I don’t care about blood or sweat. I believe everyone is the same!

“Today, the other world has invaded our human race again. We have to defend our homeland. In order to not be slaves and become their prisoners, we have to fight for the human race! Use your strength to defend!”

“What do you all think?”

His tone was impassioned, making everyone excited. They felt that he was right. They had to work together and fight against the enemy.

Someone immediately echoed, “The general is right! We must protect the human race! We can’t allow other worlds to invade us!”

“What should we do next?”

“Counterattack! Fight it!”

“Right! Fight them!”

Everyone was in a frenzy, knowing that they had to fight and let the other party know that they were not to be trifled with.

Everyone’s blood boiled.

Many people were in high spirits. Other than fighting back, they wanted to kill all the intruders.

Ling Feng was also excited.

The general agreed. Kill all the intruders!”

“Let them know how powerful we are. F*ck them up!” He cursed, looking friendly and down-to-earth.

With an order, everyone left the meeting room and headed towards the ultimate.

Ling Feng followed behind, but he was caught by eldest senior brother.

“Don’t listen to his lies. You stay here. Our academy is a transit point, the sinkhole’s second line of defense. You stay here and guard the academy with me.

There was a defensive formation in the academy, and it was rumored that it could even withstand a blow from a God-rank powerhouse. Although no one would believe it, it definitely had no problem defending against a tier 9 powerhouse.

“The academy’s formation was created by my master. As long as the crystal stones have enough energy, the formation will not disappear. Even a tier 9 powerhouse can’t break in with the formation, so the safest place is here!

Ling Feng felt warm.

But if he went, wouldn’t he be criticized for hiding here?

“Alright, I’ll stay,” he nodded after some thought.

Wang Buyu “I understand that you want to go to the front line, but it’s perilous there. The defense work is still in progress, but you can go after it’s done.

“Master said that the other world will attack in about three days, so don’t go out and run around. It’s safest to stay in the academy.”

“Alright, I got it,” Ling Feng said.

The eldest senior brother left as soon as he finished speaking. He was going to guard the academy.

But Ling Feng was bored to death.

He went to the library to pass the time and summoned his clone to read and study as usual.

On the screen, the editor and the team had already reached the foot of the mountain. Many people had started to move. The technology department was also setting up equipment, planning to carry out defensive equipment on the mountain.

The mountain wasn’t particularly tall, but it was at least a thousand meters.

The technicians analyzed the data and planned the scale of the mountain.

The audience in the live broadcast room couldn’t understand what they were doing. The editor was anxious and went up to ask someone.

“Dear viewers, I’ve just asked around,” he said.

“The technicians are measuring and modifying the mountain to familiarize themselves with the ley lines. They are preparing to transform it into a base to defend against the invasion of the other world.

“Some of you might not understand, but I’ll explain it clearly. It’s not easy to complete the transformation by pure technical means, so we’ll need the help of formation masters. Moreover, the transformation is only the initial work, and there’s still more to come.

“Quickly look! It has already started!”

Everyone also looked at the scene of the transformation.

A man in a Daoist robe had inserted many formation flags on the mountain, which were used to set up formation.

Many people didn’t know much about formations, so they didn’t understand this action. Suddenly, they saw the flags light up at the same time, forming a protective shield in the sky above the mountain.

“Tai Chi formation, set up!” The man was also chanting.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The illusions of four divine beasts appeared in the sky, guarding the four directions.

In the middle of the formation was a Tai Chi Bagua formation.

“Tai Ji formation, conceal!” He stretched out his hand and chanted an incantation, making the formation invisible.

As soon as he finished speaking, the formation disappeared as if nothing had happened. However, everyone could see that the formation was invisible. It would not appear again if they did not touch it.

As long as an invader appeared, the formation would activate its defense.


After that, a person moved a few boxes of energy stones and placed them in the formation’s center. The formation relied on these to operate.

Although he could absorb energy from the air, it was too slow. It might take an entire year, but he could only use it for an hour. It was not as convenient as using energy crystals directly.

This action shocked the audience.

Many of them had never seen such a shocking scene before. They couldn’t help but exclaim in shock, as if they had never seen the world.

“So powerful! The formation master was awesome! This operation shocked me!”

“By the way, don’t you think this formation master looks familiar?”

“What do you want to do after this? Now that the formation is ready, which step should we take next?”

“Don’t be in such a hurry, everyone. Take your time!”

The editor also comforted everyone. “Don’t worry. I think that after the formation is set up, the next step should be the fengshui master, followed by the engineers. They will work together until the internal formation is completed.

“The inner formation is the inner magic formation. Just wait and see!

Ling Feng was also very curious. He had already learned the basics of formations, but he only knew the basics. He had never seen a formation that could envelop an entire mountain. Even he was shocked.


After that, just like the editor said, the fengshui master came over with a compass and looked for the ley lines. Then, he used a technique that no one could understand.

After the fengshui master was ready, there was no change on the mountain. However, there seemed to be some changes. The mountain seemed greener and the air better.

“Anyway, the whole thing is beautiful.”

“Doesn’t the mountain look better? Or am I hallucinating?”

“Yes, that’s right. I think so too. So, are there any single girls in the live broadcast room? PM me!”

“Please, don’t talk nonsense. Let me explain. This is how a fengshui master does it. It’s like a micro-plastic surgery, the overall appearance doesn’t change, but the details change.”

“Everyone, look! The construction team is going over!”

The work style of the construction team was quite simple.

With the help of machines, equipment, and the awakened, the construction proceeded at a lightning pace.

The entire mountain was over a hundred kilometers long, and they finished it in a day.

It was the first time many people had seen something so spectacular. Everyone was dumbfounded and sighed at the ability of technology.

Now that everything was ready, it was time to set up the next defensive measures. All kinds of offensive weapons and heavy weapons were arranged in place.

Then, they had to wait for the enemy to come.

The next morning, just as the sky started to brighten, there was movement in the black vortex.

“Roar roar roar!”

The enemy was coming!

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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere Chapter 114 - 114 The Fight for the Human Race