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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere
Chapter 112 - 112 Freeloading in a Psychiatric Ward

112 Freeloading in a Psychiatric Ward


Hearing these two words, Ling Feng’s interest was instantly piqued.

Although there were no other rewards for upgrading to S+, only an increase in the number of ordinary clones, the next upgrade would allow him to obtain the ability to possess. Compared to a clone, possession was much easier and more convenient.

Possession didn’t need to be so strenuous, and he could just directly take over someone else’s body.


At first, he thought that there might be an extra quota for an incarnation this time.

However, the system had actually upgraded and turned into possession.

The moment he reached SS rank, he would gain the ability to possess, and he would be able to turn anyone’s body into his.

However, if he could go to the other world, he would be able to use the ability to possess to do anything more conveniently, including obtaining resources and information about the other world. He was already looking forward to it.

If this possession was successfully cultivated, what if he had the chance to become the master of a world?

At that time, he would have all the resources in the world and could use them at his will. The thought of it made him extremely excited.

If it were upgraded to SSS-rank, there would be no more forms of incarnations. By then, it would definitely be more advanced than possession.

Thinking of this, he looked forward to it even more. He also wanted to upgrade his clone’s talent as soon as possible.

He looked up at the sky. It was already dark. He was ready to go to the cafeteria to eat.

After dinner, he went to the library and summoned all his clones.

A white light flashed, and 200 clones appeared in the library.

“Go study,” Ling Feng commanded them. “To enjoy a better future, everyone must work hard.”

After cheering on his clones and seeing that everyone had gone to study, Ling Feng turned around and left the library, returning to the villa.

It was already dark. After taking a shower and surfing the internet for a while, he could go to sleep.

After washing up, he looked at the news on his watch.

He would watch this news every day.

This was because there would be new updates each day.

[On the 1st of this month, the Canglan human tribe was recaptured. Everyone is under surveillance. According to statistics, the Canglan’s garrison has already been recovered. It can house over one-third of the human population, but most areas are extremely cold and unsuitable for human habitation.]

[The Sword God was timely. However, that whirlpool should be some kind of channel similar to a spatial rift. That rift was a little too big, unfortunately, and the other world on the other side was probably not simple. Could it be that they are about to invade our Blue Planet? Furthermore, the other was an unknown world with gods. He did not expect another divine invasion to occur after 50 years.]

[Today’s news: Tens of thousands of ferocious beasts were killed overnight in the slaughterhouse in the south of the central city. What was the situation? According to the investigation, there was a part-time student from the Imperial Shadow Academy at the scene. At that time, a part-time employee had a dull expression and a pale face as if he had suffered some kind of blow. He has already been sent to the hospital. The slaughterhouse had also issued a statement, saying that they would bear all the medical expenses of this employee. After the employee recovers, he will be given 300000 yuan as compensation. The police have begun to investigate.]

Ling Feng closed the news page and felt a little strange.

“Could this be…” He muttered to himself.

Ling Yun was working part-time at the slaughterhouse. Could it have something to do with him? or maybe he knew something?

“I’ll call and ask.” Ling Feng then contacted Ling Yun.

After his talent was upgraded, the age limit of his mental power was more convenient and unobstructed. The signal bar was full within ten miles.

That was why he could just sit at home and gain points.

He closed his eyes and contacted Ling Yun.

Central City.

In the psychiatry department of a certain hospital.

In a certain ward, on a certain bed.

A young man with a pale face was eating crazily as if competing with food.

After eating for a long time, he was finally full. He put down his chopsticks and let out a breath.

“I’m smart. If I didn’t think of playing dumb to avoid this, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to hide it. But even if I didn’t play dumb, those people definitely wouldn’t have thought that I killed those beasts by myself.”

“You’re right. I didn’t kill them in the first place. Those puppets killed those fierce beasts. What does it have to do with me?

“Why don’t I take this opportunity to get a good night’s sleep and wait for the compensation to arrive tomorrow? Then I’ll go back to school. With so many berserk beasts, I should have a lot of upgrade points!

“Big brother must be very happy now and will definitely approve my leave tomorrow. I shouldn’t think too much and go to sleep!”

He smugly prepared to sleep.

But now, his actions were all seen by Ling Feng. After seeing this situation, Ling Feng felt helpless.

This Ling Yun was really…

After Ling Feng retracted his consciousness, he lay on the bed and smiled. He was indeed very happy.

Not long after, he also fell asleep.

At this time, the night was quiet, and everyone had fallen asleep.

However, the inner cabinet was bustling with activity.

Usually, there would only be a dozen cabinet meetings. Among them were the academy presidents, the elders, the generals, and the technical department. The cabinet formed by these 13 people represented the interests of 13 parties.

But now…

There were an additional of over ten parties.

The city lords of various places and some recluses, including the Sword God himself, were also present.

The old man and Sword God sat in the main seats.

“Sword God, please tell us what you’ve seen during the invasion of the other world,” the librarian said.


He had just finished speaking.

Everyone looked at Sword God. There was no smile on his face. He looked like he was paralyzed.

The old man was helpless.

After a long while, Sword God spoke. “My description is not good enough. Why don’t you all see it for yourself?”

He raised his hand, and a projection appeared on the wall.

Everyone looked at the projection. It was calm and harmonious, with a blue sky and white clouds. But all of a sudden, a huge black vortex appeared in the sky, and out came a huge claw. It was as if it was trying to tear the vortex apart and get out of it.

The claw was as big as half the sky. Even though it was in the vortex, it was still very terrifying.

Many people knew in their hearts that it should be a God.

Not long after.

The sword light flashed and hit the beast’s claw which subsequently retracted.

Everyone was silent after reading it, but they were shocked.


This Sword God was so powerful that they could not imagine.

Even if the other party only revealed one claw, Sword God was able to injure him and make him bleed with one strike. This strike probably injured even a God.

Sword God said, “I used up a lot of vital Qi. This strike looks ordinary, but I must rest for a few days. But in my opinion, he shouldn’t have been injured too badly, only bleeding. However, he must be a God, and those at tier 9 usually can’t withstand this attack.

“According to the rules of the past, the gods will invade our world soon after they appear. We should be ready.

“Even if they can’t enter, in that world, I’m afraid there are many tier 9 powerhouses.

“We just need to guard our own territory, but there are other exits in the void. We’ll have to trouble the other alien races!

“If we can defend it, then we will be safe. If we can’t, I’m afraid the enemy will swallow our territory, and we will become their slaves.

“So we have to fight. This battle is unavoidable. Don’t take any chances. We have to fight the enemy together.”

The old man nodded, thinking that it made sense.

“The Sword God is right. This battle is inevitable. I hope that everyone can unite to fight against our common enemy.”

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The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere Chapter 112 - 112 Freeloading in a Psychiatric Ward