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The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman
Volume 6, Prologue: Fragmentary Records of a Certain Legend

Volume 6, Prologue: Fragmentary Records of a Certain Legend

Once upon a time in a certain place, there was a small pig.

The pig thought he was ugly and feared joining everyone else. But a human girl held out her hand to that pig.

That girl, who was named Beatrice, parted ways with him, but they were reunited after a long time had passed.

That was the beginning of a great adventure. While separated from the girl, the pig learned how to live on his own. He used his strength to challenge many different obstacles with a tackle.

There were bad humans known as Elkiad who attacked the pig’s village.

There was a Succubus named Tselika who recalled her own wickedness in order to take the hair of a human who had died in Ground’s Nir and return it to Earth.

He got into fights at times, but he had managed to resolve it all nicely.

The pig’s circle of friends gradually grew, but then he ran into a large obstacle. That obstacle’s name was the Sage. She had worked with Elkiad to destroy the pig’s village. And more importantly, she looked an awful lot like Beatrice.

The Sage nearly defeated the pig and his friends with overwhelming Magic, but they somehow managed to drive her off by working together.

The Sage had worked with the pig’s race to fight back against a monster sleeping in the deepest depths of the Labyrinth. But the pig’s race was afflicted by a strange disease and they fell before completing that goal.

With the Sage, the Elder, and the others gone, no one remained to stop the monster.

That monster, Abyss, took the form of a girl. The entire island floating in the ocean existed to complete that girl. So once she was completed, the island would have no purpose and it would cease to function with no thought for the people living there.

Perhaps no one was in the wrong. Nevertheless, the pig and his friends challenged Abyss in order to protect everyone’s lives.

Abyss only wanted to see the real world. But if she went outside, that beautiful world would be destroyed. And if she could not see it regardless, the attempt was not worth it. Once the monster realized that, she chose to take her own life to protect everyone else.

Once it was all over, Abyss said that she had been created to fight a great enemy. The Underworld Lord had destroyed all of the humans who had lived on the land of Ground’s Nir, as opposed to Beatrice and the other humans from Earth. That was the enemy she had been created to defeat.

With Abyss defeated, no one remained to stop the Underworld Lord.

The Underworld, which resembled a large fish, landed at Ground’s Nir. An army of the dead rushed out. The Underworld Lord had consumed all life in that world, but he then attempted to spread his reach through the Gates and to Earth.

The pig, Beatrice, and the others put up a desperate resistance and actually boarded the Underworld itself.

They wanted to defeat the Underworld Lord before everyone on the island was wiped out and the invasion of Earth began, but their haste came back to bite them and those precious girls lost their lives.

The pig felt great sorrow. But the Sage arrived and told him it might be possible to bring back the lost lives using the power to create the next generation.

The pig decided it was not the time to cry. He wanted to revive Beatrice’s Party as well as the Elder and the rest of the villagers.

They successfully defeated the Underworld Lord, but he left them with a final riddle. They could only save one group. To revive one group of precious people, the other would have to be abandoned.

The pig and the Sage began to fight.

It seemed like an endless fight, but the ghosts of Beatrice and her Party found the correct answer. The requirement for a choice was a lie and there was in fact a way to save everyone.

Beatrice managed to end the fighting, but the Underworld Lord used that time to escape to where Beatrice’s Party’s bodies were stored. He attempted to acquire a new body, but Royal Elf Sibyl stood in his way.

She said, “Come forth, Vivian.”

The Underworld Lord had been using a mermaid girl’s body, but it began to move of its own accord and Vivian successfully took her fate into her own hands.

Thus, both Beatrice’s Party and the villagers were saved, but then a further problem occurred.

The pig’s species had acquired great strength in order to fight a great enemy, but their excessive fighting instincts meant they were on the verge of harming people indiscriminately.

They had wanted someone to stop them before they harmed people for no reason.

Yet the Sage had resurrected them in that state.

And the greatest threat now faces the world.

They were originally kindhearted, but they took a wrong turn on the path of evolution.

That threat goes by the name Iberian Orc.

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The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman Volume 6, Prologue: Fragmentary Records of a Certain Legend