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Volume 4, Ending

At that moment, Beatrice felt a shock run through her body.

The Underworld.

The phenomenon of death given physical form.

But it was not overwhelming terror that filled the back of her mind. Nor was it panic over this new commotion.

After all, she had a major objective: freeing her reliable friend’s heart from a depressing past event.

Until now, she had thought the answer lay at the end of the Magic tree diagram. But that approach may have been wrong. If she mastered Magic and conquered this Underworld, she and Boo Boo might be able to achieve their goal together.

Because if there was existence beyond death and there were techniques that used the souls of the dead…

“Boo Boo’s Shining Weapon…”

She spoke without thinking. 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝐚𝚍 𝘤𝘰𝒎

The girl’s beautiful lips proposed a certain theory to the world.

“Could they have a way to free the souls trapped there???”

She had traveled down a variety of paths to reach this new territory.

But as a level capper who had explored this other world’s Labyrinth for so long, she had to think of this in a different way.

It did not matter what frightening enemies awaited her and it did not matter that all of her knowledge may no longer apply.

She had to remind herself that a new world would hold new possibilities.

And as a result, scarlet Holy Swordswoman Beatrice smiled. It was a very small but undeniably fierce smile.

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