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The Undying Mecha Emperor
Chapter 310 Giving Birth??

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

I dodged the incoming black fireballs to the best of my ability and they zoomed past me with barely any space between us.

Even though there were only the barest of margins, I knew for certain each and every dodge I made would be enough.

My eyes traced the fireballs and my mind easily formulated a pathway through them all as my body moved with calm precision.

It was as though I was in a perfectly choreographed movie set!

However, even with all of my dodging awesomeness, I was still in a bad situation.

The damned black dragon was still producing those black fireballs, and they were getting bigger and faster by the second!

"This won't do. At this rate, I would get hit by them and I would instantly lose the fight! How many minutes had passed? One? Two? I can't lose yet!!"" I thought urgently to myself.

My mind raced as I searched for a solution to my predicament.

And at that moment, like the main character of a novel, Arabella gallantly came to the rescue.

Well, not came.

More like burped.

Or farted.

In anycase, a small wisp of red energy suddenly came out of the still dormant red mecha core.

It was a thick and dense wisp of energy, brimming with strange power.

There was no hesitation on my part.

I took that enhanced red energy, combined them with my lightning energy, and sent them out once more to smash into the bigger and faster black fireballs.

Crackle! Crackle!

Like an avatar of the Lightning God, white lightning tinged with slight red color erupted out of me in all directions!

"Wahahaha! An undying and never give up attitude! Excellent!" The Fugly Black Dragon roared out excitedly. "Keep fighting! I still have more where those came from!"

But alas for the Fugtard Black Dragon, those were his final cocky words for the day!

Imbued with Arabella's red energy who had the power of devour, control and very recently fire, my lightning energy could hardly be called lightning energy anymore.

Monstrous Lightning Blast would be a much more appropriate name!

And it was monstrous because…

As the lightning arcs shot through the black fireballs, the devour effect within them activated and absorbed the black fireballs cleanly into them!

When that happened, there was not a single soul who saw it who were not shocked out of their minds.

Me included.

"What the hell? My lightning can devour black fire??" I shouted in pleasant surprise.

"WHAAATTT?? Your lightning energy has the Legendary Attribute of the Gods??" Fugtard Black Dragon shouted in overwhelming greed.

"Huh? Justin your bloodline power has the Devour attribute??" Came Princess Louisa's surprised voice in my comms.

A general roar of surprise sounded as every single life form for miles around witnessed my shocking power.

However, it was not good news at all.

The carrot I was dangling before the donkey was too juicy, too delicious, and it caused the donkey to go absolutely bonkers mad.


"He has gone mad! Whatever plans you have to defend against him and his cronies, put them in action now!" I shouted at Princess Louisa.

There was no need to reply.

Both she and Prince Wilford knew that the final deciding battle was upon them.

Instantly, the area erupted into absolute chaos as the remnants of the alien army, the drones, the mechas from both the Fugtard and the final defensive line of Wilford Estate devolved into a chaotic, free for all battle!

Prince Wilford and his powerful Ice Dragon were strangely absent from the carnage.

"My brother is going to activate the Ancestral Mecha stationed here. He needs two more minutes!" Princess Louisa shouted.

"I see. I will buy that two minutes for him." I said to Princess Louisa.

Inwardly, I was like a little boy being told that someone was trying to access the biggest, most chocolaty, most awesome, most wonderful ice cream in the world.

"Ancestral Mecha?? THAT SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY EPIC!!" I thought with great excitement even as I eyed the mad fugtard unleashing a series of black fireballs which were all much bigger, much stronger and much more fearsome than before.

At the same time, a bunch of golden mechas had also positioned themselves around me and were holding some sort of strange device which I immediately assumed were capture tools to be used on me.

"HEY! What happened to one on one and Chivalrous Warrior?" I yelled out loud. "You're as evil as you're fugly aren't you, Black Lord of Hairy Cheektitties!"

"Say whatever you want of me. I don't care. Today, I will cut you open and drink every single drop of your blood! Screw the Process of Voluntary Enhancement! I don't believe that I won't be able to get your power by ripping it off of you!" The Black Lord of Hairy Cheektitties shouted as he drew a fugly spear out of nowhere and charged at me.

In that instant, his massive black fireballs exploded into motion and shot out towards me as well!

Additionally, all ten golden mechas around him also fired off their capture tools at me.

"If you're half awake or semi awake, and have power to spare, now is the time to give them to me." I said to Arabella quickly. "If not, we might just die together within the hour."

Those words did the trick.

"GAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Arabella woke up with a fearsome scream of absolute reluctance!!

But when she woke, damn she WOKE up.


Her powerful red energy exploded out of my body so quickly that one split second, the sky was blue, and the next split second, it was a deep, angry red.

Crack!! Crackk!!! Crackkk!!!!

Black fire.

Golden mechas.

? Fugly golden mecha.

Big fat donut mothership.

Alien biomechs.

Alien fighters.

All sorts of auxiliary enemy units, too unimportant to mention but still there in their thousands.

The defensive drones.

The defensive turrets, Anti Air System.

The defensive barriers.

Everything worthy of participating in the massive battle earlier just… went poof.

One moment they were chaotically fighting with each other, and the next moment…


They disappeared into particles.

And then the hellish screams of panic began as pilots fell from their mechas.

Mostly the enemy, though, since they were the ones attacking from the air. The defensive pilots were all hunkered down in the castle behind their domed barriers.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! The beast is upon us!! The beast is upon usssssss!!" Shrieked one of them loudly.

"What's going on hereeee!!! Heeeelllpppppppppppp!!"


Whatever they screamed out, it was their last words.

Splat. Splat. Boom. Boom. Boom.

Sounds of their bodies impacting the ground rang out a few seconds later.

And then…


There were no cheers of victory.

There were no cries of triumph.

Only a deep, ringing silence filled the air.

For many of them fighting for their lives and their survival, it was blessed, blessed silence.

But for the rest of us with higher stakes involved in the entire grand scheme of things, it was a stunned silence.

"Arabella?? What the hell??" I shouted at her. "I mean, damn man that was good… but what the hell? When did you become so powerful??"

However, Arabella did not reply.

After exerting all of her might to force herself awake to unleash pure devastation without even bothering to differentiate between friend or foe, she had fallen once more into a dormant state.

She did not even bother to absorb any of the particles of the machines that she had so indiscriminately dissolved!

And this time, I had the very distinct feeling that she wouldn't be waking up anytime soon even if I were to fall into another life threatening emergency.

But at that moment, I noticed something within me that made me completely forget about Arabella's fall into a dormant state.

I even tuned out the chaos that was returning to the lands as hordes of mechas and other vehicles from outside the range of Arabella's outburst began to stream into the area.

Right next to where the red mecha core was peacefully slumbering in deep sleep, there was another much smaller, but undeniably and undoubtedly… mecha core.

Or as Princess Augustine called it… Energy core.

It was also red in color, but one which was much lighter and brighter in shade, and it pulsed very lightly as though it was a tiny fingernail sized heart beating.

"Another energy core?" I looked at it in absolute ecstacy and shock.

Gently, I nudged it with my body's bloodline energy.


It devoured the bloodline energy greedily.

My jaw dropped even further than it already had.

"It has… devour too? What the hell? What the hell???? Did Arabella give birth to a baby energy core??" I shouted in my mind.

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The Undying Mecha Emperor Chapter 310 Giving Birth??