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The Undying Mecha Emperor

But smart or not, he remained a person who had no direct knowledge of the real situation.

Which told me one thing.

The top echelon of the Federation did not trust their generals. It was a strange discovery for me, and one which I bookmarked for future reference.

However, that wasn't the moment to dwell on heavy conspiracies and future war.

With the Lins giving up, the number of participants had dropped below the required thirty, to hit thirteen.

The highly exciting Grand Melee, arguably the MOST exciting one ever by merit of the sheer number of Elites, Royals and even Divines, had ended!

"Aaaaaand ladieeessss and gentlemen!!! There you have it! The end of the Graaaaand Meleee!!!" Elder Galtro shouted with undisguised glee permeating his magnified voice which thundered throughout the arena.

The crowd roared their approval and delivered a deafening round of applause for a few long minutes.

The practice mechas all powered down and their cockpit hatches shot open as all four thousand kids streamed out of their mechas to soak up the appreciation the crowd had for them.

For many, it was a deeply awe-inspiring moment. Being cheered on by thousands upon thousands of supporters was not just glorious, but also seemed to make all their previous efforts and sacrifices to reach that point worthwhile.

Many of the kids were so touched that they cried. Many, not all.


Of course I… cried my heart out!

I had never felt so wonderful in my entire life. It was a soul-stirring and awesome moment for me.

Still, I remained within my mecha so that nobody could see my tears. But apparently someone did see, and even used a hyper powerful camera to posterize it.

Who? Who else?

The entire Whitefrost Main Building was constantly plastered with huge posters of my duck-billed sobbing face for the next few holiday seasons.

Damn you, James.

Elder Galtro allowed the crowd to express their excitement and let the applause go on. He was an expert at reading and playing the crowd, and the sheer energy that the crowd was giving out was incredible!

"What an amazing battle! What a great exhibition of youthful courage! Creativity! Passion! And skill!" Elder Galtro roared as the crowd continued their impassioned applause and stomps.

After a few minutes, the outroar finally receded slightly, and Elder Galtro expertly continued.

"The Wang family had surprisingly beaten all odds and retained TWELVE mechas at the end of the event!! According to the rules of the Grand Melee, the Wang family is hereby crowned the Contingent Champion!! Congratulations!! Would the Wang Family head please make your way forward to accept your reward and to say a few words to address the participants and the crowd!"

The crowd erupted into applause once more, but it was notably more subdued and more systematic in nature. There was none of the inflamed zeal of before, but there were also very few who did not clap.

The Wangs were, after all, a patriotic and a very powerful family. Though the way they achieved victory in the Grand Melee was definitely no cause for celebration, they still deserved to be honored.

A gleaming and extremely joyful looking old man appeared on the massive screens that displayed the award ceremony immediately taking place live.

His pure white hair was combed neatly all the way back and his formal attire with a pin on his collar indicated his profession as a politician.

He was Jasper Wang, Senior Minister of the Chinese Federation, one of twelve esteemed old men and women who advised the President on critical matters, mostly foreign policy.

In short, as I would learn in the following months, one of the puppet masters of the Federation.

"Hahahaha!" His joyful laughter boomed out of the massive speakers. "I am a very, very happy old man! For too long, the dam- ah, I mean, the glorious (smirk smirk) Long family had dominated the Grand Melees! How many times has it been? Three? Four? It was an impressive streak, but TOO BAD IT IS OVER!! HAHAHA!

My Wang Family Twin Phoenixes have just shown all of you, that the combination of the PEN and the SWORD is not an impossible feat! Diplomat Warriors are the way to go!!

The Contingent Champion this year is well deserved! Well deserved!! Well done my dearest Elise and Eliana!! Well done! Hahahahaha! Hahahahahahahaha!!!"

Still laughing loudly, Jasper Wang grabbed the massive Contingent Champion Trophy with one hand and walked off the stage very triumphantly.

Of course he did not forget to smirk at the Long family head as he passed her by.

"What a passionate and errr… wonderful speech by Senior Minister Jasper Wang! Please give him another round of applause!!" Elder Galtro shouted.

The crowd obliged.

"Annnnddd now! The moment you've been waiting for!! Who will wear the Crown of this year's Grand Melee? Who will enter the year as the undisputed Champion of this year's first graders??

I will invite our Principal, the esteemed and honorable Professor Bruce Pang to make the announcement!! Please welcome him with a round of applause!" Elder Galtry shouted excitedly as he too clapped his hands loudly.

The crowd rose to their feet almost at the same time and roared their approval as they clapped and stomped their feet to welcome my big bro to the stage.

At that time, I had no idea that he was so well known and popular!

His familiar, grinning face soon appeared on the giant screen.

And like Jasper Wang before, he began his speech with a bellyful of laughter.

"Hahahahahahaha!! What an exciting Grand Melee!! This is the best one we've had in the entire history of our National Mecha Pilot Academy, don't you all agree??" Bruce Pang shouted.

"YES!!" The crowd agreed with a resounding roar.

"Ahahahaha!! This year is doubly exciting and doubly special for me!! Do you know why? Because! The Champion this year, the one who will wear this glorious Crown made of solid gold!" Bruce Pang raised the shiny golden crown up high for effect.

"Is. My. Brother! Justin of the Whitefrost Clan!!! Congratulations, Justin!!!!" Bruce Pang roared.

But instead of a thunderous roar of approval, all he got was a loud collective gasp of shock, and a low murmur of disbelief from the crowd.

And a shrill…


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The Undying Mecha Emperor Chapter 117 BRUCE FREAKING PANG!