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The Undying Mecha Emperor
Chapter 116 Hidden Mecha Technology

Alas, Sheera Lin was a much more mature commander than I had given her credit for.

As soon as I made my intention to fight them clear, she gave up.

All twenty one Lin Family mechas powered down in an incredibly anti climactic ending to the Grand Melee!

"Boo…" Several undiscerning members of the crowd booed at Sheera Lin and her Lin family members.

"Just as I was about to have an exceedingly good impression of the Lins, they had to give up. What a waste!"

"Of course she gave up! Why bother fighting with that overpowered freak? It would be a complete waste of time!"

"It may be a waste of time, but she should still do it! Never give up! Never surrender! That's the spirit!"

"Ha! Easy for you to say! You're a thirty year old soldier with countless training and experience. But they are just kids! Ten years old!"

"Ah yes yes. I should cut them some slack. They were performing so superbly that for a moment, I forgot they were only ten! What an amazing fight!"

"The Lins are definitely on the rise now!"

Although the crowd was slightly disappointed by Sheera Lin's decision to surrender, every single high leveled member of society, especially Generals and other high ranking military officers, probably started to drool over Sheera Lin.

Never give up, never surrender are traits that soldiers must have.

But it would be catastrophic if a General or a Commanding Officer had that trait to the exclusion of everything else.

As I had mentioned before, one of the signs of a great General is knowing when to retreat! Although surrendering to the enemy is looked down upon, that was not what Sheera Lin was doing.

She gave up the fight to preserve the mental health of her soldiers which would definitely have taken a painful drubbing if she allowed them to get massacred by me.

In essence, she was saving her soldiers to fight another day.

That decision of hers definitely got her name into the short list of must-have officer candidates that the top military scouts of the country had on hand.

But despite that, some commanders didn't want to wait for her to go through the selection process.

The enhancements of the white mecha were truly no joke. Even at such an incredible distance, I was able to clearly make out the conversations that the Military VIP section of the crowd were having!

I had directed my senses towards the various VIP sections the moment Sheera Lin gave up to snoop on the general response the higher ups had towards the Grand Melee.

I wasn't surprised to discover that the scramble for Sheera Lin had already begun.

"The Mecha Air Force plays a critical role in every single battle." The General of the Air Force, General Anthony Chang began.

But the other Generals instantly caught on to General Anthony's nefarious schemes, and blocked him before he could even finish his first sentence!

"Not as critical as the biggest guns of the Armed Forces, the Navy." The Admiral of the Navy, Admiral Terry Wei instantly rebutted.

"The Army wants Sheera Lin." General Peter Long of the Mecha Army said directly. "She will be crucial in our defense against the European Empire."

General Peter Long had immediately used his strongest card in the opening move.

Defence against the European Empire! After Russel Whitefrost's ruthless execution of the European Empire's High Ambassador, tensions with the Empire had reached unprecedented heights.

War could breakout at any moment, and against such a powerful enemy, it would probably be a very, very long war.

And as such, the Army, which would bear the brunt of the European offensive, would definitely gain first picks over the most talented youths to start training them young and prepare them for their future battles.

The other two Generals instantly scowled at General Peter Long for his shamelessness.

"At least give us the opportunity to present our arguments! Why so aggressive?" General Anthony Chang grumbled.

"Yeah, Peter you old coot. Chill a little bit will you? You've become so morose after Russel killed old Willy." Admiral Terry sighed.

"Do not mention that old fool in my presence." General Peter Long glowered at them. "Countless grandparents and parents had to live under constant fear that they would lose their children and grandchildren to the flames of meaningless war with the Empire due to his selfish actions!"

"Hmmm? Did you not get the memo from Secretary Wang? The Federation fully supports his actions. The army would be sent to do the job even if Russel did not make a move. In fact, I think you owe Russel a favor for doing your job for you!" General Anthony Chang said fearlessly and with no small amount of teasing intent.

The three old men were longtime friendly rivals, and had no qualms whatsoever pushing the others' angry buttons. And in General Anthony Chang's case, smashing General Peter Long's button with absolute glee.

"Hmph. Secretary Wang holds too much esteem for that Whitefrost undead. She is not objective and is not qualified to be the Grand Secretary!" General Peter Long scoffed loudly.

"Oh? Why do you say that?" Admiral Terry Wei asked pleasantly, happy to hear an august member of the Long family talk some crap about an equally powerful member of the Wang family.

"It's just his little granddaughter. If she's killed by the European Empire, so what? Just condemn the Empire diplomatically and do a smear campaign in the international press! Why kill their High Ambassador?" General Peter Long said rather unkindly.

"Would you say the same thing if it was your Victor or your Hailey?" General Anthony Chang asked before realizing his mistake.

"Of course you would. You're the Heartless Demon after all." General Anthony said with a bitter smile as he answered his own question.

"I think you're underestimating Secretary Wang. I am sensing a delicious secret somewhere that they are not telling us. A deep, deep secret. Like a hidden mecha technology or something." Admiral Terry Wei guessed.

I remember choking on my saliva slightly when I heard his words.

That damn Terry Wei. He's extremely smart!

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The Undying Mecha Emperor Chapter 116 Hidden Mecha Technology