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The Undying Mecha Emperor
Chapter 115 Go Back To Your Momma’s...

Having gained a small but important height advantage over the Wangs, the Lin mechas were able to regain their initiative and dove on the Wangs before they could even reach a respectable height in the sky.




Three Lin family light mechas sacrificed themselves and purposely crashed into the Wangs!

They fell back to the ground as quickly as they had risen, and powered down instantly.

The remaining four Wang mechas were able to swerve away in time to avoid the other Lin mechas.

They fired their thrusters at full throttle and immediately swung to the North to regroup. Their hammer had lost much of their striking power, and had to retreat!

However, Sheera Lin was not one to let her prey escape so easily. The North Wing fired their thrusters at full throttle as well and gave chase!

A swirling high speed and relatively high altitude battle started then as the airborne mechas proceeded to take the battle away to the north.

The Lin formation had lost a wing while the Wang formation had lost their hammer.

It was more or less equal.

Elise Wang continued to press the attack. Her twenty mechas were stronger compared to Sheera Lin's ten heavy mechas in the center and ten medium/light mechas in the south…

Which was probably the moment Elise Wang realized her mistake.

I could already imagine her reaction.

"Huh? Wait a minute. Where is her South Wing??" Elise Wang turned to the south to check on the situation there. To her horror, the South Wing was nowhere to be seen!


Ten medium and light mechas suddenly ignited their thrusters from behind the ten heavy mechas and shot towards the north where the battle was starting to rage!

At the same time, Sheera Lin's ten heavy mechas surged forward as well, slanting slightly towards the north to block Elise Wang from sending troops to rescue her sister!

The previously four versus six would soon become four versus sixteen.

Eliana Wang was as good as dead.

Sheera Lin's heavy mechas were the key to the entire operation. They would have to stay alive so that they could become the bulwark of the Lin's eventual attack on Elise Wang and her twenty mechas.

It would be a disaster of epic proportions if the Lins took out Eliana and her seven medium mechas but lost ten of their own heavy mechas to Elise!

But Sheera Lin wouldn't be Sheera Lin if she didn't have a plan to assure the safety of her heavy mechas.

Like me, Sheera Lin had no qualms using the "corpses" of the dead to her advantage. Even as her ten heavy mechas moved to the north to block Elise Wang from sending reinforcements to her sister, they collected the downed mechas and turned their activated armor into powerful shields!

That way, they could block the enemy's long distance and short distance attacks using those mechas.

It was vicious, and one that completely showcased her mastery over the battlefield.

At merely ten years old, Sheera Lin had already learnt the art of using anything and everything the environment had to offer to her advantage!

There was no suspense to that segment of the battle.

Within a minute of intense fighting, Eliana Wang fell in a blaze of glory, her four medium mechas able to take out three medium mechas and one light mecha before they died. All things considered, it was a remarkable achievement. Against such odds, most kids would probably just die without being able to take out a single enemy.

Sheera Lin's airborne wings quickly returned and rained down volleys of rifle beams on the Wangs from the air.

One medium mecha fell after the other, and within a few minutes, all of Elise Wang's medium mechas were no more.

Only twelve heavy mechas remained, and arrayed against them were twenty one mixed mechas from the Lin family.

Sheera Lin had spectacularly showcased her skill in that battle, and victory was almost within her grasp.

Through her, the Lin Family had shown the rest of the country once more that they were not merely mecha producers. They were also brilliant military strategists!

However, the Wangs were no less famous than the Lins. In fact, it could even be said that they were MORE famous! What were they famous for?

Diplomacy, of course!

The Wangs were experts in dealing with people and making friends. Secretary Wang, who was third in power in the whole country, was but one of a long line of powerful Wang politicians and influencers in the country!

And in that Grand Melee, there was yet one powerful friend to be made.


"Hey! Bro. Help me out here. My sister and I will join your faction if you can help me defeat the Lins." Elise Wang did not mince words, and immediately sent a sledgehammer to our negotiating table.

She had directly offered her sister and herself to me!

Okay that came out wrong.

But you know what I mean.

It was a negotiating strategy they called "Short Circuiting The Enemy with Treasure."

Yes, Elise Wang told me about that wonderful technique later on. It was applicable only in high pressure emergencies where the enemy, me in that case, only had a short amount of time to make a decision.

And the thought of having the Wangs as my underlings when I finally started school properly certainly stirred my heart.

Of course I knew the Whitefrosts would probably back me up. But the clan had its own politics, and I did not think that they would all help me if the need arose.

Not that I anticipate requiring their help.

But still, there was no harm having outside supporters, especially one as powerful as the Wang twins.

What could a wolf do when such a juicy slab of meat was dangled in front of him?

Of course I charged forward towards the Lins!

"BAHAHAHA! Lin family kids! Go back to your momma's titties!" I remember shouting very enthusiastically.

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The Undying Mecha Emperor Chapter 115 Go Back To Your Momma’s...