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The Undying Mecha Emperor
Chapter 102 Hypocrite!

The Waterfall strategy was simple. Keep a strong enemy grounded and rain attacks on it like a waterfall relentlessly smashing down.

I have to say, their vicious attacks tickled.

A couple of mechas had piled on top of the girl's heavy mecha in a very strange but effective formation that made me unable to move but at the same time, still left many critical areas open for their allies to land their hits.

And that way, they completely grounded me.

Powerful sword slashes and beams of rifle attacks crashed onto my mecha body without pause for a few long seconds.

"Very, very well trained and very, very heartless kids." I quickly came to a conclusion as I weathered their blows silently.

By that time, they must be attacking on semi auto-pilot as they dealt with their shocks of not being able to damage me even a single bit.

"What the heck? What's with this heavy mecha? Why is it so powerful?"

"Did the organizers mistakenly put in a battle grade mecha? Damn it! It should have been ours"

"What's wrong? Is my mecha broken? Why am I not dealing any damage?"

I can already imagine their confused thoughts.

"These bastards. If I wasn't as overpowered as I am, my mecha would definitely suffer beyond heavy damage. In fact, I might even die if they hit a critical component! But maybe they wouldn't be this vicious if they didn't know my power." I cursed them slightly but then relented slightly to cut them some slack.

"Enough." I finally decided to end the charade.


Slowly but inexorably, I began to push back on the heavy mechas that were piled on top of me and got into a sitting position.

With a powerful surge of energy, I flung both my arms out and caused all three mechas to crash in three different directions!

Beams of rife attacks continued to rain down on me as I slowly stood up like an unvanquishable God of all Mechas.

Or rather, like an Invincible Mecha Emperor.

I gripped my spear lightly and began my "slaughter".

With my ridiculously high RPL, I was able to control the practice mecha like controlling my own body.

I immediately exploded forward toward the nearest cluster of medium mechas and quickly "destroyed" them!

Boom. Crash! Crash! Crash!

"Ahhh! Demon! Mecha demon!" Finally, one from among them panicked.

And when one panicked, it opened the floodgates of fear that every single one of them had been fighting really hard to suppress.


An unstoppable wave of fear and desolation finally gripped the group of kids.

They say the higher you fly, the harder you fall.

I guess the saying was true for the mecha pilots as well.

These kids were so disciplined and so prideful of their strength that when they finally met with a strange power that rendered them completely ineffective, they immediately thought that they had met with a ridiculous anomaly that could very well mean the end of their lives.

"Screw training!" I could already imagine one of them thinking. "Anything that could survive our Waterfall strategy isn't normal! If we stay, we might end up becoming his victims! Run!"

A truly well trained army would not think that way. But let us not forget that these are little ten year old kids. Being able to execute Waterfall Strategy so flawlessly was already an incredible achievement.

It wasn't fair to expect that their maturity level and their mental strength to be high enough to deal with such a crushing sense of helplessness that they were feeling at that moment.

Boom. Crash!

Boom. Crash!

I continued to take down the mechas within my range with a single hit while the rest of their team started to disperse.

"Disperse! Assemble at meeting point two!" The leader had no choice but to command. Any other instruction would definitely go unheeded. Once morale was broken, it would take a far more powerful warrior and act of heroism to bring their courage back.

Hmm? Yes, something along the lines of Sherry Lin's ridiculous exploits such as the Sack of Berlin where she escaped death by a hair.

And that little boy definitely did not have what it takes to do that.

And as such, it was the right decision. Whatever semblence of obedience that remained in the kids compelled them to obey the direct order to retreat and regroup, and they were saved from being completely defeated by me.

All, except the girl, of course.

After the team had dispersed into the chaotic mess that was the Grand Melee, I was left staring at the girl's heavy mecha. Even the leader had left decisively.

"Still here? Could it be that you've given up already?" I said with a mocking laugh as I took one threatening step towards her.

She raised her greatsword and pointed it at me. "I never give up. Especially not against cheaters like you. I challenge you to a fair duel! Undo whatever enchantment or unfair advantage you've given yourself, and fight me!"

I laughed at her naivety.

"I can undo my "unfair advantage" on my mecha. But can you do the same? Don't be a hypocrite and force me to do things that you can't do as well!" I scoffed at her.

"I have no unfair advantage." She said coldly as she took one step towards me.

"Yes you do. You have ten years of training and body upgrades. You have been fed with countless expensive pills, serums and other enhancing food which I didn't have. What are those if not "unfair advantage"? All you damned highborns do is to bully us lowborns, and then find excuses to pull us down so that you can beat us up in situations that are to your advantage!

Hyprocite! If you want a fair fight, then fight me now with all that you have! All is fair in love and war! You should know that, highborn." I sneered at her.

I expected her to curse at me and continue spouting nonsense about fairness.

I truly didn't expect her to charge at me with her greatsword raised up high in a massive overhead swing!

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The Undying Mecha Emperor Chapter 102 Hypocrite!