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The Undying Mecha Emperor
Chapter 100 Golden Bear Squad

I searched the area and finally found one heavy mecha with a five meter long lance. It was perfect for me!

As before, I clambered onto the mecha and rapped on the cockpit.

"Get out and give me the mecha." I said impatiently. "If you do that, I won't take your token. But if not, I'll crush it!"

There was a moment's silence before…


The cockpit door opened and almost smashed into me!

"Holy smokes. This pilot sure is violent." I thought, completely oblivious that I was a kettle calling a pot black.

A beautiful girl stared out at me calmly from within the cockpit.

She unbuckled her seat belts and leapt out of her seat like a spring.

I blinked lightly and immediately recognized her as someone with an extremely powerful enhanced body.

"Hooo. So there are even body enhancers here in the Chinese Federation. I thought only the Russians do that." I smiled at her. "Thanks for the mecha! I appreciate your wise choice in-"


The beautiful girl launched a powerful kick at me without even saying a single word! Heck, there wasn't even a single trace of emotion that flitted through her eyes before she attacked. She was like an emotionless robot!

"WHOA!" I shouted in surprise as I parried her kick with my prosthetic arm.


My arm quivered lightly at the force of her kick. My eyes widened in shock. If I hadn't reinforced my arm with some white mecha armor, I would have definitely have a crushed right arm right there and then!

However, the shock that finally crossed her eyes was greater than mine. She totally didn't expect that there could be anyone who could resist her attack so easily and without receiving any damage!

"So you're human after all." I said as I launched into my own series of punches at her.

We didn't know it at that time, but the entire school, and in fact probably the entire country had their eyes on us. Almost everybody had gotten into their mechas, and in the remaining five or so minutes, there was nothing really interesting to watch… Until our fight atop the fateful Heavy Lancer.

"I am human." She said in a silky smooth voice that was as beautiful as her face. "The question is, are you?"

She dodged my attacks acrobatically, and displayed a control over her body that was absolutely stunning to see. Her balance and her timing were perfect, and for all my incredible strength and speed, I couldn't touch her at all.

The difference between us was as clear as day to anyone in the know.

She was a trained fighter, and I… I was a clumsy buffalo. Well, maybe not buffalo. Godzilla would be more appropriate.

I was a clumsy Godzilla compared to her Ballerina.

Even atop the Heavy Lancer's neck area with the cockpit wide open, she was able to dodge my vicious attacks easily. And not just easily. She did it with absolute grace and calmness.

It was like she was doing the dishes or something.

"What a monster." I thought. "Did I just pick the wrong target? But I must have this mecha at all costs!"


A powerful kick came flying towards my head.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. I took her attack without dodging and then grabbed her leg with my right hand.


She frowned lightly and then leapt forward with her remaining leg! She bent the leg that my hand had caught to allow her other leg to reach me.

To reach my groin, to be very specific. She was staking everything on this final attack!

Too bad for her, she truly was going up against a Godzilla.

I may be without much fighting skills, and I will find it difficult to defeat a trained fighter such as her. But I was also an absolute iron plate for them. My specialty was taking hits!

I shifted my body slightly and her kick hit my thigh instead.

With both her legs off the ground, she was totally at my mercy. And I had no mercy whatsoever.

I immediately spun atop the mecha and flung her off!

No, I wasn't trying to kill her. I knew exactly how strong she was, and falling off a mere blue mecha wouldn't damage her body a single bit.

But I forgot that everybody else didn't know that I knew and what I knew.

All they saw was a little boy throwing a little girl off a ten meter tall mecha!

I totally understand the uproar that followed, I would be pissed if I were them too. But as I had said before, I don't care. I did what I had to do, and I had no intention to kill her. If they don't like it, they can go… Eat expired candy.

She flipped gracefully in the air and landed perfectly on her feet, as I had known she would.

"Thanks for the mecha!" I called out from the cockpit door.

She merely stared at me for a moment as if memorizing my face, and then turned to the nearest heavy mecha and pointed at it.

Immediately, the cockpit door opened and the pilot of the heavy mecha exited.

She got onto it and quickly made her way up to the mecha.

"He's mine." She announced loudly to seemingly nobody.

At that moment, twenty other mechas all around us opened their cockpit doors and their pilots leapt up to stand on the neck area of their mechas.

My jaw dropped slightly in surprise. They were all physically enhanced!

"Of all the mechas I could have robbed, I had to rob one that's right smack in the middle of a group?! What luck." I thought incredulously.

"No." A tall boy said seriously. "This isn't a game. All of you Golden Bear Squad members listen up. Take him down together as soon as the Grand Melee begins."

"YES SIR!" The other boys and girls shouted in unison.

I merely blinked and sighed deeply.

The day was turning out to be a day full of surprises for me!

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The Undying Mecha Emperor Chapter 100 Golden Bear Squad