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The Surgeon's Studio
Chapter 2956 One of us

Chapter 2956 One of us

“Zhao, how old is your child?” Liu xuzhi asked.

“Two years old,” Dr. Zhao was a little worried.

“Why does she look so young? a 2-year-old child should be ...” Liu xuzhi said as he gestured.

“They said it’s a problem with growth. I’ve taken her to a few hospitals, but they didn’t see any problems.” Dr. Zhao said in distress.

No matter how Liu xuzhi looked at it, he felt that something was not right. The child was already two years old. Normally, he should be around 90 cm and weighed 26 to 30 pounds. However, Dr. Zhao’s child looked very thin. Liu xuzhi estimated that he weighed only 20 pounds.

This was not the main thing. The child’s cheeks were puffed up as if he was blowing air. He was also fat, but his exposed arms were very thin, which was particularly uncoordinated. This kind of appearance had a typical name, fa Pi [ 1], which was fat.

There was indeed a problem.

“What’s his height and weight? Which hospital did you go to?” Liu xuzhi asked.

“He’s only 70.5 cm tall and weighs 19.8 pounds,” Dr. Zhao sighed and said,”his father and I are not short, but the child can’t grow tall.”

She was a little anxious, and after saying a few words to Liu xuzhi in a hurry, she carried the child to do the mist inhalation. Liu xuzhi felt very strange. How did a 2-year-old child get this height and weight?

Did he use hormones?

This was possible. Geocentric obesity was a typical side effect of excessive use of hormones. However, even though doctor Zhao’s standard was not very high, he still had the basic qualities of a doctor. Moreover, it was his own child. If he really used hormones for a long time ... Liu xuzhi rejected this idea. The possibility was almost zero.

Strange, he couldn’t understand it no matter how he thought about it.

He sent a WeChat message to Su Yun as he went to the operating room.

Boss Zheng was serious, and Liu xuzhi was still used to chatting with Brother Yun, who was willing to flirt with people. He told her about Dr. Zhao’s child in WeChat, but he didn’t know much, so he just took it as a casual chat.

He had just sent the message when Su Yun’s reply arrived.

[He’s using hormones. That’s for sure.]

Seeing that Su Yun’s judgment was the same as his, Liu xuzhi changed his clothes as he pondered. He would ask after he got off the stage and see what Dr. Zhao had to say.

[Brother Yun, when do you have time to come and watch me perform surgery?]

[In a while. The boss has been saying that he wants to try to perform two operations remotely in Yimi. [I’ve just contacted sister Lin. She’ll probably arrive at noon.] 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝐚𝚍 𝘤𝘰𝒎

[I should be able to finish three by noon. There are still three left.]

Liu xuzhi added a smiley face.

[Let the boss do it. He’s been so idle all day that his hands are almost raw.]

After a few simple words, Liu xuzhi began the surgery. The first surgery did not go very smoothly. When he was superselecting the left gastric artery, he had to choose it three times before he entered.

After he was done, Liu xuzhi thought about it and realized that it was because he wasn’t focused enough. He called Dr. Zhao while the patient was getting off the stage and the next patient was on the stage. He told her that boss Zheng would be coming later and that if she wanted to see the child, she shouldn’t take it away.

As for whether Dr. Zhao would stay or not, Liu xuzhi did not care. Rushing was not a business, and he could only help so much.

When Liu xuzhi was performing his fourth surgery, Zheng Ren and Su Yun rushed over.

When Liu xuzhi saw boss Zheng sitting outside, he became even more focused on the surgery. He also knew that his surgical skills were definitely not comparable to boss Zheng ‘s, but he still wanted to let boss Zheng find as few mistakes as possible.

Humans all had that kind of spirit. If Liu xuzhi didn’t have such a spirit, he would have long sunk into oblivion in the Westwood Hospital, and none of these things would have happened.

“Boss, old Liu’s surgery is quite well done.” Su Yun looked at the screen, and when she saw Liu xuzhi’s methodical surgery, she praised him from the bottom of her heart.

“Well, at first, I was wondering if Xiao ran would make things difficult for old Liu. Now, it seems that there should be no problem.” Zheng Ren nodded as he sat in front of the console.

“Boss Zheng, big brother Yun, do you have any teaching materials on how to operate mechanical arms?” Lin Jiaojiao asked.

“What?” Su Yun tilted her head and looked at Lin Jiaojiao. This question was rather strange. Teaching materials! Even if Zheng Ren wanted to compile a teaching material, it would be ten years later. He still had to rush for the change of the teaching material, stabilize his position in the world, and gain the recognition of almost everyone in the academic world.

Hearing Lin Jiaojiao’s words ... Su Yun quickly laughed. It turned out that she had been overthinking. Sister Lin was talking about the operation manual of the mechanical arm, not the teaching materials for students.

“Sister Lin, you’re already preparing to expand the scale?” Su Yun asked.

“Well, didn’t you say that I can get the mechanical arm at cost? I must seize such a big advantage. “I’ve already contacted a few skilled interventional physicians. The one in Beijing is a part-time Doctor, so we’ll just poach the ones from other places. As long as they can master the use of the mechanical arm, they are more willing to perform the surgery without taking the thread. ” Lin Jiaojiao said.

That was for sure. Sister Lin’s steps were also very steady. She did not directly look for one among the graduates for cheap.

“It’s also a little difficult for doctors who have mastered the hand to be familiar with the mechanical arm. They still have to rely on the 3D printed human pile simulation technology. ” Su Yun said,”but as long as you put in some effort, it’ll be fine soon. I think old Liu is almost done. He’s too cautious and doesn’t dare to take action directly. “

“It’s good to be cautious. My business is getting bigger and bigger. I can’t be like those guerrillas who pack up and leave as soon as something happens.” Lin Jiaojiao said,”as long as nothing happens, we can make money. The net profit every year is only enough to cover a few medical disputes.”

“From this point of view, it’s still better to go to a public hospital. It’s part of the system anyway, so it doesn’t matter.” Su Yun said a joke that was not very funny.

“Big brother Yun, this is a small business. When boss Zheng is busy, you have to help me out.” Lin Jiaojiao said with a smile.

“Definitely. The boss won’t be idle when the time comes.” Su Yun was very loyal.”At first, remote operations were limited to only the two hospitals of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery in Beijing and our family. Don’t be too anxious about training doctors. It will take about a year. It’ll be faster if you take it slow. “

“Brother Yun, you’re so considerate.” Lin Jiaojiao immediately responded.

“The boss arranged it.” Su Yun laughed.”Besides, we’re living in your house. You’re the one who put in a lot of effort to find Blackie. If you have such a small benefit in your hands, don’t you think you should give it to your family first?” They’re treating and saving people no matter where they go. Maybe if they’re brought to the Affiliated Hospital of the medical University now, they’ll just do two surgeries and throw them aside. “

Lin Jiaojiao laughed. Su Yun’s words were really pleasant to the ears.

“May I ask if teacher Zheng is here?” At this moment, a voice came from the door.

“Eh? Who is it?” Su Yun asked.

“I’m Dr. Zhao. I’d like to ask teacher Zheng to take a look at my son. “

“Teacher?” Su Yun guessed that it was the doctor on this side and not the patient.



[Note: I recommend eating the cat ‘after I have a foodie sister’.]

Qiu ye had been looking forward to the moon and the stars, and finally, he had a sister.


Why did his sister eat so much?

“Brother, what delicious food did you make? Niannian, can you take a small bite? Just a small sip. “

Looking at the little girl’s eyes that were blinking in anticipation, he couldn’t say no and just nodded.

A minute later.

“Where’s my pot? Little sister, where did you put big brother’s pot?”

The little girl was confused.

“Pot? Can’t the pot be eaten, brother?”

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The Surgeon's Studio Chapter 2956 One of us