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The Surgeon's Studio
Chapter 109: A Drunk Rogue

Chapter 109: A Drunk Rogue

Emergency response was a daily routine in the emergency department, and Zheng Yunxia was merely an interlude, an unplanned issue that had to be dealt with.

Two patients with serious abdominal issues—acute appendicitis and acute cholecystitis respectively—arrived during the day. Due to inadequate preoperative fasting in the former patient, Zheng Ren had decided to perform cholecystectomy first and proceed with appendectomy later.

Three surgeries in one day was normal in his day-to-day life.

There was no major surgery, such as those involving hemorrhagic shock, which greatly satisfied Zheng Ren. As for the surgical treatment and follow-up for the patient in the urology surgery department? That was the urological surgeon’s problem and none of his concern.

The day went on peacefully. Instead of getting off work, Chang Yue waited until half-past seven and brought Zheng Yunxia to the CT room along with Xie Yiren and the Chu sisters.

Of course, the most important person—Su Yun—tagged along as well.

The waiting list for scanning was very long, and so controversy was inevitable if medical personnel helped friends or family members skip the queue. Therefore, the hospital had implemented firm regulations to prohibit this practice.

However, medical personnel could use personal connections to request a scan only after working hours and if the radiologist was willing to work overtime.

And Su Yun was the kind of person capable of convincing others to work themselves to death.

Zheng Ren also followed them to the CT room as he had nothing to do in the emergency ward. It was also a short distance away, allowing him to return quickly if he was needed urgently.

It was still crowded in the CT room despite it being night.

There were patients with minor injuries who had been involved in traffic collisions or fistfights.

A woman in her forties was making a phone call when the group reached the CT room.

Upon their arrival, she made a hand gesture, signaling them to bring Zheng Yunxia to the CT unit.

Xie Yiren had already inserted a cannula into Zheng Yunxia for contrast agent administration. Soon, the other woman finished her phone call and began installing a pressure injector.

“Su Yun, you’re so snobbish. Is it really necessary to hide from me for a year and a half?” the woman nagged during the process.

Su Yun put on a smile and said, “How could you say that? I’m really busy, Sister Zhao.”

“How many times have I asked you out for a meal? I’ve repeatedly invited you over since my lover’s intracranial hemorrhage was treated and he was discharged from the ICU, but you turned down my offer every single time.” Despite the nagging, there was a hint of enthusiasm in Sister Zhao’s chatter.

After listening to the story, Zheng Ren felt slightly ashamed at his initial speculations. From their conversation, it seemed like Su Yun had successfully rescued Sister Zhao’s lover in the ICU, allowing him to be discharged afterward.

‘This guy has some skill,’ he thought.

“I’m now working in the emergency department, which is even busier, but... Don’t worry, Sister Zhao, I’ll definitely invite you for a meal in a few days. How is your lover right now?”

“Thanks to you, he is doing fine, and the rehabilitation is almost complete. He just has some slight numbness in his left hand, but that isn’t really an issue.”

After the contrast agent was placed into the pressure injector, Xie Yiren connected it proficiently to Zheng Yunxia and left the CT unit with the others.

The machine began to run, emitting a high-frequency humming which did not cause any actual damage to the body, but was loud enough to induce slight discomfort in Zheng Ren.

He took a deep breath upon exiting the unit and felt better instantly.

A loud voice echoed from across the hall.

Quarrels were common and considered trivial in a hospital. Arguments between patients and their family members, disagreements between two parties, wars of words between family members and medical personnel... What had Zheng Ren not encountered in his practice?

Therefore, the argument failed to pique his curiosity.

However, even Zheng Ren could vaguely make out the terms “beating” and “police officer” in the increasingly loud din.

Since he had nothing to do at the moment, he decided to take a look at the commotion.

The strong smell of alcohol lingered in the hall over hundreds of square meters, and a man with rosy cheeks was rolling across the floor, shouting that the police officer had hit him.

An innocent-looking, young traffic officer stood nearby, helpless and frozen in place.

The traffic officer’s timidity fuelled the brazenness of the drunkard, who yelled loudly, “That police officer hit me!”

Zheng Ren shook his head, having already guessed the truth.

The drunkard had probably been arrested for drunk driving and was required to draw blood samples as evidence, but why would he here for a CT scan? Presumably, he had also claimed dizziness due to being struck, leading to the farce before Zheng Ren.

“He looks fine,” Zheng Ren said to himself, walking over.

It was not loud, unlike that of a negotiator trying to be heard in order to break up a fight.

However, his words were clearly audible to both the officer and the man on the floor.

“Doctor, look...” The young traffic officer, caught in a difficult situation, immediately reached out like a drowning man clutching at straws upon seeing Zheng Ren approach in a white coat.

“Those who are capable of stirring up a ruckus are usually fine, so don’t worry about him,” Zheng Ren said softly, “The moment they go quiet, that’s when it starts to become concerning.”

“He can be tested for evidence of health issues, right?” asked the anxious traffic officer.

“Not necessarily. There is a chance that he might have delayed traumatic intracerebral hemorrhage,” answered Zheng Ren.

“But... I didn’t even touch him.” The traffic officer was almost in tears.

“I’m not a police officer, so I can’t do anything about it.” Zheng Ren added, “Admit him to the hospital if his condition is serious, but judging by his current situation, he should be alright.”

Zheng Ren noticed that the stooge had gradually stopped rolling about after stealing a glance at him, finally quieting down.

This frightened the young traffic officer.

His career would be over if someone died under his watch.

Such a fate would have been justified had he actually assaulted the man, but... he was being falsely accused.

The System panel clearly stated that the man was merely suffering alcohol intoxication with no signs or symptoms of intracranial hemorrhaging.

“Lend me a hand. Let’s proceed with a CT scan first and admit him to the ward later,” said Zheng Ren seriously.

Dazed and confused, the young traffic officer subconsciously obeyed Zheng Ren’s commands.

They carried the inebriated rogue to the bed in the CT unit for a cranial CT scan and left the room, closing the lead door behind them. Then, Zheng Ren said, “You must be frightened.”

“Huh?” The young traffic officer was startled.

“Get used to it. You can call your superior to ask them to handle the situation for you,” said Zheng Ren with a smile.

“I...” Red-faced, the young officer clenched his fists tightly, trying but failing to vent the resentment in his heart.

Police officers, a career just as miserable as that of doctors, were infinitely glorified but would still be dumbfounded when meeting unreasonable ruffians. Sighing heavily, Zheng Ren decided to help this young traffic officer.

“You don’t have the courage to do so? In that case, find a senior police officer whom you’re on good terms with to take it from here and leave the rest to me,” said Zheng Ren with a smile.

“You are...”

“I’m Zheng Ren, a chief resident in the emergency department,” Zheng Ren said before going to the operator console room. “I’m going to take a look at the scan results.”

The CT scan had been completed. After ensuring that there were no signs of intracranial hemorrhage noted in the films, he entered the CT unit and said, “The patient’s condition is very serious. I’ll request a stretcher trolley.”

The young traffic officer was stunned... Which sentence was the truth?

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The Surgeon's Studio Chapter 109: A Drunk Rogue