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The Strongest Gene
Chapter 878 - You Are Still Lacking

Chapter 878: You Are Still Lacking

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


The whirlpool of time spun. The terrifying power of time started spreading toward the entire world. Under the effects of time, the world began to warp. Change was imminent. After pulling out all his tricks, Luo Yuan had finally reached this point. However, he was somewhat surprised by the fact that Chen Feng was merely watching on with a detached gaze. Not a tiny bit of helplessness could be felt from him.

Suddenly, Chen Feng laughed. “Compared to your real body, you are still somewhat lacking.”

“What?” Luo Yuan had a bad feeling.

“Timestamp...” Chen Feng shook his head. “I truly never expected this. Is this the source of your confidence?”

Chen Feng looked at the center of the whirlpool. There, the timestamp glowed brightly. This was what Luo Yuan was relying on to change the flow of time.

“You won’t be able to change it.” Luo Yuan refused to believe that Chen Feng could do that. “As a third party, I saw clearly how all your power was exhausted. It is impossible for you to still have any reserves.”

That’s right. Chen Feng had no way of reserving any power. What reserves he’d had had already been squeezed out by Luo Yuan. Now, he had nothing to spare. After all, this was an undertaking involving the entire world. Even though Chen Feng was a peak true god, it was impossible for him to still have any power in reserve. It wouldn’t be that easy. If so, what exactly was the source of his confidence? Luo Yuan fixed his gaze on Chen Feng. He was of the opinion that Chen Feng was trying to lie again.

“I will not fall for your lies,” Luo Yuan said with a sharp gaze. During this final moment, his belief was unprecedentedly firm. “Indeed, I have fallen for your tricks many times in the past. Not this time.”


Time was flowing. The effect of the whirlpool had now reached the entire world.

Chen Feng spoke calmly. “The timestamp is indeed very powerful. This situation is similar to a loaded anti-aircraft gun whose trajectory was changed after the shell was fired. By using all your power here, I am indeed not capable of changing it. I won’t be able to do anything to this timestamp. However...” Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Why should I change it in the first place?”

Luo Yuan laughed heartily. “Because you will die if it remains?”

Alas, his laugh did not last long before his face froze. That was because, at this precise instant, he saw a red flash streak past. Then... the timestamp vanished.

Luo Yuan’s face shifted. He turned around abruptly, looking in the direction the red flash had come from. There, a pure-looking young lady was carrying the timestamp in her arms. One bite at a time, she began to eat the timestamp. On her head were two protrusions that were quite identical to dragon horns.

Luo Yuan was alarmed. “Who are you?” The whirlpool had already begun operating. Apart from the few of them who were here at the source of this whirlpool, no other life-forms could hope to enter. That was because all other places should now be engulfed in the power of time. This was the only place that was still frozen in time. This young lady...

Hold on. Suddenly, Luo Yuan recalled who she was. He recalled that a long time ago, Chen Feng had had a little snake by his side. The snake had been called Xiao Ying. Even though Luo Yuan hadn’t been able to subject the snake to any monitoring, he still had a rough understanding of the snake through Chen Feng. This also included the contract of life and death that Xiao Ying had signed with Ming Yue. However... this Xiao Ying had been missing for a long time now. In fact, it had been many years since she had last appeared.

Since when had that tiny snake been capable of taking a humanoid form? Since when had that tiny snake been so powerful? The alien world had already been destroyed; how was she still alive?

Chen Feng had a faint smile. “I have your real body to thank for this. The alien world completely collapsed with chaotic time currents everywhere. Even you, as a clone, were no longer able to stay connected to your real body in that situation. Therefore, how could it be possible for a mere contract of life and death to continue binding Xiao Ying’s life with Ming Yue’s?”

I see. Luo Yuan clenched his fists. He was truly clueless about what had transpired over there.

Fine, he could accept the fact that this young lady here was powerful. However, what the hell was up with her chewing on the timestamp? Luo Yuan watched on with horror as that young lady chewed on that shiny timestamp one bite at a time before slowly swallowing it down.

“How... is this possible?” Luo Yuan was utterly dumbstruck. Eaten? The timestamp that even Chen Feng had been helpless against was eaten? What the hell? That was a timestamp formed of the power of time. Apart from Wang Yao, someone else could touch it? Even Luo Yuan did not dare to physically touch that thing. If he dared to swallow it, his personal flow of time would immediately increase by over 10,000 times. Regardless of how long of a life span he had, he would immediately die of old age.

When something like this that was supposed to alter the fate of an entire world was used on a single individual, it would be greatly amplified. How? He looked at that young lady. Apart from the horns on her head, which had grown somewhat, no changes could be seen. What the hell had that snake evolved into? He had no answer. However, would he have to accept defeat just like this?

“No! I can’t accept this!” howled Luo Yuan. Once again, he tried forming a timestamp. “Timestamp, form!”


A sparkling radiance swirled around his hands. Once again, a timestamp was formed. Since Luo Yuan had control over Duma’s power, forming this timestamp wasn’t particularly difficult for him. Of course, this new timestamp was clearly weaker than the first.


Once again, Luo Yuan tossed the timestamp into the whirlpool.

“Ah ha!” Instantly, Xiao Ying’s eyes shone with excitement.


She charged over, grabbed the timestamp, and once again began eating it. Just like that, in less than two seconds, the newly formed timestamp was eaten.

Luo Yuan was stupefied. Exactly what life-form was Xiao Ying? She seemed to have been a snake in the past, right? What had she evolved into? Could it be that she had devoured the bloodline of some life-forms and evolved into a dog?


Luo Yuan tossed out a third timestamp. Once again, the young lady puffed and charged over before proceeding to eat it. This caused Chen Feng to feel somewhat embarrassed...

Bro, can you consider the dignity of a dragon before behaving like this?

Luo Yuan’s heart trembled as he thought of something. This might work?


He tossed a timestamp in a different direction. The young lady charged over immediately. Seeing this, Luo Yuan had a pensive look. Perhaps... there is a solution to this!

Swish! Swish!

He tossed out several dozen timestamps in a row. The timestamps were scattered in all directions. Since this young lady loved the timestamps, he would allow her to eat as much as she wanted. It might seem like he had tossed out a lot of timestamps, but only one of them was suffused with power capable of influencing the rewinding of time. Therefore, so long as he was lucky and she did not happen to eat that particular timestamp...


While Luo Yuan was still lost in thought, wondering which timestamp this young lady would choose, a red flash started streaking back and forth before him at a rapid speed. Instantly, all the timestamps he had tossed out vanished. With a stupefied expression, Luo Yuan looked at the young lady, who now had a pile of timestamps in her arms. She started chomping down on the timestamps while the corner of her eyes looked at Luo Yuan in disdain. Which to choose? Hehe. Only a kid would make a choice. As an adult, of course I will choose all of them!

Luo Yuan was thoroughly stupefied.

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The Strongest Gene Chapter 878 - You Are Still Lacking