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The Strongest Gene
Chapter 14: This Is Not Scientific

Chapter 14: This Is Not Scientific

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Professor Tao?


Indeed, this was precisely Professor Tao’s answer.

"I thought that there were some new findings. Who would have thought that it was actually this question. Hehe, I forgot to tell everyone. This fellow student is a member of my class. When he asked this question previously, I already explained to him in detail. I told him it is impossible. I did not expect him to actually come and inquire here."

"I feel like this person is not a genuine scholar and is here to create a disturbance instead."

"Raising an impossible possibility and watching on as everyone wastes their time discussing. He himself, on the other hand, is sitting high above, tricking everyone, like getting a monkey to perform tricks, gaining some fame for himself."

"I suggest that everyone ignore this kind of person."

Undersigned – Professor Tao.

A lot of people immediately felt enlightened after seeing this.

"So it’s actually like this."

"Professor Tao already answered this question? The original poster did not mention this at all. True, since there’s already an answer, why is he still asking here?"

"Seeking sensationalism!"

"Maybe this person has an ulterior motive."

Some people answered.

Soon, the latter posts in the thread were all derailed from the original question.

"I caught a glimpse of Professor Tao!"

"Professor Tao’s follower here. My first gene formula was the lumberbear gene. Until now, I’m still Professor Tao’s fan."

"Professor Tao appeared, this thread is concluded."

All sorts of opinions started appearing. Some people even started scolding Chen Feng. The whole thread was totally derailed.

Chen Feng calmly continued reading on.

His expression did not change, yet a cold radiance had appeared in his eyes.

He was rarely angered.

The immensely unlucky previous life of his let Chen Feng be full of optimism in his current life. No matter what, he would be able to handle it calmly and remain optimistic! However, this did not mean that he was someone easily bullied. The other meaning of a rarely angered person was that, once he was truly angered, his anger couldn’t be neglected!

"Professor Tao..."

Chen Feng suddenly smiled. i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

He didn’t care if Professor Tao were to nag at him for a bit. However, nobody was seriously answering the question in his thread now due to these words of Professor Tao’s. Earlier, Chen Feng was able to get inspiration from the mystical thoughts of some people on the forum. A lot of the contents were immensely helpful to him.

However, it was all gone now.

"You are courting death," Chen Feng said faintly.

He had decided to teach this Professor Tao a lesson.

Starting a thread to leak the mutated gene reagent?

It was totally unnecessary!

Providing proof through a thread could only give Professor Tao some shame. That was pointless. What Chen Feng wanted was more than this.

For example—money!

"Then, let’s do it this way."

Chen Feng decided in his heart.


Next day.

Professor Tao woke up early in the morning, feeling good and refreshed.

A certain ignorant youngster had tried to provoke him yesterday and was criticized by the knowledgeable and experienced people of the learning forum to the point of having cuts and bruises all over. Now, he did not even dare to show himself anymore.

"The majority of people are still sensible enough to make the correct choice."

Professor Tao felt refreshed all over every time he thought of this.

Lumberbear gene?

Possibility of a third mutation? Were you purposely toying with me?

Professor Tao thought disdainfully. However, right at this moment, an assistant ran over in a panic. His expression was ugly to the point of crying. "Pro... professor, not good. A new mutated lumberbear gene is being sold at the virtual community’s business district."


Professor Tao frowned. New mutated lumberbear gene?

How was this possible?

An ominous feeling appeared in his heart as Professor Tao followed his assistant and entered the virtual community. As he saw the gene being sold at the business district, his face paled immediately.


Lumberbear Gene.

Basic attributes: Strength: 3 points, Physique: 3 points.

Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10% for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.

Selling price: 99,999 yuan.


"Strength mutation?"

Professor Tao was stupefied.

It really appeared!

Yesterday, he was still madly saying that it was impossible for a strength mutation to appear. Yet today, just like that, it had gloriously appeared at the business district. Furthermore, it was listed at the top of the list!

At this moment, others had also discovered this issue.

That’s right.

The reason for that was because, as long as anyone searched for lumberbear gene, they would be able to see that there was a gene placed high on top, surpassing all similar types of lumberbear genes. As long as you tapped on it to take a look, you would notice that astonishing genetic ability of its! Absolutely unprecedented in history! A special gene that increased strength with a percentage as its unit of measurement!

At the same time, at the learning forum.

Some people had noticed this and started replying on the thread. The lumberbear gene’s screenshot had even appeared on Chen Feng’s thread.

"Third gene mutation appeared unexpectedly at a certain gene shop."

"It’s great to see this good news."

"Where are those people that questioned the original poster yesterday?"

"Hahaha, camping for Professor Tao’s appearance."

A lot of people started getting excited.

Without a doubt, the mutated lumberbear gene Chen Feng had assigned for sale had attracted a lot of attention. Even at this small area, it was enough to cause a sensation.

However, what he did not know was that, apart from Professor Tao, there was another person who was also in distress.

And that was King Kong.

At the Wind Pavilion, King Kong was looking at the extremely expensive mutated lumberbear gene in a daze before looking at the combat genes that he got his sister to sell anonymously at his shop after begging everywhere. His face was pale.

To be pushed downward again?

The combat genes he had painstakingly gotten were actually pushed downward with a single mutated labor-type gene?


That guy from the Wind Pavilion was totally absent these two days! After discovering that his absence would increase the performance of his shop, that bastard never returned!


His performance really did grow!


Student King Kong felt extremely wronged. Yet when he thought of the person assigning the mutated gene for sale, King Kong became listless like an eggplant after snow.

That person again!

That rookie gene producer that he had jeered at!

He never thought that, in a few days time, that guy had upgraded from producing normal genes to producing peak attribute genes and then upgraded yet again into producing mutated genes. Furthermore, that damnable mutated gene was something that had created history. A never-before-seen third mutation!

Oh God!

What kind of abominable person had he previously chased away?

At this time.


The combat genes that his shop was selling were purchased at a high price of 50,000. King Kong’s eyes flashed. "Right. What should I be afraid of? The set price and the actual sale of it are different matters! That mutated gene is comparable to a combat gene. However, even a combat gene only costs a few tens of thousands!"

Based on King Kong’s evaluation, this lumberbear gene was worth 30,000 at most! One needed to know that even other genes with similar abilities would only cost 20,000.


Was it posted to amuse people?

It was his shop that was instead selling the most popular combat genes. He did not need to be afraid of that lumberbear gene that would not sell!

As he thought of this, King Kong was spirited again.

"Merely a producer, I, your father..."

Before he even managed to finish his usual slogan, King Kong was suddenly stunned. He looked blankly before him, as just short while ago, a silhouette had walked past beside him.

And then...

That gene in the Wind Pavilion was bought.


Sold just like that!

King Kong was stunned!

An idiot that spent his money to buy such an overpriced gene actually existed? He really couldn’t understand. 99,999 yuan could totally be used to buy a rather good combat gene!

Was he sick?

Had the world gone crazy?!

King Kong did not know.

However, he felt really terrible!

Because the producer that produced this extremely expensive gene was someone he had purposely chased over to his rival’s place. Every time he thought of this, his heart ached to the point where he couldn’t breathe.

Why would things be like this?

King Kong had a stupid expression on his face. He felt like, since he met that gene producer, his worldview started collapsing. However, he did not know that Chen Feng was similarly stupefied as well.

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The Strongest Gene Chapter 14: This Is Not Scientific