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The Strongest Gene
Chapter 12: Unexpected Mutation!

Chapter 12: Unexpected Mutation!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Gold City.

Chen Feng was producing genes within his rented room.

He had been producing peak-property gene reagents like crazy these two days. The luck values that had been saved the previous few days were almost used up. He made quite a lot of money from the sales as well, but it was still far from enough to purchase a second formula.

"A labor-type gene formula’s starting price is 10,000."

"A combat-type gene formula’s starting price is one million."

Chen Feng’s heart was aching.

The money he had accumulated these two days was not enough for even a single formula! The fact was that, even for a peak-property lumberbear gene, the net profit would only be 5,500 yuan! After selling 20 of those, he had only made 110,000 yuan, far from a combat gene’s price of one million!

"I need to think of a method to earn more money."

"To hunt another mutated shark?"

Chen Feng thought about it for a while before giving up this death-courting idea.

Him killing that mutated shark was purely a fluke. That fellow’s strength was very dreadful. Him being able to kill the mutated blacksea shark was due to him being within its body!

If he wanted to kill that kind of freak again...

He needed to be swallowed first.


That fellow was a spiritual-type mutated beast. The moment he was swallowed, his consciousness and soul would be directly destroyed! The body’s original owner seemed to have died this way, thus allowing Chen Feng to transmigrate here.

Chen Feng did not doubt that if he were to once again meet such a thing, he would undoubtedly die!

"My combat power is still too weak for now; I can’t rely on it."

Chen Feng shook his head before ultimately deciding to continue with lumberbear gene production.

However, when Chen Feng was done hurrying up this batch of genes and was selling them, he noticed that a lumberbear gene was displayed in the glass shelf beside him. The price had actually reached an amount of 20,000!

"Is this guy crazy? Selling it for so much?"

Somewhat curious, Chen Feng went over to take a look and was immediately astonished.


Name: Lumberbear Gene – Increase

Attribute: Strength: 3 points, Physique: 3 points.

Ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10 points for 20 seconds, 60 seconds cooldown.

Type: Mutated

Selling price: 20,000 yuan



Chen Feng was shocked. What the hell was this?

Only after checking online did he understand.

Mutated genes were a type of special product that had a small probability of appearing during gene production.

During gene reactions, under catalysis of a few genes, there was a possibility for the lumberbear recessive gene to mutate into a mutated lumberbear gene!

This was the basics of mutation.

An outstanding gene was referring to the attribute being higher than an ordinary gene. As for a mutated gene, it was due to the gene’s ability to transform.

For example—

Mutated lumberbear gene.

A normal lumberbear gene’s ability was: increased strength by 10 points for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.

A lumberbear gene – increase would increase the duration from 10 seconds to 20 seconds! A lumberbear gene – reduce would reduce the cooldown period from 60 seconds to 30 seconds! Regardless of the type, a mutated gene was worth much more than an ordinary gene!

This was the greatness of a mutated gene.


Chen Feng was enticed.

He currently extremely lacked money. If he were to produce mutated genes...

"Does the mutation occur during the gene reaction stage?"

Chen Feng suddenly understood. He finally understood the reason for gene production being separated into three stages.

First stage: gene search: affecting the gene’s attributes!

Second stage: gene reaction: affecting the gene’s mutation!

Third stage: gene fusion: affecting the gene’s success rate!

For Chen Feng, he had tried using Luck Aura on the first and third stage before. Only one point of luck value was required to reach perfection. What about the second stage?

"How would I know without trying?"

Chen Feng licked his dry lips and started gene production once again.

First stage, completed.

Second stage...

Luck Aura activated!

What appeared before Chen Feng after the gene reaction was somewhat different than previous times. To be accurate, the color was deeper.

Third stage, gene fusion.


The gene reagent changed into a deep-blue color.

Production success.

Chen Feng subconsciously checked his stats first. Luck aura reduced by two points!

"Really used up two points."

Chen Feng was not alarmed and was delighted instead. Did that not mean...


He scanned with the gene detector.


Mutated Lumberbear Gene.

Basic attributes: Strength: 3 points, Physique: 3 points.

Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10% for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.



It really mutated!

He had spent two points of luck value—one point to get high attribute and another point for the mutation to occur—and produced the most perfect gene!


It seemed like something was wrong somewhere?

What on earth was this 10%?

Chen Feng was dazed for a long time.

This wasn’t correct. Even if it were to mutate, shouldn’t the change be duration or cooldown period? He never heard that the lumberbear gene had a third mutation!

What the heck was this?

Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied.

He entered the virtual community quickly.

Chen Feng opened the virtual light screen and started filtering the categories into: lumberbear gene, mutated.


A layer of new data appeared.

Lumberbear Gene – Increase: 20,000 yuan, sold out.

Lumberbear Gene – Reduce: 20,000 yuan, sold out.

For a single mutation, the lumberbear gene’s prices were increased by tenfold! The lumberbear gene’s original price of 5,000 yuan could actually reach this extremely expensive 20,000! However, what caused Chen Feng to feel a ball-breaking pain was that, even in the virtual community, he could not find any information on the lumberbear gene having a third mutation!

A genetic ability was able to be increased through training. The lumberbear gene’s upper bound should be 10 levels.

Level 1 lumberbear gene: 10 point increase.

Level 2 lumberbear gene: 20 point increase.

Level 10 lumberbear gene: 100 point increase.

Then what about this percentage of his?

10% increase on level 1, that meant a 100% increase on level 10!

Sounds great, right? Almost a tenfold increase! These stats in percentage form would definitely be invaluable for combat genes. As for a labor-type gene? For a normal person, their original 20 points of strength would be increased by two points after a 10% increase.

How many points could a peak attribute even have?

100% was far worthless compared to 100 points!

Since they chose a labor-type gene, their strength attributes were definitely low. Hence...

Would this thing sell?

Chen Feng doubted it.

Even after spending half a day checking online, he did not find any relevant information. Chen Feng guessed that the concealed probability of 1 in 10 million had been forcefully uncovered by the Luck Aura. Whether it was a good or bad thing, Chen Feng was unsure. However, he found a solution shortly.

The reason the virtual community was so popular was not merely due to it having a business district.




Whatever you could think of, the virtual community had it all.

Chen Feng directly purchased a few gene producers’ consultation services. However, what surprised him was that even a high-level gene producer did not know much about this.

"Lumberbear gene? I have not researched it for a long time."

"The possibility of a third mutation happening? There is a possibility of it happening, it might also not exist? I am not really sure."

"If you are really interested, perhaps there is one who knows about it."

Gene producers were normally rather rigid. Thus, they would not dare to confirm things they were uncertain with. They did, however, recommended a person to Chen Feng.

High-level gene producer, Tao Hongkai!

This great master once wrote the "Complete Guide of Lumberbear Gene Production" and became well known through it. He was the first gene producer to write out a book containing comprehensive knowledge of the lumberbear gene’s production and was extremely loved among the low-level gene producers. Numerous beginner gene producers had his name on their teaching materials.

"Professor Tao?"

Chen Feng contemplated.

The first lumberbear gene production guide he read had this great master’s name on it as well. This great master just happened to have a virtual class tonight; he might be able to dispel Chen Feng’s doubts.

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The Strongest Gene Chapter 12: Unexpected Mutation!