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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 98 Going Back on Words

Chapter 98 Going Back on Words

"This is a scam!"

A 20 something kid having 1.2 billion in his account?!

Are you fucking kidding?!

Wasn’t he just a slum insect years ago?!

"I have heard rags to riches stories but this is beyond unbelievable!" Edgar muttered.

"Can it be true that he is a love child of some top corporate?" Rees faintly asked.

Before coming here, they have enquired about him from multiple sources. All they got was multiple stories about how he struck a fortune.

Some say he found a rare mineral while others claim he won big in gambling. There were even stories claiming he was separated from his parents after birth and only a few years ago they reunited; the parents gave him their inheritance to make up for the past.

Some ridiculous stories even boasted that he rescued the daughter of a rich tycoon who gave him this fortune as a sign of gratitude.

Each story sounded more ridiculous than the other so they didn’t believe he was a big deal. Maybe he had money to influence the academy but in this world, the power and influence were more important than money.

At least that’s what they initially thought but not now. Kaden and his gang were looking at them like how a tiger eyes its prey.

Earlier the four tried to make the gang understand that Zed wouldn’t be able to pay them $2 million.

But now?!

For a man with billion, $2 million was nothing.

It was obvious the gang didn’t think much of $50,000 the four initially offered. Any sane man would choose millions instead of tens of thousands.

The four truly wished they could offer more to save themselves but alas they were helpless. While their parents gave them a good amount for expenses, most of it was spent on the lifestyle they have built.

The more money one has the more is the wish to waste it especially when it isn’t earned by oneself.

The four were pretty much the same. They have pretty much spent their reserves in the parties, sports, and so on.

Now what meager amount they had left was used to hire the gang.

The gang, on the other hand, has also thought of kidnapping Zed to take away his fortune but they didn’t. For transferring such a high amount would need multiple checks by the bank.

Not to mention how relaxed Zed was while showing his fortune. It was as if he wasn’t worried they would attack him. This was further proved by how he didn’t ask for any help during the phone call earlier.

So the gang believed the smartest move was to take what money they can get now and leave the rest for the future.

"Kaden, stop!" Edgar shouted as the gang walked towards him and other three.

"Please don’t take any offense," Kaden licked over his lips in anticipation of the millions he would get, "It is just business."

"We paid you first!" Rees reminded him.

"Don’t you know the rules of business?" Kaden asked with a smirk, "You always take the most profitable deal."

"Bastard!" Percy gritted his teeth at the betrayal.

Kaden’s eyes were filled with a sinister glint. His entire body was covered with scales like a reptile and it was possible to see the scales on his hands resembled blade.

Without wasting any time, he and the others dashed towards Edgar and his three friends.

Zed jumped over the hood of his car to relax. With his back on the windshield, he looked at the confrontation between the ’four fools’ and the gang like he was in the middle of watching a movie.

Some distance away, Jessica and Loren were struck speechless by the turn of events.

The one who should be in danger was relaxed! The ones who should be having fun were now being thrashed by those they hired!

"Nothing can be more tragic than this," Loren felt pity for her acquaintances.


Edgar crashed on a tree some distance away from the road.

"Damn!" Edgar’s eyes turned wide as he saw Kaden’s blade-like scales striking towards his legs. He gritted his teeth and opened his mouth.


Green sonic-like waves came out from his throat and bounced towards Kaden. Kaden was unfazed as he dodged them by jumping up high in the sky.

"Rich brats truly lack experience," Kaden smirked as he controlled his body in the air and somersaulted over the tree.

Edgar turned his body to move away from the tree but it was already too late.


Kaden’s blade-scaled covered hand sliced apart Edgar’s right knee. As the leg was torn apart, blood flew out like a fountain.

"Ahhhhh!" Edgar screamed.

He covered his right leg with his hands to stop the blood loss while trying to fight over the pain which was numbing all his senses.

"I was supposed to sever your both legs," Kaden slowly moved forward and said, "Give me another chance."

"Noo!" Edgar stood up on his remaining leg and backed away. His body wasn’t accustomed to a single leg so his movement was shaky.


Just after taking a few steps, he fell on the ground after losing balance.

"Urghh!" Edgar didn’t let the new pain stop him. He tried to stand up again but then he heard a mocking laughter from behind.

"Your body is not balanced which is why you fell," Kader slowly said with a laughter, "so allow me to help you."

"Nooo!" Edgar’s heart palpitated violently. His pupils dilated to the size of a needle as he felt a blade slicing apart his other leg.

"AAHHHHHHHH!" Along with terrible shrieks, his mouth also released blood and foam. The blood loss and the heart-wrenching pain made him lose consciousness in a few moments.

"Join your friends," Kaden dragged Edgar back on the road. The rest of Edgar’s friends were in similar condition but for better or worse, they were conscious.

"Cough!" Loren threw up. Just seeing their crippled state made butterflies run inside her stomach.

She couldn’t imagine the pain and suffering they were undergoing after having their legs severed.

"Are you all right?" Jessica supported Loren as she was throwing up at the side of the road.

Jessica was also nervous but in a better state than Loren. She has seen her fair share of blood and gore when she worked for Irina.

"I’m alright," Loren said.

"Here," Zed’s voice entered her ears. Surprised, she turned back and saw Zed with a water bottle.

"Thanks," Loren absent mindedly grasped the bottle and took a mouthful of water to rinse her mouth.

She couldn’t understand how he can be so relaxed and smile as if everything was a game.

Is he truly the same guy Felicity always complained about for not having thrill!?

"We have done our part of the deal," Kaden’s voice came from behind, "Now it is time you fulfill your part."

"Well done," Zed turned around and said, "But I don’t feel like paying you."


Kaden, Jessica, Loren, and others were startled.

"You are going back on your commitment?" Kaden was incensed.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 98 Going Back on Words