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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 96 Striking Balance

Chapter 96 Striking Balance

A red hovercraft dashed away from Dream Rise House.

The hovercraft was on autopilot since Zed’s attention on a screen where a report was displayed.

[[Thankfully we have erased all evidence which can connect Lisa’s disappearance to you.]] Claudia said.

"Yeah," Zed agreed,"But there do exist security footage from the party when Kiba met her."

He and Claudia have erased all incriminating data from Lisa’s base. From what he could decipher, only her team knew about her plan to use him in her secret experiments. This saved him a lot of troubles.

Still, there was proof of his meeting with Lisa at White Angel Corporation. While Claudia could easily modify the security logs, she didn’t in order to avoid suspicions.

There were many eyewitnesses who saw Lisa and Kiba together and then having a private meeting in another room. If the security logs were erased or manipulated then Kiba would come under suspicions.

"At most, Kiba would be interviewed by the investigators regarding the meeting," Zed thought.

He also knew they would have tricks to make sure he doesn’t lie but he has arrangements on his own to counter that.

[[A week for the main team to arrive]] Claudia stated the information she has gathered.

"As long as Zed stay out of their investigation it is fine," Zed closed his eyes and said, "Anyways, is there any trouble waiting for Zed?"


"Sighs~ Now who has a death wish?" Zed asked annoyed. He has always believed troubles should be only reserved for his other form and not Zed form.

[[The previous principal and his wife. They have provoked the children of officers, whose admissions were canceled, by blaming everything on you.]]

"Wow~ I believed he would be smart enough to back off," Zed said in disappointment. The lesson given by the chairman of governing council should have taught him better than to offend Zed again.

[[The couple was smart in their execution, by spreading the rumors through proxies, but I was looking over their activities so I realized albeit a little late. So they do deserve some credit for their plan.]]

"Is his wife hot?" Zed then quickly shook his head off, "No, don’t answer. I can’t let myself involve in more affairs."

Agatha was pregnant with his child and he has to spend time with her. He would visit her for half an hour or so daily but that was nowhere near enough for an upcoming father.

To be honest, he was nervous and afraid deep inside which was the main reason he limited the time he spent with Agatha. He really wasn’t ready to be a father at an age of 22!

His Kiba form looked like a man in his late twenties but his true age was only 22! He was at an age where he wanted to live his life as he pleased instead of being tied down by responsibilities!

In fact, he was someone who never wanted to take any responsibility at all.

Agatha has never complained but he knew his behavior so far was of a man running away from his responsibilities. The pregnancy was accidental but he wanted to be there for his child as any normal father would.

Recently, Agatha was all alone after she has announced the truth of her pregnancy to her family. Jack was incensed and so were her parents but none of them dared to take out their anger on Agatha.

After the events of Hypocrisy News, no one truly has the guts to pass any offensive remarks against hers. While this prevented her from abuse, it didn’t help her in gaining any friends either.

They might not openly shun her but there was no more emotional connection. It wasn’t wrong to say she was basically outcast by her circle of friends and family.

Now, she was alone without any support as she nurtured the life blooming inside her. Sure there were droids and Claudia’s help throughout the time but that was nowhere near enough what she needed.

An expecting mother needs more than financial support. She needs the father of her child...

"I can’t continue my current behavior any longer," Zed resolutely thought,"My dreams might be my main priority but now so should be my unborn daughter."

He promised to strike a balance between his dreams and his responsibilities. He didn’t know if he was capable of being a good father given his personality but he believed he wasn’t a gone case.

[[What is it you wish to do with the couple?]] Claudia asked.

"They wouldn’t be forgiven but with the investigators in the city...We can’t let anyone associate new oddities with Zed," Zed then contemplated for another minute," Kiba would decide their fate later on."



Zed attended the classes along with Felicity. He didn’t really need to learn anything from the academy since he pretty much has gained every useful knowledge during the establishment of the lab. 𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

The reason he initially joined the academy was to live his dream of enjoying every phase of life. The needs which should have been fulfilled by his parents, he promised to fulfill them on his own.

Now though his reasons have changed with the development of his relationship with Felicity. He couldn’t help but smile as he thought of his first meeting with Felicity.

"Back then she was a bully," Zed mused with a smile, "That hasn’t changed even now. Only the dynamics have changed."


Zed was in the parking lot with Felicity, Jessica, and Loren after the classes finished.

"Don’t forget about dinner tomorrow," Felicity reminded him.

"I would be on time," Zed said.

"You two should come as well," Felicity said to Loren and Jessica.

"Yes, thank you," They both readily agreed on much to Zed’s surprise.

He wasn’t aware they too have learned that denying Felicity’s suggestion was simply courting death.

"Just come along with Zed," Felicity looked at his red hovercraft and said, "There is enough space for you two to tag along with him tomorrow."

"...." Jessica and Loren nodded their head. Loren initially wished to decline but knowing Jessica would be along with her, she agreed.



Kiba teleported in Agatha’s apartment.

"You should give me a warning before you arrive otherwise I might freak out," Agatha was watching a movie on tv but now her attention was on him.

"Haha, sorry," Kiba sat next to her on the sofa.

"Not going for a hunt today?" Agatha asked. She was very well aware of how he would spend almost most hours to find a ’target’ and then ’hunt’ her.

"...No," Kiba didn’t really like when others called his philosophy of altruism as hunting.

"Now that’s surprising," Agatha placed the back of her palm on his forehead to check his temperature,"You seem to be physically fit and yet you are not going on a hunt?"

"...Yes," Kiba’s lips were twitching from embarrassment.

"Are you really The Kiba?" Agatha pinched his skin as if to certain no one was impersonating him, "You look genuine but the Kiba I know would never miss a chance to spend time with women."


"If the true Kiba feel the scent of a woman, then he would go berserk just like a wolf at the sight of a sheep," Agatha said with a serious expression,"The real Kiba wouldn’t be wasting time with a pregnant lady."

"....." Kiba closed his eyes and placed his head on her lap.

Seeing his embarrassed expression, Agatha stopped her teasing.

"I’m glad you are here," Agatha traced a finger on his face,"I really am."

Kiba opened his eyes and looked at her. He knew she teased him for his lack of stay with her but yet there was no resentment or anger in her eyes.

If anything, there was only understanding and forgiveness. This made him feel even more bad about his recent irresponsible behavior.

He turned his face towards her baby bump to give a light kiss. Agatha was in the initial phase of the second trimester and as he kissed her stomach; he could once again sense the familiar feeling of kinship from the life inside her.

"Thank you for being patient with me," Kiba slid his hand towards Agatha’s face, "You have given me more chances then I could ever deserve."

"You deserve every chance for you are are the father of my child," Agatha responded with a gentle smile on her face.

"If I ever do anything wrong then correct me," Kiba caressed her face gently, "I don’t want to be a bad parent to our daughter."

"You won’t be," Agatha assured him, "I’m sure Hope would have the coolest father out there."

Kiba silently listened to her words of motivation.


An hour later, they went out for a movie followed by a dinner at a restaurant. They weren’t a couple in the traditional sense but to them, it didn’t matter.

They relaxed in the arms of each other during the dinner. There were many strange gazes cast by people who knew them but Agatha ignored them.

Just as Kiba has learned many valuable things from her, she too has learned an important lesson from him: Stop thinking what the world would think of you.

"Let us get a photo of our family," Agatha said after they came out of the restaurant, "I want to forever cherish this moment of us three."

Kiba was startled by her request but he nodded his head. They went to a photo studio to get their family portrait.

It was midnight when they finally arrived back at the apartment.

"Good night!" Agatha was fully exhausted so she fell asleep in no time.

Kiba sat on the bed looking at the photo frame in his hand. In the photo, he was standing behind Agatha with his hands wrapped on her belly.

"Hope," Kiba thought with a smile. Now along with nervousness and fear, there was also some excitement at the prospects of becoming a father.

He was someone who strictly believed in living in the present without caring about the illusory future. But today, for the first time in many years, he cared about the future...

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 96 Striking Balance