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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 94 Gratitude

Chapter 94 Gratitude

The apartments in high-class buildings have advanced security systems which would use retina scan instead of the traditional lock and key system.

Olly placed his eyes under the retina scanner and the door of the apartment opened up. He walked in the living room and placed his bag on the sofa.

Earlier he has got admission to Royal Heart Academy but a few days ago, his admission was canceled along with many new students. He felt wronged especially seeing how his sister was spared. He has even tried to argue with his father but it didn’t help.

Having no choice left, he has joined the second best academy in the city. He was not liking the class so he left the academy before its closure time.


Olly was startled. He listened carefully to make sure and he heard another sound. He wasn’t sure what the voice was but it seemed like moaning.

"Mom?" Olly thought. He walked towards his mother’s room and the sound was now more clear. i𝓷𝚗𝓻𝒆𝓪𝒅. co𝘮

"Fuck yes!" Suzane’s voice came from behind the door.

Olly stopped and turned back. He reasoned that his mom and dad were making love so he returned to the sofa.

Olly opened his cell phone and started playing a game. He heard more moaning sound but he pretended to be ignorant.

Fifteen minutes later~

"I will make us drink," A male voice came from Suzane’s room as the door opened.

"Scotch on the rocks for me," Suzane said.

"We share a familiar taste," The man said,"The drinks should ready us for our next round of work out."

Olly was startled by the voice for it sounded familiar but didn’t belong to his father. Confused, he left the sofa and stepped towards his mother’s room.


The cell phone fell from Olly’s trembling hands. His eyes were wide open in shock as he looked at the golden-hair man in front of him.

"Kiba?!" Olly was so afraid and shocked that his voice was not audible at all.

His entire face was drenched in sweat for Kiba was wearing nothing but a white towel.

Kiba was a nightmare for him, but now here he was in his apartment coming out of his mother’s room. His lack of clothes and the moaning from before left no confusion on what was going on.

"What happened?" Suzane’s voice came from the room. She has heard the sound of something falling loudly on the floor.

"Nothing," Kiba answered in a nonchalant voice,"A remote fell down."

"Oh," Suzane sighed in relief.

"Your drink is coming in a minute," Kiba slowly moved forward.

Olly backed away afraid Kiba would attack him. He wanted to open his mouth to ask his mother for help but the fear made him lose his voice.

The dread he felt from Kiba far surpassed anyone in his entire life. The memories of the art exhibition at Close Horizon were still fresh in mind.

Even now he would wake in his sleep remembering how he was humiliated by Kiba.

"Pl...ease..." Olly’s voice was barely audible as he backed away.

Kiba has a relaxed smile on his face. He didn’t say anything as he took another step towards Olly.

"Calm down," Kiba placed a hand on Olly’s shoulder, "Don’t sweat so much otherwise you might become sick."

Kiba’s voice was full of kindness but this only gave goosebumps to Olly. The familiar kindship reminded him of something!



Back then at the art exhibition, he called Kiba a motherfucker. Kiba has turned the conversation around by saying Olly was revealing the secret of his relationship with Olly’s mother. This has made Olly a laughing stock in front of more than fifty people.

Angered, Olly has then attacked Kiba only to get his own hands severed. Kiba has spared him and taught him a lesson for he was a ’relative’.

Like that wasn’t enough, Kiba went an extra step ahead by paying for his medical treatment since they were relatives.

Everything was just a token of kindness from one relative to another!


Kiba has truly become a motherfucker?!

Olly didn’t dare believe his own thoughts. What was just a simple curse back then has turned into reality?

"Thank you," Kiba’s voice awakened Olly from his trance-like state.

"Thank you?" Olly was confused.

His face was drenched with sweat but now he forgot his fear as Kiba’s words of gratitude occupied his mind.

"Of course," Kiba adjusted Olly’s collar and said,"How can I not be grateful to you?"

"Grateful?" Olly couldn’t fathom Kiba’s intention.

"If not for you, how would I have developed the relationship with your mom?" Kiba continued with a tone full of appreciation,"Your existence and help are what truly formed this relationship."

The words were like a loud clap of thunder to Olly’s ears. He fell on the floor with his jaws dropped as the magnitude of Kiba’s words sank inside him.

He thought of how he has actually introduced Kiba to his mother. If not for him, his mother and Kiba would never have met.

If not for him, how could Kiba have become a motherfucker?!

"I am responsible for everything?" Olly’s back was drenched with cold sweat.

If he hasn’t called him a motherfucker then today...?!

"I am sure your father would be surprised," Kiba said with a smile, "No! Actually, he would be elated when he know the contributions you have made for forming the relationship between me and your mom."

Olly’s eyes turned wide and his scalp was numb with pain. His father has always been strict and there were times when he would impart physical punishment.

"Dad would kill me along with mom if the secret of the affair is leaked..." Olly was sweating profusely as the realization hit him.

"Excuse me," Kiba passed by Olly and said,"I have to get a drink for your mother."

Olly looked on in disbelief as Kiba walked to the bar cabinet to prepare two scotches on the rocks. Kiba wasn’t least bit worried as he took out ice cubes from the mini-freezer.

Olly couldn’t understand how can Kiba be so relaxed while roaming around the apartment drinking other’s alcohol and fucking someone else’s wife.

"Not even father is so laid back in our home!" Olly muttered to himself.

"Hmm?" Kiba noticed his gaze so he turned back to look at him,"Do you want a drink as well?"

"...." Olly couldn’t bring himself to say anything.

"Come on, think of it as your own home and have a drink," Kiba prepared another glass of drink and placed it in the hands of the petrified Olly.

"Once again thank you," Kiba said before entering the bedroom to join Suzane.

A few minutes later, the sound of moaning was coming back from the room. This time the intensity was far too higher as if Kiba was pushing Suzane beyond her limits.

Outside, Olly was still on his knees with mouth wide open and a glass of scotch on his hands.

"Everything is my fault..."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 94 Gratitude