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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 93 Special Trainer Part III

Chapter 93 Special Trainer Part III

The workout continued in similar fashion.

Without realizing it, Suzane started enjoying Kiba’s instructions. Sometimes she would intentionally make mistakes so that she could touch him.

His chiseled torso would ignite the passion inside her and she knew she admired his body. She wanted to feel his body so bad that she would ask for instructions on her to get him near.

The next day, she noticed Kiba was giving her ’innocent touches’ as well. She would feel his hands on belly, ass and sometimes even cleavage.

There would be no lust on his face as if touches were accidental and purely educational. Suzane didn’t stop him as she waited whether he will take the next step or not.

During the squats, he would be behind her and press his groin on her ass as she squats up and down. She would feel his hardon and that made her wet. She pretended to be ignorant just like him.

Suzane would feel especially aroused during the yoga and stretches as during such times she would feel Kiba’s gaze on her. He would often caress her thighs lightly when he corrected her stretching positions.

She was only wearing shorts so Kiba’s touch would arouse her more then she cared to admit. He would rub up and down her soft flesh in a tantalizing manner as helped her stretch her legs.

"You shouldn’t," Suzane muttered.

"What do you mean?" Kiba said as he rubbed over her thigs and said, "This is important otherwise your muscles would ache."

His hands moved from her soft flesh to the inner of her thighs. She could feel him dangerously close to her pussy which gave her a thrill.

Here she was in a gym, with her friend nearby and a man who was not her husband touching her. The thrill of danger being caught made her nipples erect.

"We need better exercise for you," Kiba said as his hands moved to her pussy. He lightly rubbed her clit through the pant in a circular motion and Suzane felt she would climax if this continued for she was wet like never before.

She was close and waited for his hands to invade her but then he suddenly retracted his hand. Surprised, she opened her eyes and saw Kiba standing up.

"Five minutes on the treadmill," Kiba instructed her.

Suzane didn’t know how to respond as Kiba waited for her near the treadmill. She was waiting for it continued so she was obviously shocked to see it stop.

Her erect nipples were clearly visible through her green sports bra. If one looked closely, they could even see a wet stain mark on her shorts.

"Suzane, are you all right?" Rubie asked as she arrived next to her.

"Yes, I am fine," Suzane said. She understood stopped due to Rubie’s arrival.

She didn’t know whether to be grateful to Rubie for helping her stay faithful or curse her for taking away her pleasure.

Yesterday, Rubie has even asked her to have an affair with Kiba. She has reasoned he would make her workout in a natural way.

Suzane was proceeding towards the natural workout but now thanks to Rubie’s interference it was delayed.

Some twenty minutes later~

Suzane was working on machine fly when Kiba came around her. He was behind the machine helping her handle the load.

When the load would come near her chest, his hands would press her boobs. Suzane couldn’t even complain since he was behind and it seemed like an accidental mistake. Not like she would have complained anyway.

A minute later, she stopped caring about the load as Kiba started pressing her breast. He wasn’t even trying to hide it any longer as he rubbed her tits. His fingers were on her nipples pinching them lightly.

"Ahh!" Suzane let out a small moan. His hands then moved above her cleavage trying to enter inside the bra.

Suzane was both afraid and thrilled as Kiba’s hands finally touched her raw breasts. His hands were warm and she shuddered under his touch.

"They need exercise," Kiba muttered in her ears as he caressed her breasts,"We don’t want them to sag."

"Yes," This was all Suzane could mutter.

"Time up!" Rubie’s voice came from some distance away.

Just like before, Kiba left Suzane’s body much to her disappointment. She has no choice but to end the session and return to the lockers room.


The next day~

"The special instructor is absent so you two have to work out on your own," the female receptionist on the second floor said.

"Why is he not here?" Suzane asked angrily.

"I don’t know," the receptionist answered,"rest assured you will not be charged for today." 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

Suzane gritted her teeth.

"Suzane, are you fine?" Rubie asked.

"Of course," Suzane replied. She knew she has no reason to be angry.

They carried out the gym activities but all the time, Suzane was in a sullen mood.

Suzane looked at herself in the gym mirror. She was at 5’9" with a fair complexion, large breasts, and curly hairs. Her gym bra and shorts complimented her gorgeous curves.

She knew she was beautiful for many men have tried to flirt with her but she never went overboard. There was always a risk of being caught and she lacked the nerves to overstep her marital vows.

Seeing Rubie committing the forbidden act in the gym gave her the guts she lacked. She felt the gym was a safe haven and she knew Kiba was a good lover from what she has seen and heard.

Today she hoped for things to move on from teasing but her lover was missing. She sighed in desperation and moved on to continue her work out.

Rubie glanced at her with a smirk. She was aware why Kiba took a leave today.

In seduction, you have to delay to make the target anticipate. The target has to feel the hunger just like the hunter, and only in such a way can the affair be more fulfilling.

The desperation and longing make it easy for the hunter to carry out the final move without any hurdles.


In the night, Suzane tried her best to make her husband make love with her. Alas, her husband was far too tired from the investigation activities and in no capacity to satisfy her cravings.

"Bastard," Suzane muttered. She was at an age where her body craved for sex but her husband was different.


The next day~

Suzane sighed a breath of relief seeing Kiba was present in the gym.

"Suzane, we need to plan new exercises for you," Kiba said just after she entered the room,"We would discuss in the instructor room."

"Ok," Suzane agreed with more passion then she could tell.

"Rubie, you continue," Kiba instructed her before leaving with Suzane to the instructor room.


"Have a seat," Kiba pointed to the sofa.

"Thanks," Suzane said.

Instead of sitting on the host chair, he sat next to her.

"You are making good progress," Kiba remarked as he put his right hand on her thighs. Suzane felt her heart rate increasing as his hand towards the end of the thigh.

"Are you fine?" Kiba asked. He moved his second hand on the top of shorts and gave it a light pull.

Her cheeks turned red as the shorts tugged down. She was waiting for it to happen from days but now she was nervous.

"We shouldn’t," Suzane muttered in a barely audible voice.

"Shouldn’t what?" Kiba crouched down in front of her thighs and pulled down her gym shorts to the end of ankles.

His eyes were on her white panties. He lightly rubbed her pussy lips through the panties and within few seconds, there was a wet stain.

"Well?" Kiba was surprised, to say the least, "It seems you are not getting enough exercise. We need to change that."

Suzane’s entire face flushed red. She felt a current passed through her as he removed her panties and touched her folded coverings.

Kiba leaned into her and sucked her clit into his mouth. Suzane squealed in delight as his mouth devoured her.

He then proceeded to lick along her slit in a light manner before finally pushing his tongue inside her pussy lips. His tongue danced inside her, sending bolts of lightning throughout her body at the sensation she was desperately missing.

His tongue swirled around to taste her juice. Her hands were running wild on his hairs as his tongue played inside pussy.

Kiba inserted a finger inside her pussy while his tongue continued to lick her pink pussy lips. She gripped his hairs more tightly as his finger moved in and out rapidly.

"Ah..ah yes," Her hips were shaking and pressing tightly allowing Kiba to savor her taste more. She felt fireworks exploding inside her body and her pussy swelled as she reached orgasm.

Kiba’s mouth was full of juices. He slid his face towards her face and pushed her on the sofa tightly as his lips zeroed in hers to give her a tight kiss.

Suzane could taste herself from his lips and he pushed his tongue inside her mouth. She allowed his tongue to explore her mouth and soon her tongue meet his.

Kiba’s hands moved on her breasts caressing them lightly through the sports bra. He then moved on her back to release her free of the bra.

Her blossom was ample with the biggest natural tits Kiba has felt. Her breasts were white complimented by dark nipples which were stiff and hardened by the arousal.

He lowered his head and took her right nipple into his mouth. Suzane titled her head back with eyes shut as Kiba’s mouth sucked on her nipple while his hands squeezed her breasts.

"Suck them," Suzane pressed her boobs on his face. Kiba’s face was pressed between heaven as he greedily licked over them. He moved his mouth from one nipple to another trying to savor her taste.

His hand moved towards her neck and pushed her face below to make her join him. Suzane did what he wanted and they both sucked on her breasts. Soon, their tongues mingled with each other as they licked over her left nipple.

Kiba broke the kiss and took a seat on the sofa as he made Suzane kneel on the floor. Suzane unbuckled his gym trouser and tucked it away.

Even though she was expecting it, she was overwhelmed by the sheer size and thickness of his cock. Suppressing her shock and the excitement, she gripped the end of his shaft with the left hand while her right hand was on the head of the cock.

She jerked his cock for a minute before leaning down with her mouth wide open. She continued to grip the lower shaft of his cock as she bobbed up and down.

"Mmmmm..." She released light moan sound as she sucked on him. Kiba gripped her curly hairs into a ponytail to free her mouth from his cock.

"Your breasts need exercise," Kiba slid his cock between her cleavage. Suzane lowered her head and licked over the head of his cock.

Then she pressed his cock between her breasts. Her tits were like a tunnel where his cock slid in and out.

She was cupping her breasts in her hands and would make one rise up and the other down allowing his cock to lost in the pleasure heaven.

"This is the best exercise for you," Kiba muttered as his cock enjoyed her soft flesh,"We need to do it regularly."

"Yes," Suzane’s tits bounced as his cock tity-fucked her. Kiba shoved his cock with more force as she rubbed her breasts.

The soft flesh on his warm cock made him dangerously close to climax. He controlled himself and gripped her curly hairs.

He pulled her from the floor and pushed her on the table. From behind, he rubbed his cock on her clit.

"Oooo...." Suzane felt a current passing through her as Kiba slowly entered inside her. He was slow and gentle but she felt pain like a tight virgin.

"Ahh," She grimaced in pain with her eyes turning wide. He controlled his hips to slowly slide in as her pussy accustomed to his dick.

Slowly she felt the waves of pleasures from her wet insides as he rammed in her with more force. Kiba was sliding in and out at a faster rate from her back, and as he did, he put his hands on her breasts.

He pinched her nipples as the power of his thrusts increased. The feeling of her soft and firm breasts combined with the warm and wet pussy was bringing him close.

"Oh god..." Suzane’s breathing turned ragged and her entire body was full of sweat. As Kiba rammed into her from behind, she used her hand to rub her pussy.

"I’m close!" She moaned without any care as she lost herself in the land of lust and pleasure.

She felt close to her orgasm again and this time she felt a blinding sensation as she climaxed. Her legs muscles spasmed and jerked while her pussy tightly clenched on his cock as the feelings of orgasm invaded her senses.

Kiba didn’t stop and continue to thrust towards upwards to her deepest depths.

"Fuck..." Suzane rotated her hips last time as Kiba erupted inside her. She froze on the table lost in ecstasy and behind her, Kiba pressed his mouth on her back.


He was huffing loudly as he fell on the sofa back. He looked at her and said,"We need to have a morning session."

Suzane was lying beside him trying to suck on air.

"I have to handle my kids in the morning as they go to school and then there is my husband," Suzane replied.

"I can come to your home after he is out," Kiba suggested. He was ready to skip his classes to get her sweet taste.

"My husband is an investigator," Suzane said with a teasing smile, "He can send you to jail if we are caught."

"You as well," Kiba said unafraid," Besides there are no records of me being your instructor so there is no risk of being caught."

"What?!" Suzane was startled.

She, of course, knew her husband would not expect her to cheat given Rubie was with her. But still, there would be evidence of Kiba being hers and Suzane’s instructor.

"There is a reason why I’m called the special trainer," Kiba pressed his lips on hers, "I make sure my clients can focus on their workout without any troubles."

"What a professional you are," Suzane felt his cock turning hard as it pressed against her hip, "You truly would go to any length for your client?"

"Yes," Kiba pushed her on the sofa with her face towards him, "Client satisfaction is my number one priority."

He slowly entered inside her with his hands on her breasts... The new set of exercises started with more fervor than ever.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 93 Special Trainer Part III