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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 92 Special Trainer Part II

Chapter 92 Special Trainer Part II

Golden Fitness Centre.

Suzane believed Kiba must be truly a good trainer seeing how excited Rubie was.

"Start with foam rolling," Kiba instructed. The women nodded their head and started their activities with foam rollers.

Kiba checked their posture and after making sure they were doing it correctly, he didn’t say anything. The women then proceed with another round of warmup including some light jogging and stretching.

"Rubie, are you following the diet set by your nutritionist properly?" Kiba asked after the warmup was over.

"Yes," Rubie answered. The fitness of a person depended on workout and diet. An absence of any one factor would destroy the balance and result in lower performance.

Rubie wanted to be attractive so she gave special care to both her workout and diet. She will eat only what her nutritionist recommended.

"What about you?" Kiba asked Suzane.

"Same," Suzane replied.

"That’s good," Kiba nodded his head and said, "I’m glad to have such fitness enthusiasts. So let us start."

Both Suzane and Rubie has a set of a different schedule for the gym which they followed now as well. Kiba didn’t change their workout routine and allowed them to proceed.

Rubie was carrying out squats when Kiba came next to her.

"Do it like this," Kiba placed his hands on her waist and corrected her posture as she squats down.

"Ah yes! Help me!" Rubie begged.

"Of course," Kiba squat down with her but his hands continued to remain on her waist to guide her. 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝐚𝚍 𝘤𝘰𝒎

Suzane was lying down on a bench lifting lightweight dumbells over her head. A few minutes later, she completed her set so she turned her face towards her friend and was startled.

Kiba was standing behind Rubie as she squatted. With every rise and fall, she would rub her ass on his crotch through the pants.

Seemingly noticing Suzane’s gaze, Rubie corrected her posture properly. Suzane didn’t say anything as she went towards stability ball.

Rubie, on the other hand, sighed in relief.

"That was close," Rubie muttered in a low voice, "But then again you want her to notice, right?"

Kiba gave her a smile and placed his hands on her ass’ cheeks. He lightly rubbed them in a circular motion.

"It has been so long," Rubie closed her eyes as she enjoyed his fondling on her ass, "I want you to be inside me."

"That would depend on your efforts," Kiba’s right hand traced her back, "Help me to help her so that I can help you."

"Rest assured," Rubie chewed on her lips as she felt his left hand moving towards her pussy, "You will get Suzane."

"Good girl," Kiba’s hand traced over her pussy through the shorts, "You will be rewarded later."

Kiba took back his hands and guided her to the next equipment. Rubie’s face was flushed but she followed his guidelines.

She knew he wanted to use her to seduce Suzane. Only after that would he give her what she wants. Rubie was unhappy with the arrangements but she was helpless.


Kiba has a smirk on his face as his eyes followed Suzane like a predator sizing up his prey. The first step in both hunt and seduction is knowing the target.

Kiba has enough information to classify her in category 1 (broken marriage). She has a dull sex life so she was an easy target but that didn’t mean he can directly volunteer to be her mate. If he did such a thing then he would be in a prison.

The second step was tempting her with what she was missing in life. For this, he was using Rubie by flirting and teasing.

Extramarital sex is considered as a taboo in the society but a woman or a man get easily tempted if his friend or relative is doing the same. In the end, humans have a herd mentality.

Seeing others doing an evil thing gives one a confidence to do the same. There is a faint belief if one is caught then he/she won’t be alone.

To boost her confidence and ensure she isn’t worried about being caught, Kiba has chosen the gym. Suzane will see her friend, Rubie, having a friend with benefits relationship with Kiba without any trouble, which in turn, would tempt her.

A woman wants a faithful and caring man as a husband but a lover is different. The lover has to be charming, wild and devilish.

The more the popular the man is, the stronger is the temptation. It was similar how society is fascinated with the celebrities.

Give a man a choice between an actress and an ordinary girl with similar facial features. Chances are the man would choose the actress even if they have similar features.

The reason was simple: desirability. A star is desired by everyone and if one has the star in their hands, then it satisfies the vanity.

This applied to temptation as well. A woman would more likely have an affair with a ladies’ man than any tom, dick or harry. After all, if you are going to cheat then you want to have the best man out there. This especially was more valid when you are beautiful and you know it.

As the workout continued, Suzane glanced at Kiba and Rubie but there was no more inappropriate touch.

Kiba would occasionally come to guide both Suzane and Rubie. He would help them with choosing the correct speed of the machine and so on.

An hour later, the workout was finished.

"See you tomorrow," Kiba left the room.


Suzane was in the locker room with Rubie changing the clothes.

"Please don’t tell anyone about that," Rubie said suddenly.

"About what?" Suzane asked pretending to be confused.

" know the squats," Rubie’s cheeks were red as she answered. Years ago she was an actress but her skills were still fresh.

"I didn’t see anything," Suzane said with a smile.

"Thanks," Rubie sighed in relief and said, "I owe you one."


The next day.

At the start of the workout, Suzane noticed no inappropriate touches between Kiba and Rubie. Suzane was rather disappointed for she has tried to catch them but with no result.

An hour later~

"Ahhhh!" Rubie cried as she was running on a treadmill.

"What happened?" Suzane and Kiba asked.

"I hurt my leg," Rubie said.

"Let me get you to a doctor," Kiba said. He asked Suzane to continue her workout while he helps Rubie.

Suzane looked on as Kiba gave Rubie support and left the room. She continued with her set of exercise.

Fifteen minutes later, Suzane stopped for she was worried by the absence of Rubie. She left the room and walked towards the medical room.

"Don’t stop! Faster!"

Suzane was startled by the words and the sounds of muffled breathing. She tiptoed to the glass door and her eyes turned wide open.

Rubie was lying naked on the table. Kiba was standing on the floor with Rubie’s legs on his shoulders. He was thrusting inside her at a rapid pace.

"Nothing beat natural exercise," Kiba muttered as his hips pressed forward," the perfect way of a workout."

Suzane looked on as they fucked like rabbits. She saw the pure look of lust on both their faces and she knew they were enjoying without any care at all.

"Yesssss!" Rubie released a cry as Kiba released inside her.

"Clean me," Kiba commanded and Rubie lowered down from the table. She was on knees and licked his cock with her tongue.

"Impossible," Suzane muttered in disbelief as she saw the length and thickness of Kiba’s meat. Earlier she wasn’t able to see since he was inside Rubie but now after they reached orgasm she could see properly.

"He has cummed and yet..." Suzane now understood why Rubie was so excited when Kiba arrived as the ’special’ trainer.

"We better return otherwise Suzane will think something is amiss," Rubie said.

Suzane panicked and she hurriedly left for the workout room.

"You are a good bitch," Kiba gave Rubie’s tits a light pinching.

"Anything for my master," Rubie licked the last drop of cum from his cock before dressing up.


Five minutes later, Rubie and Kiba returned.

Suzane was continuing her workout without letting them anything amiss.

Half an hour later~

Suzane and Rubie walked out of the fitness center.

"See you tomorrow," Rubie said as they arrived at parking.

"Yeah," Suzane absentmindedly said.

"What’s wrong?" Rubie looked at her in confusion, "You are acting strangely from last hour."

"I-it is nothing," Suzane cleared her thoughts and answered.

"Hang on..." Rubie’s mouth turned wide as if she has thought of something, "Did you...?"

Rubie’s face was deep red and she lowered her head in shame.

Suzane understood that Rubie has realized the reason.

"I swear I won’t reveal it to anyone," Suzane placed her hands on Rubie’s shoulders, "Friends always guard each others’ secret."

"I...thank you," Rubie’s head was still low as continued, "It is just that my marriage is not strong lately."

Suzane looked on as Rubie offered multiple excuses like how her husband didn’t give her enough care or how she suspected he was cheating around.

"I understand," Suzane assured her that the secret was safe.

"You should try him," Rubie said a minute later.

"Try?" Suzane was startled.

"You know what I mean," Rubie has a smirk on her face," He really gives good private sessions for perfect fitness."

"....." Suzane didn’t reply.


In the night at Suzane’s apartment.

Suzane was lying on her bed remembering the scenes of Rubie being taken by Kiba. She was aroused but then she looked at the side of the bed which was empty.

Her husband was out today just like other times. He would rarely get free time due to the pressure of investigation, and when he was free, he will be in parties.

When he arrives at the home, he was exhausted. They would make love occasionally but he would stop after he has climaxed.

She would act like she has orgasmed as well to make her husband feel good.

"Damn," Suzane cursed as she started playing with herself...


The next day.

Suzane noticed how Rubie avoided touching Kiba even when he was trying to correct her postures.

"She is too embarrassed due to the yesterday’s events," Suzane thought.

Today was the day she was to follow a set of a new routine, and Kiba guided her on the instructions she has to follow.

Suzane was working on the machine fly when Kiba told her to stop.

"Your elbow should be at a constant angle," Kiba corrected her arms posture and told her to start, "Yes, now you are doing better."

As the workout proceeded, Kiba would guide her properly with the pacing and posture as she followed the new routine.

He would touch her during the process but Suzane felt it was nothing wrong given he was an instructor.

There were times when she would feel his strong arms and chiseled torso during instructions, and she would gulp down. He wasn’t muscular like the bodybuilders but he has perfect six abs and a fit body.

She could well understand how easy it was for someone like him to get the girls. Not only he was well endowed below but above as well.

"A charming face and an awe-inspiring body. He is an enemy to all men," Suzane mused.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 92 Special Trainer Part II