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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 90 Liberation

Chapter 90 Liberation

Sarah was sitting naked on the floor with her eyes closed as she savored the fading orgasm inside her. She was feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure as cum trickled out of her ass.

Behind her, Kiba was standing with sweat all over his body. Days ago he has regretted sparing Daniel but now he believed it was a wise decision.

"Daniel is truly a good guy," Kiba mused. He wouldn’t have been able to take Sarah’s ass if not for Daniel’s ’help’.

"Damn...I can’t even stand properly," Sarah cursed as she stood up from the floor. Kiba was admiring her body but then he felt a palm arriving on his face.

He instinctively backed away to save himself from a slap.

"Is that how you repay someone who helped you?" Kiba asked.

"We could have been caught!" Sarah gritted her teeth remembering how he took her from the back while she conversed with Daniel, "And you even went for anal!"

"I thought we should try something different for celebrating Daniel’s discharge from the hospital," Kiba said with a sincere smile. 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

"You!" Sarah was incensed. The rush of adrenaline has prevented her from guilt but now hearing his words reminded how unfaithful she has been.

"Stop overthinking," Kiba placed his hand on her chin while his other hand adjusted her hairs, "Don’t mistake sexual infidelity as a betrayal towards the love of your life."

"What?" Sarah looked at him in the eyes.

"Humans were never supposed to be monogamous in the first place," Kiba caressed her face to subsidize her anger, "The various encounters in the annals of history can easily prove this to you. Not to mention, loving someone doesn’t mean you can’t seek pleasure elsewhere."

Sarah obviously knew the encounters he was talking about. But that didn’t help her as guilt build up inside her.

She never wanted to cheat on her husband after the last episode but Kiba has made her feel wanted. A woman always desires to be appreciated besides love, and Kiba gave her plenty of appreciation on the bed.

Sure he was dishonest and amoral as far as she was concerned, but in a way, that added a charm to his persona. He has awakened the fantasies she was always suppressing and she knew this was why she allowed him to seduce her today. This made her feel worse for her husband who has been only good to her.

"Why are you not thinking of the bright side?" Kiba could obviously judge her thoughts.

"Bright side?" Sarah was startled.

"Yes, your relationship with your husband has become stronger thanks to me," Kiba said with a smile," As I said before, a relationship is always stronger when there is a competition from the third party. Not to mention your husband enjoyed what trespassed between us last time."

"....." Sarah felt her lips twitching as she remembered the holographic projection where the blonde woman brainwashed her to take service of Wife Pleasuring Service Private Ltd. The blonde woman has even provided her with the ’proof’ of how her husband enjoyed her encounter with Kiba.

"Besides what Daniel doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt him so there is no need to feel bad," Kiba wore his jeans and shoes as he continued, "You already have my business card so contact me for the next session. We can have it anywhere you please to make it easy for you."

Before she could reply, she saw Kiba being enveloped with rays of white light.

"If you want, we can even share sweetness while your husband is nearby," Kiba didn’t forget to pass the final words before he teleported away.

"Fucker," Sarah cursed as she fell on the bed. She knew she would need days before she could walk properly.


Kiba teleported directly to his bedroom in Dream Rise House. He didn’t go to the lab for a checkup since he was fully exhausted.

"So tired," Kiba muttered as he transformed into his Zed form. The next moment he lied down on the bed and fell asleep without changing his clothes or removing the shoes.


The room was opened by a humanoid droid carrying a plate of food.

[[Don’t disturb him]] Claudia passed the command to the droid.

The droid left the room and returned to the kitchen. The food, on the other hand, was transferred to a trash can reserved for food disposal.


Next morning~

After freshening up, Zed wore a white shirt and blue jeans. Claudia didn’t forget to remind him about the silver bracelet so he grudgingly placed it on his right wrist.

[[If you don’t have the bracelet then I am sure Lady Felicity will stop wearing the bracelet we designed for her. You can’t preach to others what you don’t follow.]]

"I know," Zed said before walking out of the bedroom, "Anyways, is the breakfast ready?"

[[It is.]]

Zed moved down the stairs to arrive at the living room. The room has light and airy feel to it thanks to the furnishing and the opening to the waterfall at the end. At the other corner, there was a fireplace.

Zed took a seat around a round black table while two droids served him the breakfast consisting of blueberry coffee cake, herbed egg-potato, tomato-zucchini strata, and olives along with fruits and coffee.

He took a bite from the cake while gazing at the waterfall. There were times when he relished breakfast alone and one such time was now.

As he cherished the breakfast and the scenary, he couldn’t but help think of a certain event long before he gained the cosmic power.

" were right about the dreams," Zed muttered with a smile, "Thank you for the eternal wisdom."

Zed silently completed his breakfast accompanied by no one but the memories...


Southern Hemisphere.

A dune spanned for ten thousands of miles. The strange part of the dune was it was red like blood.

For more than a century, this dune has been known as Blood Dunes. According to popular legends, originally there used to be a kingdom here.

The fall of meteorites changed the geography of this place in the year 1900. Almost a million died under the pressure of the meteorite and their blood transformed into the sand. At least that’s the general belief in this place.

In the present, this land served as a home to mutant reptiles.


A large hovercraft passed through in a high speed avoiding the attacks of mutated scorpions and lizards.

The hovercraft’s speed lowered as it reached the boundary of the dunes now that the attack of mutated reptiles stopped.

"No signs of the bastards from the government," A silver-haired woman on the pilot seat said. She was in the early twenties with spider bites piercing on her lips.

"Alina, well done," A snake-man said, "Your father will be proud to have such a good daughter."

"Count Viper, I’m just doing my job," Alina left her seat and looked at seven men who were next to Viper.

"Are you worried about them?" Viper asked.

"Not really," Alina replied, "Just feel bad to send them on a suicide mission."

"It is not a suicide mission," a man named Rufus refuted, "It is a mission for liberating the world from oppression."

"Of course," Alina apologized to the man, "I’m sorry for calling it by a wrong name."

Rufus could feel there was a tinge of mockery in her voice. Before he could reply, Viper gazed at him with his elliptical pupils. Rufus didn’t dare speak as his body shuddered under the gaze.

"You will meet the sleeper cells at the city," Viper then opened a red suitcase, "Make sure you use this very carefully."

"Yes, sir," Rufus eyed the content of the suitcase: a cylindrical glass pod the size of an adult’s palm.

Inside the pod, there was a blue liquid constantly seething as if trying to break the glass walls.

"You know the dangers if any accident happens," Viper said in a stern tone.

"Yes," Rufus and the other six of his team felt their throats turning dry as they recalled the identity of the blue liquid.

"There are three weeks before the high-rank investigators arrive at the city," Viper repeated the details he has shared previously, "You don’t have to carry out the mission just after they arrive. Bid your time even if it takes months because I am sure the investigators would stay in the city for at least a year."

"Understood, sir," Rufus and others shouted in unison

"Remember you will have only one chance to kick the government in their guts," Viper’s gaze passed on each member of the team, "Make sure they feel the pain forever."

The team nodded their heads.

"Go and do your best for world’s liberation," Viper said as the hovercraft landed on a green prairie at the border of Blood Dunes, "Ignite the world with the flames of revolution."

"We will not disappoint you!" Rufus swore as he along with the team left the hovercraft in bikes.

Alina looked on as the team rushed off in the prairie. She then gave a glance to Viper next to her. He was carrying a hideous smile on his face.

"Some liberation it would be," Alina once again looked at the departing team and sighed inside in disappointment, "Fools rushing towards their deaths."

Alina shook off her head and returned to the controls of hovercraft. She turned it around to start the journey back home...

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 90 Liberation