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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 759: Are you Happy?

Chapter 759: Are you Happy?

While the Phantom Clone was taken aback by Kiba's escape, he didn't forget his goal: saving The Defender.

If the Defender was killed or maimed beyond saving, he would have exposed the secret of Castor Damon for nothing. Everything would be wasted!


Like a ghost materializing in thin air, he appeared before the Defender and flicked his hand. Intangible dark currents rushed out and struck the incoming rotating discs.


Sparks emerged from the clash, and the discs started showing signs of fissures instantly.


Ashlyn stumbled backward, blood leaking from her mouth.

Meanwhile, far away, Kiba spread his arms and took a fresh breath. The poison of Cosmic Armageddon was still coursing through his veins. Still, with the sword no longer penetrating him, his body could finally counter-attack and nullify its effect, albeit slowly.

The hole in his chest began to fill up, and his aura erupted, splashing golden light around him.


On the side, after noticing Kiba recovering up, Agatha sighed in relief.

She glanced at the destroyed wedding venue and then turned back to Kiba.

"When you told me you were going to attend Olly's wedding, I felt bad for him," Agatha confessed.

"But it seems the universe was on his side for once!"

She beamed happily.

"Bad!?" Kiba was baffled. "Shouldn't you have been happy for him?!"

Olly was going to be married! And marriages are celebrated, which is why he was here!

No, wait a minute.

How could she feel the universe was on Olly's side now?!

The wedding was interrupted!

Poor Olly and Kriti were stopped from being a Good Husband and a Good Wife!!

The universe was definitely not on his side!!!


Agatha rolled her eyes.

Did he really not understand what she meant, or was he so thick-skinned to believe that being a Good Husband and Good Wife was a blessing?!

"It's the latter!" Agatha reminded herself. "I should know it by now!"

While she genuinely supported Kiba's dream of spreading happiness, she was glad Olly was saved from that…, at least for the time being!!

"Anyways, who is he?"

She pointed to the Phantom Clone as he defeated Ashlyn and resumed battle with Claudia.

Agatha didn't ask about the Defender as she could see he was Kiba's clone. While she didn't know how it was created or its goals, she could guess it had something to do with the one facing Claudia and Ashlyn.

Kiba's expression turned heavy, and he replied, "A Phantom Clone of the one I thought I had killed long ago."


Agatha was both shocked and confused.

"What is a Phantom Clone?" She asked.

"While all types of clones are hard to create, the difficulty of creating a Phantom Clone is beyond impossible," Kiba explained. "Because unlike other types of clones, Phantom Clones have no materialistic existence. They are incorporeal and yet can unleash their powers in the physical world."

This rare nature of their existence made Phantom Clones hard to defeat. But that didn't mean they were invincible.

Because in the brief time they used their powers, they were susceptible to physical attacks. That was why the Phantom Clone had to dodge Claudia's whip while holding the sword piercing Kiba.

"It's going to be troublesome though... perhaps almost impossible!"

Kiba sighed in frustration.

Just as he expressed his frustration, a voice emerged from the depths of his brain:

"Free me, and I shall get rid of him with this useless world…."

Kiba froze.


He had memories of what Extermination did in Delta City, so he knew in this entire world, perhaps only Extermination could deal with Phantom Clones without a sweat.

After all, the power of Genesis could corrupt both tangible and intangible. The nature of existence didn't matter!

"No thanks," Kiba replied with a smile. "This world might be useless, but it's complemented by beauties with useful holes."


Without waiting for Extermination's response, his body turned into a blur, and he disappeared…


High in the sky, Claudia slashed out her whip, and with a howling sound, it moved downwards like a python hungry for its prey. Just as it was about to strike the Phantom Clone, his body turned illusory and passed right through him.

Simultaneously using his hand like a claw, he grabbed the passing whip, holding it in from the area devoid of thorns. He violently tucked it down, startling its wielder.


Claudia yelped as she was dragged down from the sky. She instinctively decided to let go of the whip.

But before she could, the Phantom Clone slyly let go of the whip, causing it to rebound on Claudia!


The whip hit her on the chest, and she was knocked into the lake, splashing the water around...

"For someone stuck in a lab pod, you sure have lots of battle experience."

Kiba remarked as he appeared above the Phantom Clone. The latter had already sensed his presence and turned illusory while standing close to the Defender.

Kiba smiled at his quick reflexes. He had recovered enough, so he mustered all his strength.

His hair began to expand while massive wings emerged from his shoulder blades.

"Then again, it wasn't battle experience you lacked, but common sense!"

Kiba lifted his hand towards the sky and opened it.


The clouds turned dark and stormy and thundered with lightning. From far away, it seemed like a gigantic beast with lightning-like tentacles was hiding behind the clouds!

The lighting-like tentacles encased together and rushed into Kiba's waiting hand, turning into his trusted aid - the devilish hammer.

The Phantom Clone's body shook. It wasn't from fear but excitement.

All because the hammer radiated the aura of something he almost had: the Cosmic Spark!

The artifact with which he could have done anything he pleased; even create, shape, manipulate, and destroy worlds!

Kiba whirled the hammer before himself, tossing it from one hand to another.

"Tell me, Castor, how do you feel to see this insect enjoying the fruits of your labor?"

Kiba asked with a mocking smile.

The Phantom Clone didn't reply; he couldn't afford to. Because if he did, his damaged brain would collapse from the rage and humiliation he had suppressed so far.

"Are you angry?"

Kiba enquired further.

"Or perhaps happy for you know only I can use this power for the purpose it was created?"

The Phantom Clone flinched.

Kiba dropped the hammer.


It slammed onto the ground with a loud thud, but instead of creating a crater, the landscape of hundreds of kilometers changed.

Skyscrapers of shocking shapes abruptly rose from the ground while the sky twisted into an ethereal haze.

"Reality Warping?" Phantom Clone muttered.

"This is not exactly Reality Warping," Kiba corrected him. "But the future."

The Phantom Clone didn't believe him. He was sure Kiba couldn't use the Cosmic Spark to such an extent. Not even Extermination could!

The Phantom Clone's line of thoughts suddenly stopped when he finally noticed the shapes of the skyscrapers.

Human genitals!

Most were shaped like a penis, while others were in the form of testicles. The doors and gates were all designed in the form of vaginas.

Inside one of such fantastic infrastructure, there were a group of top-ranking female scientists. They were standing before the life-like statue of a golden-haired man whose large cock was the center of their attention…

"We need to decode the biggest secret of this biological wonder!"

The head scientist stressed as she ran her fingers on the statute's cock.

"Only then can we find the way to Eternal Happiness!"

The other scientists nodded.

For thousands of years, this world has been searching for the secret of this cock.

For this reason, everything of importance was built in the shape of this cock. Perhaps after studying it continuously, could they decode its secret and attain every scientist's dream.

And their studies have let them reach a hypothesis: only cunts can lead them to that secret!

That was why all doors were in the form of vaginas. They were the gateway to heaven!

"A world that celebrates knowledge like this is bound to attain prosperity!"

Kiba was in complete awe of these hard-working scientists.

The Phantom Clone was prepared for everything.

But not this!

This shameless slum insect!!

How could he waste this divine power on something so stupid?!

No wonder he's a low-born insect!!!

Likes of him can't attain anything in their lives!!!!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 759: Are you Happy?