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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 757: Makes Sense!

The wedding venue was full of chaos and confusion.

Kiba's clone – The Defender- was baffled by Kiba's stopping the emergence of the Extermination persona with the memories of Suzane's breasts. At the same time, Morgan was amazed by his wife's courage to rescue him in such a violent environment.

But despite what they believed, none of them were really safe.

All because Extermination's attempts to emerge didn't stop. He had almost broken the mental seal, and he wouldn't let Kiba stop him from freedom and his end goal so easily… at least not for protecting something as petty as breasts!

"Trust me, I empathize with your motivation to end this world! But you should do the same with my motivation as well!

"Breasts are the greatest marvel in this world, second to only pussy!!"

Kiba tried to reason with his other persona, but Extermination was in no mood to listen. Extermination began to spread in Kiba's consciousness in the form of gray mist.

Kiba groaned, his body trembling violently as if he was undergoing a seizure. Veins started popping on his forehead, and his nerves bulged from pressure.


He clenched his fists tightly and slammed them on the ground, causing the ground to explode.

In the distance, The Defender leaped up. He didn't know who would emerge, Kiba or Extermination, but it was bad for him regardless.

He was in no state to fight against the winner in his weakened state.

"I need to return to the lab and recover… only then can I protect the goal of Cuckold Union!"

The Defender decided, but Kiba's right hand turned gray as he rushed into the sky, and he twisted it.


The Defender's pupils constricted in disbelief. The sky above him twisted, morphing into a gray palm. The palm seemed infinite, at least in The Defender's eyes as it hit him.


He crashed into the ground like a blazing meteorite, coughing up blood. The palm followed and grabbed him as if he was a broken doll.

"Just need a bit of your energy to defeat my false self…."

The Defender's mind echoed with Extermination's voice, causing his heart to erupt with endless dread.

A bit of energy?!

He only had that much strength remaining, and if Extermination took it, he would die!

Then the fate of future cuckolds and their pure wives would be bleak!

He couldn't let that happen, but he had no strength to resist. A pure mass of black energy rose from his cells, ready to leave his body.


Just then, a shocking boom erupted from the space behind Kiba. The space literally opened up as if it was a curtain, and from it, a figure in a dark hood and robe rushed out.

The figure was holding a cyan sword, and the instant he emerged, he ruthlessly stabbed it into Kiba's back.

Kiba's physical strength, especially with the half emergence of Extermination, was second to none, and conventional weapons couldn't harm him in the slightest.

At least, that was supposed to be the case…


Blood erupted from Kiba's chest like a fountain as the sword emerged. Instantly, his consciousness exploded with raw pain, breaking Extermination's connection with the gray palm.


The palm disintegrated into motes of gray light, and the Defender fell to the ground, pleasantly surprised by the development.

He grabbed a rock and tried to rise…

Kiba felt raw pain wracking through his body. It was sharp and cold, just like the sword in his body, but it was also pleasant for him.

Because this pain was able to stop Extermination's capture of his consciousness, even if only temporarily.

He grabbed the sword tip emerging from his chest and realized why it was able to penetrate his defense.

"Cosmic Armagadon…"

He thought of the rare metal in Celestial Elysian Plane and turned back to see the one wielding it.

The hood made it impossible to see through, but that was no problem for Kiba.

He was able to see through, and what he saw baffled him.

There was no one inside the hood and robe. It was empty!

"Wait… Carole…"

Kiba's mind flashed with Carole – the chief secretary of Hank (the chairman of White Angel Corporation).

Years ago, just before the titan Hyperion "killed" Hope to gain strength and rise from his long slumber, White Angel Corporation had captured Hope and Agatha.

Kiba had defeated Hank and destroyed White Angel Corporation, but Carole escaped from his fury using a clone.

But she wasn't lucky for long as Kiba's fight with Hyperion led to Extermination's awakening.

Extermination first killed Hyperion and then found the real Carole when she was fleeing Delta City. She was accompanied by a hooded figure who tried to do the smart thing when he saw Extermination: run.

The hooded figure's luck was the same as Carole's: becoming a part of Genesis.

"You are a Phantom Clone!"

Kiba's eyes turned bloodshot as the realization dawned on him.

"Ah! Now that explains how you can have such a rare weapon! Or how a clone of mine can be created with the ability to channel power from the Cosmic Spark!"

His expression twisted with murderous rage, but surprisingly, he broke into laughter.

"Hahaha! No wonder someone like Hank could summon an Alpha-rank angel! And no wonder Carole found the courage to go against her gut feeling and scheme against me!

"It all makes sense! You didn't die back then!!!"

Kiba stared into the hood of the Phantom Clone, his lips curving up into a murderous smile. Never had his body been pumped with murderous rage like today.

The Phantom Clone remained silent and only focused on ensuring the sword remained inside Kiba's chest.

"Oh man, I never got this much enlightenment after fucking others' wives as much as I got after seeing you!"

Kiba lifted his bloodied hand and pointed it in the distance where mortified Suzane and Morgan were standing.


Swirls of white light enveloped them, and they teleported away.

"Now it's only us, just like the last time…."

Kiba stopped and glanced at The Defender, who still struggled to rise.

"That's an extra, so I'm wrong…."

Kiba accepted his mistake.

"But man, you must be in a really pathetic state to rescue the clone of someone you despise the most – "

Kiba pointed at himself.

"– This slum insect!"

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 757: Makes Sense!