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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 749: Suzanes Teasing! (R-18)

Chapter 749: Suzane's Teasing! (R-18)

If it was anyone else in Olly's position, they would be jumping in joy at sight in front of them. And how could they not, when the time was frozen for a man and a MILF's reunion!

Not a simple reunion, but the one that will definitely lead to wild sex!

Alas, Olly lacked the manners to appreciate the massive tits smothering Kiba's face! All because the tits belonged to his mother!

He also lacked the courage to praise his mother when she cheated next to her (frozen) husband and hundreds of guests.

Kiba didn't know that. He felt his relative would appreciate the gesture.

"You are enjoying your punishment!"

Suzane complained.

Even though Kiba's face had disappeared between her soft, warm breasts, he was still licking and kissing her.


Kiba shook his head, not wanting the smothering to end.


Suzane smiled and stepped back, pulling her breasts away. Kiba involuntarily groaned, his eyes fixed on her breasts.

"Not letting you approach them would be your biggest punishment!"

She placed her palms under her breasts and made them jiggle.

"I'm right, ain't I?"

She asked while bringing her breasts close to her face. She opened her mouth and wrapped it on her left nipple while still looking at him.

Kiba started drooling. They were the best breasts in the entire world, and he was stupid enough to ignore them for two years.

So he knew he deserved some punishment but not letting him approach them was blasphemy!

Those breasts were made for him!

For his hands, mouth, and cock's appreciation!

"You feel it unfair, huh?"

Suzane let go of her breasts, making them fall spectacularly, and then grabbed them again, teasing him.

"Then what about the unfair treatment my tits and cunt received?"

"I will make up for it," Kiba promised as a tearing sound echoed.

Suzane lowered her eyes in surprise. His cock had burst out of his pants, standing straight like a missile ready to attack.

Suzane felt a twinge of excitement between her legs, and she quickly gripped the engorged cock hard on the base, feeling it throb under her.

"Seems like you will!"

She brought her other hand on the middle of the shaft and started stroking it rapidly, causing it to blur.

Kiba groaned.

Her movements were sending ripples of pleasure through his cock, and made it so hard that he couldn't stand it any longer.

Suzane could feel her teasing working and knew what he wanted. But for the last two years, she wanted the same, yet he didn't give her what she needed. So now she will make him wait.

"When I trained you, I didn't notice the mean streak in you!" Kiba remarked.

"It's your fault!" Suzane replied, her cunt tingling from the reminder of the 'training' she received. "I'm showing withdrawal symptoms!"

"Then let me correct it!" Kiba leaned forward and kissed her.

Suzane kissed back while closing her fingers around the exposed portion of his cock, teasing it.

Kiba retaliated by forcing his tongue into her mouth and grabbing her velvety butt. His touch set her nerves on fire, reminding her once again that he was the trainer and she was the trainee.


She moaned into his mouth, her nerves surging with lust. Helpless but not ready to back down, she swirled her tongue with his and started slobbering into his mouth while jerking his cock at an incredible pace.

"Mom is on equal footing with Kiba!"

Olly stared at his mother with disbelief. She might be a cheating slut, but she was giving a fight to Kiba!

For a moment, he couldn't help but be proud of her!

Perhaps she could even defeat him!

"Wait!" Olly jerked back. "No matter who wins, my dad still loses!"

Suzane didn't have the time to worry about her loving husband. As the kiss continued, she was losing control, and she refused to let Kiba win so quickly.

"I have been mentally training for this day for two years!"

She broke the kiss and slipped down, kissing Kiba on his throat. He was surprised, but she then grabbed his balls and rubbed them before he could act.

Kiba flinched, and in the meantime, she opened his shirt buttons with her mouth. The chiseled chest and the washboard abs she loved so much came in sight, and she started sliding her tongue on them.

Kiba felt an electrifying sensation rushing into him.

"I love your fighting spirit!" He couldn't help but praise her.

Suzane stopped her licking as her face arrived above his cock. She leaned back and kneeled down properly, bringing her mouth close to the crown of his cock.

Her warm breath grazed the exposed skin, and she felt it twitch.

Grinning, she grabbed the crown of the cock and looked at Kiba.

"You want to thrust it in my mouth, right?"

Suzane asked while stroking it very slowly.

Kiba nodded, his cock waiting to drip into her wet mouth. It clearly remembered just how good it felt to be coated by her saliva.

"But then what about my breasts?"

Suzane let go of his cock and lifted her breasts.

"They will do it as well!" Kiba answered quickly.

Suzane's grin spread further. She knew his answer long before he spoke.

He loved nothing more than her breasts, and she was really proud of them.

They were the biggest, softest, yet firmest pair out there!

"What do you want me to do with them?" Suzane asked.

"Cup them and squeeze them around my cock" Kiba answered.

"Like this?" Suzane brought her breasts on either side of his cock.

"Yes!" Kiba nodded. "Now squeeze them!"

"But if I don't want to squeeze and do this instead?"

Suzane let go of her breasts again and grabbed the middle of his cock.

"Damn you!"

Kiba cursed, but then she surprised him by guiding the tip of his cock to her right breast. Her nipple was aroused, and she pressed it against the slit of his cock.

A current of pure bliss rushed into Kiba, and his head snapped back.

Suzane felt his happiness through the slit of his cock. Shiny, droplets of precum oozed out and glued to her nipple.

"You like my nipples, don't you?"

Suzane slapped his cock on her other breast, making it bounce while taking the precum-covered nipple between her mouth.

She latched onto it, savoring the taste she had missed for the last two years. Her heartbeat increased, and her face flushed with warm blood.


She desperately wanted more and couldn't help but zoom her lips close to the source. Just as she was about to kiss it, she recalled her years of mental training and leaned back.

She would taste it to her heart's delight but not before…

"What will you give me for the feel of my warm mouth and my big titties?" Suzane asked.

"Other than orgasms, you mean?" Kiba asked with a smile.

Suzane nodded and cupped his balls. She knew she was in control, at least for now, and could get anything she wanted from the man the world feared.

"Let's see…."

Kiba looked in the direction of the staircase. There Olly has closed his eyes and shut his ears. But Kiba's focus wasn't him; instead, it was his frozen fiancée.


The woman Olly was going to marry tomorrow.

She was young, slender, tall, and beautiful….

While her breasts weren't even half of Suzane's, that didn't take away from her attractiveness.

Kiba brought his eyes back on Suzane, who was busy teasing his balls.

"…How about your first threesome with a young, sexy woman?"

Kiba asked, and Suzane's face instantly turned red. She visualized a young woman joining Kiba to service her big breasts.

"Oh, God!"

A surge of excitement burst through her, tantalizing her, as she dreamed two mouths sucking on her breasts and attending her holes.

"I take that as a yes?" Kiba enquired.

"Yes!" Suzane screamed. "Hundred times yes! You really know how to make a woman happy!"

"I will do anything to see my customers happy," Kiba smiled.

He was glad he could make up for his mistakes.

Satisfied, Suzane lifted her breasts and threw her spit on them, making them wet and slippery. She took Kiba's cock in between and started working her boobs up and down…

Some distance away, Olly opened his eyes to take a sneak peek.

He only wanted to see if the nightmare was over but noticed it had just started.

"Mom is nourishing the incredible weapon of the devil with the breasts that nursed Loren and me!"

Olly once again shut his eyes...

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 749: Suzanes Teasing! (R-18)