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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 748 Kiba’s Apology!

Chapter 748 Kiba's Apology!

Lord Elliot was in a state of shock as he started reading Saving Wives – Year 1 Plan; the plan Kiba wanted him to implement on his behalf.

When he came to the second point, his jaw dropped to the floor.

Taxing husbands to finance their cuckoldry?! And even terming it as Good Husband Tax!?

You got to be kidding with me!

Lord Elliot tried to calm down and resumed reading the letter. He was sure the other points would be reasonable, and if they weren't reasonable, they couldn't be more outlandish than point #2.

But he came to regret his optimism as he read point #3.

[3. For Marriage Vows, husbands have to solemnly swear to do everything it takes to turn their wives into Good Wives. Any marriage without this will be considered a grave offense.]

"............….." Lord Elliot's lips quivered.

He might be a World Councilperson, but he was an old man whose thinking was conservative. And to see the concept of marriage corrupted like this, his heart screamed with unspeakable fury.

Still, he didn't let the anger show. So he put the letter down. He felt reading the remaining points would destroy his old heart.

He looked at Kiba, and the latter smiled.

"What do you think? My plan will help women, right?"

Kiba asked sincerely.

".............." Lord Elliot tried to smile.

After all, he has to be polite towards his fellow councilman, especially towards Kiba, as he joined just minutes ago. But that was a challenging task to do.

"Lord Elliot?" Kiba was surprised by his silence. "Is something wrong with my plan?"

"Ah, no," Lord Elliot was forced to say. "Your plan is extraordinary. I'm sure it will help women fight patriarchy and make the world a better place to live."

After saying it, he grabbed the bottle of scotch and started drinking from it.

Olly was dumbstruck. Why was Lord Elliot behaving like this?!

"Thank you!"

Kiba was quick to express his gratitude.

"Even though the plan is mine, it's wrong for me to take credit when you are the one going to enforce it. So I have decided to rename the plan as Lord Elliot's Strengthening Marriage Act."


Lord Elliot choked.

The scotch in his mouth burst out while the bottle in his hand fell.

Naming the plan after me!?


You are the one going to take all the benefits of the Act, but want me to become the target of all the anger and contempt!?

No way in hell does I want this!

Lord Elliot wanted to scream this out loud, but his blood pressure was so high that he couldn't utter a single word.

"Thank you for allowing me to honor you," Kiba continued with a smile. "Now, I don't have to feel guilty."

Lord Elliot stupidly stared at Kiba.

"Well, sir, it was nice meeting you," Kiba said while rising to his feet. "If there isn't any other business to discuss, please allow me to settle my other tasks."

Lord Elliot remained silent for a long time. He was just too stupefied to speak.

Internally though, he was full of regret. He wished he hadn't volunteered to invite Kiba to the Council.

But there was no pill for regret.

"We will be leaving as well," Lord Elliot replied. "The World Government will contact you to fulfill the formalities."

Kiba nodded.

Lord Elliot waved his hand, and streams of crimson energy burst out, enveloping him and Olly. The next moment they disappeared.

Claudia returned to the room same time.

"That old man is really a great guy," Kiba remarked. "He understood the greatness of my plan, unlike you."

[[…I'm sure he did.]]

Claudia was too tired to reply sarcastically.

[[So you have finally become a part of The Council,]] Claudia observed. [[Just like you planned.]]

"Well, it wasn't exactly a plan," Kiba replied while making himself another drink.


Claudia nodded and then glanced at the invitation card on the table

[[What do you plan to gift to Olly and his bride Kriti?]]


Kiba answered with a warm smile.

"Lots of happiness!"



Two days later.

Morgan has chosen a high-end resort for his son's lavish wedding. The resort was spread over 100 acres of sprawling land, with mountains and waterfall as its natural backdrop.

Presently, the venue was filled with hundreds of guests who had arrived to participate in the two-day event wedding. The waiters served them with crystalline wine as they greeted Morgan, his beautiful wife Suzane, and Kriti's parents.

"I can't wait for tomorrow!"

On the first floor of the resort, Kriti exclaimed as she observed the guests through the window.

"Neither can I!" Olly remarked with a bashful smile. "My beautiful bride!"

Kriti turned towards him and smiled. They looked at each other and slowly started losing themselves in the moment.

Olly leaned forward and brought his lips close to hers. Kriti closed her eyes in anticipation. So far, whenever they tried to kiss, someone or something would spoil the moment.

But not today!


"IS THAT….!?"


"Oh, God!"

Suddenly, many noises started erupting from down below, startling Olly and Kriti. They were just a hairsbreadth from their first kiss.


Olly cursed and looked outside to see the source of the commotion. Kriti did the same, her brown eyes widening in disbelief as she saw a golden-haired man landing on the entrance.

"That's… Kiba!?" Kriti exclaimed.

"Yes, that's him," Olly replied nonchalantly.

"You aren't surprised by his arrival?!" Kriti asked.

She has heard he was invited but felt a man of such divine powers wouldn't attend their wedding.

"No," Olly replied bitterly. "I was sure he would arrive."

He couldn't tell his future wife that he had developed a sixth sense regarding Kiba's visits.

"Wow!" Kirti looked at her husband with starry eyes. "He must really hold you in high esteem for you to be so sure!"


"Let's go down and meet him!" Kriti grabbed his hand and rushed out. Olly could only follow…

… 𝓲𝚗𝑛r𝗲a𝒅. 𝓬𝗼m

As Kiba started walking into the venue, the guests proceeded to kneel to express their respect.

"Oh please, don't," Kiba motioned his hand, and the guests felt a force straightening their bodies. Since they couldn't kneel, they bowed down. They have to express respect even if Kiba doesn't want them to.

Kiba sighed and turned towards the direction of the hosts, his eyes landing on Morgan.


Morgan's throat turned dry, and he bowed. He prayed Kiba wouldn't remember his attempts to humiliate him in the Delta City.

"You must have swindled a lot of money to rent such a beautiful property!"

Kiba remarked.

"And I thought you were an honest investigative officer!"

"….!!!" Morgan's body shook, and he tried to come up with a response. "N-no, sir…I didn't…."

"Relax, friend," Kiba stopped him with a smile. "I was pulling your leg. I know just how honest and hard-working you are."


Morgan's eyes brightened.

The Alpha that has shaken the world order was calling him a friend!

It was unbelievable but true!

"Oh, my dear Olly! It's all because of you that an Alpha considers me as his friend!"

Morgan internally thanked his son as his chest automatically swelled with pride.

Kiba's eyes moved from Morgan to the woman beside him. She was in a red maxi dress, her shiny cleavage clearly visible.

"Lady Suzane, it has been a while."

"It has, Mr. Kiba," Suzane replied rather angrily. "So gracious of you to finally appear."

"!!!!!" Morgan was shocked by his wife's tone.

"Oh, God! I'm doomed! How could I forget that my wife hates Kiba!?"

Morgan recalled their frosty relationship, and a chill ran down his spine.

"Not even his status can change her attitude! She will get us killed!!"

Kiba's expression turned somber, and his eyes met Suzane's. He saw the genuine anger in her eyes, which only made his face more rigid.

It was at this moment that Olly and Kirti arrived down.

Just as they took the last step and looked at Kiba, the time seemed to slow down. No, it seemed to come to a standstill.

The leaves in the air froze, as did the birds in the sky and the humans on the ground.

Suzane noticed everyone and everything around her pausing. She glanced at Kiba, but before she could enquire, he did something that shocked her to the core.

Like a bolt of lightning, he rushed to her and planted his face between her breasts.

"I missed them so much!"

He grabbed the best pair of tests he had ever enjoyed and squeezed them tightly on his face.

Suzane moaned as a tingling sensation erupted between her legs.

"I'm so sorry for not attending them for such a long time!"

Kiba apologized while ripping apart the dress material obstructing the tits he loved so much.

Before she could respond, he took a mouthful of her tit-flesh and started sucking hard.

It was so soft and yet so firm.

His hunger grew, and he tried to take more of her breast between his mouth.

"Aah!" Suzane threw her head back and moaned.

"Please forgive me!"

He nibbled on her enormous breasts, sucking on them like a hungry child, coating them with his saliva.

"I forgive you!"

Suzane was moved by his sincerity. But that didn't mean she wouldn't punish him a bit for leaving her breasts for so long.

She grabbed the back of his head and pushed him harder against her breasts. It was like she was smothering with a giant, soft pillow, but Kiba didn't complain.

He was ready to be suffocated if it meant Suzane's forgiveness….

"What the hell is happening!?"

Some distance away, Olly was frightened out of his wits. His fiancée was standing next to him like a statue, her leg in the air.

Trying to make sense, he turned to his father but was shocked to see Kiba next to his father, nibbling on his mother's heavenly tits.


Olly's heart jumped to his throat.

He had ensured his father never learned about his mother's cheating, but now… everything was over!

His life was over!!

"Oh wait, dad is also a statue!"

Olly's heart settled down.

"Everyone has been frozen except for mother and Kiba… them being not statue makes sense, but why me as well!?"

Olly wanted to ask.

If Kiba was going to fuck his mother, couldn't he do without letting him know!?

Kiba's eyes shifted towards him even as he bit down on his mother's breasts.

"You are my relative! How can I use my power on you!?"

He seemed to say as he feasted on Suzane's breasts.

Suzane didn't notice, but Olly had enough experience to understand Kiba's muffled words amidst the moans and groans of pleasure.

And it made him cry.

He didn't want such special treatment from Kiba!

Because now he was struck in watching another episode of motherfucking...!!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 748 Kiba’s Apology!