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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 747: Invitation to The Council

Chapter 747: Invitation to The Council

In the tower, Olly and Lord Elliot stared at Kiba.

"Are you alright?" Lord Elliot asked.

"Ah yes," Kiba opened his eyes and replied. "I felt unwell for a second, but now I'm good."

The sudden surge of power he felt from the Cosmic Spark disappeared in just a minute. So he concluded that Spark must have leaked energy due to some disturbance.

Alas, the reason was different.

His clone created by the Cuckold Union was back to sleep. So its connection with the Cosmic Spark closed as there wasn't any power demand.

"That's good to hear," Lord Elliot smiled.

On the side, Olly bitterly smiled.

No, it wasn't good.

When he saw Kiba's abrupt change in complexion, he had felt a brief moment of hope. Now it was crushed… again!

"The Creator must be having fun at my expense."

Olly realized that fate enjoyed giving him false hope.

"Lord Elliot," Kiba leaned back in his chair and said. "Surely, there must be another reason for you to be here."

"Oh, there is, but it barely deserves any mention in front of our dear Olly's wedding."

Lord Elliot patted Olly's shoulder as he said this.

"That's true," Kiba agreed. "Nothing can be more important than the wedding of the century."

Olly fidgeted in his chair.

He imagined what it would take for his wedding to become the wedding of the century: His mother and female guests getting fucked by Kiba during the reception, dinner, nuptials, etc.…

"Still, since you asked, I do wish to share my reason," Lord Elliot resumed. "I want you to join the Council."

"The Council… the World Council?!" Olly jolted.

Lord Elliot nodded while looking at Kiba. And as he expected, Kiba showed no reaction to his words.

For the world, such an invitation will be shocking, but it was neither shocking nor surprising for someone of Kiba's level. It was only natural.

"Any terms and conditions?" Kiba asked.

"Every councilperson enjoys total autonomy and immunity over their actions," Lord Elliot replied. "Furthermore, they get to use every resource of the World Government as they please."

"But?" Kiba smiled.

There was no free lunch in this world.

"Nothing much," Lord Elliot joined his hands and leaned forward. "Just that councilpersons are obliged to resist Lizeana or any existence that threatens the foundation of the World Government."

Kiba's smile spread further, and he said, "That's it?"

"Yes, but you seem to be doubtful," Lord Elliot noted.

"Well, I seem to recall Ice Queen breaking free Legacy Masters," Kiba explained. "I'm sure that will definitely threaten the World Government, sooner or later."


Lord Elliot sighed.

"Yes, her actions put us in a spot, but she enjoys immunity…."

Lord Elliot took a pregnant pause. He remembered Kiba had fought with her, so he was aware of the real reason as well.

"And she is powerful to boost. So we couldn't afford to alienate her."

"Hmm…" Kiba looked outside the window and focused on the ocean miles away from the city. "You have Atlantis, so power shouldn't be a problem, right?"

Lord Elliot followed Kiba's line of sight before shaking his head.

"Atlantis is not really with us. King Poseidon might be a part of the Council, but he's free from the obligations."

Kiba was surprised but not shocked. He has always expected something like this.

"So it's safe to assume Poseidon is really the strongest person in the world?" Kiba asked.

"Yes," Lord Elliot nodded.

"It means I can't put my sight on his wife yet…." Kiba let out a bitter sigh. "How unfair."

"Excuse me, what did you say?"

Lord Elliot wondered if his ears had been damaged.

He was sure Kiba would be expressing his awe of Poseidon. That made sense, given the flow of conversation so far.

But what he heard was something about Poseidon's wife. 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

Surely he must have heard wrong, right!?

"I have learned from reliable sources that the Queen of Atlantis is living in misery! She's facing domestic violence!"

Kiba explained with a righteous expression.

"Naturally, as a feminist, I want to rescue her and bring her some joy!"

"……………………………….." Lord Elliot's jaw dropped from pure shock.

He was a member of the Council and had access to the best intelligence sources in Atlantis!

Yet why was it that he was hearing about this domestic violence issue for the first time?!

Furthermore, Poseidon didn't seem like an abusive husband at all!

On the side, Olly was excited.

"Queen of Atlantis – Anthea- is supposed to be as beautiful as Ice Queen!

"But I'm sure for Kiba, she's more attractive than Ice Queen!

"Because she is a mother!

"And Kiba loves nothing more than MILFs!

"So if he puts his sight on her, he will be too busy to fuck my mother ever again!"

Even though Olly had lost hope many times, it once again revived in his heart.

He clapped his hands and shouted, "Please rescue Anthea!"

"I will!" Kiba assured Olly. "Just give me a few years!"

Lord Elliot's back broke into a sweat.

A few years!?

Was he out of his mind!?

Doesn't he realize "rescuing" Anthea would lead to a war of epic proportions?! It will destroy everything!

Lord Elliot suddenly felt inviting Kiba to the Council wouldn't be wise.

"Ice Queen was a disaster to the Council… but he will be even worse!"

Lord Elliot's mind flashed with enlightenment.

He opened his lips to take back the invitation, but before he could, Kiba spoke.

"I accept the invitation."

"…….!!!!!!" Lord Elliot's hands trembled.

"But please note that I'm only doing it to advance the cause of Anthea and countless women like her."

Kiba continued, his voice filled with righteousness.

"While I can't rescue Anthea for now, I want to help other wives. And I think joining the Council will help me bring justice!"

Kiba waved his hand, and a paper appeared before Lord Elliot. The latter took it and was dumbfounded by its title.

[Saving Wives Plan – Year I]

Lord Elliot looked at Kiba, too shocked to even utter a word.

"Since I'm new to the Council, I don't know how to use its power," Kiba explained. "So I want you to do it on my behalf."

"…." Lord Elliot brought his eyes back on the paper.

[1. Introduce the concept of Wife Happiness in all curricula. Teach male students the advantages of being a Good Husband.]

[2. Introduce Good Husband Tax to build Happiness Center in every district.]

"Happiness Center?" Lord Elliot blinked.

He recalled Kiba was the Chairman of Happiness Inc – the conglomerate running Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd, Mistress Massage Center, Female Empowerment University, and dozen other subsidiaries.

"He wants husbands to finance their cuckoldry?!"

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 747: Invitation to The Council