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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 746: Cuckold Unions Terrifying Achievement!

Chapter 746: Cuckold Union's Terrifying Achievement!

While Kiba accepted Olly's wedding invitation, far away, in the laboratory of Cuckold Union, war shouts echoed.

"Praise the Cuckolds!"

"Long Live the Cuckolds!"

"All Hail the Union!"

Everyone was shouting in excitement, but Alan remained nonchalant and calm. The cries were for him, for the organization he founded, but it didn't matter to him.

In fact, nowadays, nothing really mattered for him to get excited or angry about.

And that was all thanks to his experience in Infinity Maze.

Witnessing the woman he loved fucked by Kiba and his epic failure to stop them eventually brought him into a transcendent state. He was now free from the emotional barriers.

Slowly the war cries subsidized, and Alan resumed his address.

"Kiba believes he wrote our fates, and he isn't wrong. He's a God, after all."

Alan said as a matter of fact.

"A God believes he has every right over the mortal world. Kiba is no different.

"That's why he brazenly fucked the women we loved – in ways we couldn't even dream of – and simultaneously pushed us into the abyss of despair.

"But Gods are prone to arrogance and thereby mistake. Kiba is no different.

"After getting our wives' holes and pleasing himself to his heart's content, he forgot about us. He believed our roles ended after he stopped writing… but he's wrong!"

"He's wrong!" The crowd of men echoed. "He's wrong!"

"And the proof of him being wrong is behind us."

Alan pressed an option on the virtual screen, and the wall behind him opened up, revealing a high-tech section.


Alan tapped on another option, and a large glass pod rose up, connected with countless tubes and wires.

The pod was filled with a golden, honey-like liquid, and a naked man floated amidst it like a baby in the mother's womb.


The crowd of men gasped, their eyes flashing with the face of the naked man.

His features were striking – like the god of seduction- something they knew far too well.

And how can they not?

The naked man's face was the same as the one who crushed their hearts and pushed them into the abyss of despair.


Except for his black hair, everything about this floating man was the same as their source of biggest nightmare!

"All Hail the Union!" The men cried with happiness. "We are going to succeed!"

Alan ignored the cries and stood before the glass pod. He ran a hand over it, and the man's eyes snapped open.

They were fully golden, just like how Kiba's eyes appeared when he summons Evolution Domain.

Far away, in the tower, Kiba assured Olly that he didn't mind postponing Eden visit for his wedding.

"Please don't!" Olly broke into tears.

He didn't want Kiba there, fucking his mother!

"It's your marriage, so how can I not?" Kiba asked with a smile.

He wanted to bless Olly's happiest day.

"Besides, we are relatives! So this is the least I can do for you…!!"

Suddenly, a chill raced down his spine, and the fine hair on his neck stood up. Simultaneously, the power released from the Cosmic Spark multiplied by two.

"What the hell?!"

Kiba was taken aback.

The Cosmic Spark continuously released its power into his bloodstream in the form of a bolt of lightning.

Now there were two bolts of lightning.

But he felt only one bolt in his bloodstream! Another bolt was nowhere, even though it was rushing out from the Cosmic Spark!

"I'm not imagining it, am I?"

Kiba closed his eyes.

Lord Elliot was confused by Kiba's sudden change in complexion.

"Is he alright?"

Meanwhile, in the laboratory of the Cukold Union.

The glass pod flashed with streams of golden lightning. The lightning rushed into the naked man's body, and the glow in his eyes turned dazzling.

"One man can't defeat a God," Alan said as a matter of factly. "But a group of men bonded by fate can!"

The men behind him yelped in agreement, their eyes brimming with tears. The tears were the proof of their hard work taking fruition.

"Kiba underestimated us as cuckolds!"

A man in the crowd clenched his fists.

"But now he will regret it forever!"

He recalled how Kiba used to fuck his wife regularly in front of him; how he would be ordered to clean it after Kiba deposited a massive load in his wife's cunt.

He hated doing that, but after joining the Union, he proudly did.


Because he knew Kiba's cum would get him the revenge!

After all, the cum carried Kiba's essence, genetic matter, and DNA!

"My bitch wife would taunt me after getting creampied by Kiba!"

Another man in the crowd said with anger.

"Now I'm glad she enjoyed creampies!"

"Me too!"

A man in his late thirties added proudly.

"My wife would love to take his load in her mouth and then kiss me with it! I'm really happy she did!"

"My girlfriend and my mom loved sandwiching his cock between their breasts and then make him cum!"

A youngster revealed.

"I'm glad they made me clean their breasts! I really am!"

The other men also shared their stories of cuckoldry that contributed to the present success.

"I'm proud of you all."

Alan said with a slight smile.

"With your dedication and hard work, you have made Cukold Union a force to reckon with."

The crowd of men cheered.

… … … …

"Unbelievable! The men broken by the slum insect really succeeded! Hehehe!"

At the same time, hundreds of kilometers away, terrifying laughter burst deep from the mountain chain that bordered the State of Avalon.

"I might have helped them secretly, but even then, this is unbelievable! Hehehe!"

The laughter slowly died, but a faint voice murmured deep inside the mountains.

And its source was a charred brain floating in an experiment pod!

The brain of the legendary scientist Castor Damon!

"It's ironic, though! Not even the titan Hyperion was able to defeat him! But now he will be defeated by the byproduct of his biggest dream!"

Castor Damon's brain slowly re-entered sleep… But unlike previous times, it was with hope for a better day!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 746: Cuckold Unions Terrifying Achievement!