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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 745: Moved!

Chapter 745: Moved!


As the sun rose over the City of Arcadia, Kiba let out a dramatic sigh. He hadn't slept after his confrontation with Martha and Ice Queen, so he felt tired, not only physically but mentally as well.

"Fighting is really an exhausting task!"

He complained while teleporting inside his private bar. Claudia was already there, pouring whiskey for him.

[[So is sex, but I never see you complaining.]]

Claudia retorted.

Kiba flinched.

He internally cursed her and took a seat. She handed him the drink and sat across him with folded hands.

[[Oh wait, you do complain about that as well by saying just how much work you have to do alone!]]

Claudia added.

"….." Kiba did his best to ignore her and seeped whiskey.

Claudia wouldn't stop, though. It was hard to find opportunities to roast him, and she wouldn't give up the golden opportunity now.

A few minutes later, Kiba's face turned red.

"…Just what will it take for you to stop!?" Kiba asked.

[[Death, sir.]]


Kiba stared at her. She stared back at him.

Sadly it was Kiba who had to break the eye contact. He couldn't win against her.

[[You are lucky, sir. Guests are here.]] Claudia rose to her feet. [[And since I know you will want to meet them, I have allowed them entry.]]

"Guests?" Kiba asked, but she disappeared in a flash. Just then, he sensed a familiar presence and another unfamiliar presence outside.

The latter was extremely powerful, and even though it was contained, Kiba was surprised by the sheer force it was holding back.

He turned around, and the door opened.

Lord Elliot stepped in, accompanied by nervous Olly.

"Wow! Olly! It's really you!!"

Kiba exclaimed with genuine disbelief.

"K-Kiba… I mean, sir," Olly fidgeted. "It has been a while. I hope we didn't disturb you…."

"Oh, come on, Olly! Don't be so formal!"

Kiba was offended.

"We are partners!"

Lord Elliot's eyes twinkled.


He glanced at Olly, who he had believed was rather unremarkable.

"This kid must have some unique ability or talent!"

Lord Elliot thought in his heart.

Olly, though turned stiff.

Because whenever Kiba was fucking his mother, he would rely on Olly to distract his father. That's what made them partners.

Olly wished he could dissolve this partnership…

"Anyways, why are you two standing?" Kiba asked. "Have a seat."

Lord Elliot nodded and nudged Olly, breaking him from his trance.

"Sir—I mean Kiba," Olly started after gathering his thoughts. "This is Lord Elliot."

"Ah! Lord Elliot! A Councilperson!"

Kiba exclaimed.

"It's an honor to meet you."

"Please, honor is mine," Lord Elliot smiled.

"So, what brings you here?"

Kiba grabbed glasses and a bottle of premium scotch. He made drinks quickly and placed them in front of Olly and Lord Elliot.

"Nothing much," Lord Elliot graciously accepted the drink. "This kid was planning to invite you, and I was shameless enough to tag along."

"Invite?" Kiba was startled. "For what exactly?"

"M-Marriage…" Olly took out the invitation card and handed it to Kiba.


Kiba opened the card and was taken aback when he read the groom's name.


He was getting married?!

Kiba was astonished… no, he was shocked.

Deep in his heart, he felt that Olly might not like him for some reason.

But seeing the card and hearing Lord Elliot's words, he realized he was wrong.

Olly liked him!

He considered him a relative and not just a partner!

Otherwise, why will he invite him to his special day?


Kiba's eyes watered up.

Lord Elliot was shocked.

The devil personified was getting emotional?!

He glanced at Olly, his impression further moving up.

"Your wedding is on the 10th?!"

Kiba's voice suddenly turned dull.

"Yes…" Olly replied, confused.

"Damn! That's the day I had to leave for Eden!"

Kiba placed the card down.


Lord Elliot and Olly's jaw slacked.

Did they hear it right!?

Surely it can't be!

Eden was Heaven on Earth, but it was also no man's land!

Anyone who tries to step into its boundary would be killed!

Not even an Alpha was an exception!

"Yeah, Ice Queen wanted me to take a vacation there," Kiba replied nonchalantly. "I couldn't say no…."

Lord Elliot's elderly face twisted with disbelief.

Surely he must be lying!

There was no way the legendary Ice Queen would allow a man on her isle!

Forget a vacation there!!

But… there was no way Kiba would lie either, right?!

Eden was taboo, and one couldn't lie about it, definitely not something like a trip!

Lying about it would only bring shame and ridicule!

Olly's face brightened up.

He was sure Kiba wasn't lying.

If any man could step on Eden, it was Kiba!

After all, it was his specialty to step into forbidden areas and explore virgin soils!

And this made Olly's heart jump with excitement.

If other males – or even females – knew Kiba would take a vacation in Eden, they would be bursting with rage and envy!

But not Olly!

He was happy, genuinely happy!

Because it meant Kiba wouldn't attend his wedding!

That meant his mother wouldn't be fucked!

Olly couldn't contain his happiness. His lips curved up into a radiant smile.

"Fuck Eden!"

Kiba suddenly exclaimed.

"It can't be important than your big day!"

Olly's eyes popped out.

Surely, he couldn't mean….

"Olly, my friend, don't you worry," Kiba placed a hand on Olly's shoulder. "I will be there."

Olly started crying.

Lord Elliot was shocked. He knew what type of man Kiba was and his love for beautiful women.

Yet he was delaying his trip to every man's wet dream… just for the sake of Olly?!

He turned to Olly and noticed him crying.

"If I was in his place, I too would be moved by Kiba's actions!"

Lord Elliot was genuinely jealous of the bond Kiba and Olly shared.

… … … …

Meanwhile, far away in the State of Avalon, Alan – husband of Katherine and father of Sophia- stepped into what seemed to be a high-tech laboratory.

There were already more than a hundred men there, waiting for his arrival. Their faces were filled with excitement and seeing Alan, they couldn't contain it.


The men bowed down. They shared the same fate as Alan, but his standing was above them.

And how can it not?

He has founded the organization they were part of – The Cuckold Union!

It has sent ripples over the world in just a short span, shocking many established powers. But that wasn't important.

What mattered to them was what the organization did for men like them – igniting hope!

Alan nodded nonchalantly and stepped on the raised platform.

"Today is a big day for our organization," Alan started addressing his fellow men. "Our efforts are finally taking fruition."

"All Hail the Union!"

A man suddenly shouted, and others echoed his cry.

"All Hail the Union!"

"All Hail the Union!"

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 745: Moved!