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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 743 - Wedding Is Near!

Chapter 743: Wedding Is Near!

Martha was shocked by Ice Queen"s Ok…no, she was more than shocked. She was terrified.

With just one word, the sacred law of Eden was destroyed.

The rule that made men terrified to even glance in the direction of Eden was gone… so what if it was only for Kiba?

An exception to the law made the law useless!

The same was now.

Sooner or later, Kiba will step in Eden and pollute the holy land with his wickedness!

"Oh god! It"s my fault! Eden is done for!"

Martha"s body broke into sweat.

Kiba had destroyed female universities with his sinister ways, so how will Eden full of women survive?!

It was just a matter of time before his Ass Breaker impaled them and made them scream for their lives!

"If I hadn"t taken the Realm Treasure and came here, none of this would have happened!"

Martha"s heart brimmed with despair.

In the distance, Savi"s eyes widened, but instead of despair, it was with excitement.

"A man will be on Eden!"

She almost clapped her hands but controlled herself.

"It will be so exciting!"

Until now, she regretted Martha"s fight and her bitter defeat. But now, she was glad. If not for Martha, none of this would have happened!

"Well, if you want me to take a vacation in your kingdom, how can I be impolite?"

Kiba said to Ice Queen while ignoring the despair of Martha.

Ice Queen ignored his comment and looked at him. She didn"t speak, but her eyes did.

Now that the deal was made, it was time for him to let Martha go.

"Ah, right," Kiba nodded and lifted Martha in front of him. "Just give me a minute."

He brought his eyes on Martha"s cleavage where Realm Treasure protruded out.

"What you want is impossible."

Ice Queen"s voice rang in his mind just as he thought of pulling it out.

He liked this wonderful treasure, and she knew why: it was related to how the Cosmic Spark was shattered. Its powers could only be imagined.


Kiba grabbed the ruby-like artifact and pulled it.


Martha cried as the pressure turned her cleavage bloody, but the artifiact didn"t move to Kiba"s shock.

Forget moving, it slipped from his grip, like it couldn"t allow someone like him to touch it.

Kiba"s eyes narrowed.

"So it has a Will?"

Kiba snorted and released telekinetic force to grab the artifact. But he got the same result, only with more of Martha"s bloody screams.

Kiba glanced at Ice Queen.

"You lack what it needs," Ice Queen stated nonchalantly. "So you can"t possess it."

She didn"t mind Martha"s cries. That was a punishment for her defeat.

"And what does it need?" Kiba retorted. "A woman"s body?"

Surprisingly, Ice Queen nodded.

Kiba: "............…."

Kiba blinked and looked at the Realm Treasure.

Did it have a consciousness that desired beautiful women like him?

He shook his head.

That can"t be… right?!

Treasures can"t be perverted!

Oh, wait… wanting beautiful women wasn"t a perverted desire! It was a holy desire born out of duty!

"It requires female blood of certain affinity," Ice Queen added.

She has a feeling if she doesn"t clarify, he will reach some vile conclusion.

"...…." Kiba sighed.

If that was true, there was nothing he could do. He has many abilities, but they wouldn"t help with Ice Queen here.

Martha stopped screaming. She was in pain but seeing Kiba not getting what he wanted, she smirked.

Kiba noticed it, and he smiled. Martha flinched.

Why will he smile now?!

"I just remembered Christmas is here!"

Kiba placed a finger on her chest, just above her heart.

"And Christmas is the time of spreading happiness!"

Ice Queen"s face fell.

She shot forward, but it was too late by the time she reached Kiba.

A point-size "gift box" emerged from Kiba"s finger and settled into Martha"s heart. Martha felt a jolt in her heart, but the feeling was euphoric instead of painful.

It was like how a child feels after receiving a gift from "Santa."

"You!" Ice Queen came face to face with Kiba. For the first time, her face was filled with anger.

"What me, Your Highness?" Kiba asked with confusion. "I"m letting her go as you wanted."

He dropped Martha.

Ice Queen stared at him. He hadn"t violated the deal, at least not before the "gift box" opened. So she couldn"t accuse him of going back on his words.

"It"s getting late," Kiba looked at the night sky. "See ya in a few days, Your Highness."

Blinding glow wrapped him, and he teleported away.

"What did he do to me?" Martha asked.

Ice Queen sighed for the first time.

"He gave you a Gift of Happiness, wrapped with his reality-warping powers."

"?!" Martha was confused.

Ice Queen didn"t explain further. The mist in the surroundings flickered, and she disappeared.


Martha and Savi didn"t even notice it as the mist enveloped them and teleported them away.


Meanwhile, in the citadel located in the Holy City, beams of light flashed up. They turned into projections of the World Councilpersons, and without any greeting, started a conversation.

"So that man had another confrontation with the Ice Queen and survived!"

"Apparently, they didn"t even fight properly if the satellite footage is to be trusted."

"He was able to make her step back!"

"How remarkable!"

"Our decision to not let the World Government confront him was right."

"Agree. Our forces would have died for nothing, and we will have made an enemy."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

"We already made a decision before this confrontation, didn"t we?"

"Yes, we did."

"Then no need to delay it further."

"But Lord Harley… he wouldn"t like this."

"He is yet to regain consciousness. So what"s the worry?"

"He can"t complain after we are done."


"And we don"t need to ask Ice Queen."

"That I agree with. She didn"t ask before unleashing Legacy Masters on the planet."

"We don"t owe her the courtesy of heads-up."

"Well, if it"s decided, then I can do the needful."

"That will be good."

"Thank you, Lord Elliot, for taking the burden."

"It"s nothing."

"Then we leave it to you. Feel free to use anything or anyone for this."

"I will."


The next day, in another part of the Holy City. A family meeting was taking place inside an apartment.

"The wedding invitations are done!"

Olly exclaimed with a big smile on his face.

"You have invited everyone?"

Olly"s father, Morgan, enquired.

"Yes!" Olly declared happily.

"Ok," Morgan nodded. Even though he didn"t show it, he was eagerly waiting for his son"s wedding.

He couldn"t wait to see his son turn into a real man and enjoy the bliss only married life could provide!

Meanwhile, Olly"s sister- Loren- checked the guest list.

After finishing the list, a frown appeared on her face, and she said, "Kiba"s name isn"t there!"

Olly flinched while Morgan squirmed in his seat. While the father-son felt discomfort by the name, their reasons were different.

"That"s for good!"

Morgan said while remembering how he had tried to humiliate Kiba in the past. He was now glad his attempts had backfired on him.

"What?" Loren was confused. "I thought you guys were friends!"

"Friends?" Morgan broke into cold sweat.

With Kiba"s status as a powerful Alpha known to the world, Morgan knew he didn"t even qualify to be his servant, forget friend!

"Kiba is a God! What happened in Delta City must have been his way of amusing himself!"

Morgan replied bitterly.

Back then, Kiba didn"t reveal his powers as an Alpha, and Morgan and others believed they had the power to challenge him.

"God…" Loren uttered the word with respect.

"Yes! A powerful God!"

Morgan said with all seriousness.

"And we don"t have what it takes to invite a God!"

"But we do!"

Olly muttered to himself, his eyes subconsciously drifting to his mother, - Suzane.

"We have something that can even make the god kneel!"

Olly started crying as he recalled the last time he saw god kneeling:

Suzane was on a chair, lifting her legs and spreading them apart.

The sight was so divine that Kiba dropped to his knees and started worshipping her with his mouth!

Olly recalled just how pleased she was by the god"s devotion. She had started thrashing her head while squeezing her breasts, the ones that nourished her children.

This made Olly cry loudly.

"Why are you crying?!" Morgan, Loren, and Suzane were shocked.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 743 - Wedding Is Near!