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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 742 - Compromise

Chapter 742: Compromise

Martha was shocked.

She had assumed her reckless act of using the Realm Treasure disappointed her Queen. But after hearing Ice Queen's words, she realized just how wrong she was, just how much she didn't understand Ice Queen.

Even though she now understood her tears disappointed her, she couldn't help but tear up further.

"Seems like her heart is melted by your warm actions," Kiba noted sarcastically.

Ice Queen didn't respond, her hand still on his shoulder that was grabbing the ruby-like artifact protruding out of Martha's cleavage.

"Get your hand off me!" Martha sneered.

With the Ice Queen here, the tide has turned in her favor. Devil or demon, his fate was sealed.

Seeing Kiba still not taking his hand off, she raised her hand to push him off. But to her horror, she discovered she couldn't make any movement.

Her body refused to listen to her commands!

"How can this be?! Her Highness had healed me! I should have made a complete recovery!"

Martha just then noticed something above the Realm Treasure. From Kiba's grip, thin, golden roots emerged and ran along the length of the Realm Treasure, ultimately entering her chest and penetrating her central nervous system.

He had taken control over her body the instant Ice Queen placed a hand on his shoulder!

"This monster…. He can kill me in an instant!" Martha's face turned ugly.

Ice Queen remained silent. She had obviously noticed what Kiba did, but it didn't make her worry.

"You think I won't kill her?" Kiba asked.

"You want to, and you certainly can."

Ice Queen replied as a matter of fact.

"But you won't."

"...…" Kiba's face turned rigid.

So she did know about his biggest fear – endangering the lives of his loved ones!

She might be nonchalant, cold, and cruel, but she definitely was not ignorant. But that was to be expected from the one who freed Legacy Masters and brought danger to the entire planet. All so that she could relieve her boredom!

"Your title suits you," Kiba noted.

Ice Queen turned silent.

They had only met once before, that too briefly in the Infinity Maze.

It was less of a meeting and more of a violent clash, but they understood each other – perhaps due to the resonance of their power source.

So Kiba knew that someone of her disposition would never commit the lowly act of threatening him with his loved ones. But that didn't mean she couldn't imply what would happen if a fight started here.

After all, given their powers, the battle would eclipse the entire city and much more! That would endanger his loved ones!

And killing Martha would undoubtedly lead to a fight. There was no doubt about that!

And with the icy mist sealing the space, he couldn't even teleport them elsewhere.

Martha's face brightened. She didn't understand what made Kiba's face so somber, but she realized he wouldn't dare harm her.

"How about you just let her go?" Ice Queen asked.

"Let her go? HAHAHAHA!"

Kiba lifted his head and started laughing.

"She ruined my night, killed Good Men, and on top of that, even tried to murder me! And you think I would let her go?

"Why? Because you say so, Your Highness?"

"...…." Ice Queen's eyebrows creased.

"Well, then here's a news flash for you –

"You might be the ruler of a nation full of cunts, but I have fucked far more cunts!

"So get off your high horse, Queen of Cunts!"

Kiba's expression changed into that of the devil.

The night sky simultaneously burst with flashes of lightning, a prelude to the arrival of the legendary Evolution Field.

Ice Queen's expression changed.

She didn't expect him to react like this.

Her hand quickly released ice made of pitch-black darkness, but even as it began to flow on Kiba's shoulder and his wings, the sky split open and blasted out a streak of lightning.

It surged with the essence of Evolution Field, releasing pure annihilative force, and it extended from the sky to the ground.


Kiba grabbed it and slashed it towards Ice Queen's hand.

She pulled her hand back and jumped up, causing the streak to slash through the ice flowing out of her, annihilating it completely.

Martha was frightened out of her wits. She thought she had seen the extent of his powers when they fought but now realized he was holding back. Even though she had pushed him to the corner, he didn't show the extent of true powers.


Her chain of thoughts broke as a raging pain burst through her. Kiba pulled her up by her throat while swinging the streak of lightning with his other hand.

Ice Queen landed a few meters back, her face cold. Unlike Martha, she knew the extent of his powers.

"Do you want to do this?" Ice Queen asked.

"I don't," Kiba replied. "But there's no way I would just let her go either."

Ice Queen nodded.

His disposition was that of a monarch, and a monarch couldn't be forgiving. She naturally knew that but felt he would hold back given the situation.

She was wrong after a very long time. It was a refreshing change, and it made her gorgeous face bloom with a smile.

"We are caught in a stalemate," Ice Queen observed. "But you have the bargaining chip."

Kiba smiled. She wasn't a ruler for nothing.

"I can't forgive her as that goes against my principle," Kiba started.

He only followed one rule religiously in his life – never spare those who try to kill him or have sinister intentions towards him.

That's why in the Desolate Blood Forest, he allowed nanites to kill Ruby, even though she had turned into his loyal slave.

The rule made no exception for beauty, love, or relationships. Still, it did allow him flexibility and gave him as much time as he wanted.

That's why he didn't kill his stepfather Kurtis and Lord Harley yet.

"But I can let her go for now…." Kiba completed.

"In return?" Ice Queen asked nonchalantly.

"Well, I have spent my entire life in cities, surrounded by pollution of progress…."

Kiba let out a dramatic sigh.

"So I think it's time for me to take a vacation in some remote and secluded land… surrounded by nothing but natural beauty."

Martha's heart jolted violently.

This bastard! Surely he didn't mean what she was thinking!

If he was, she was done for!

That place was no man's land!

"OK," Ice Queen replied.

"!!!!!!" Martha's heart jumped to her throat.

Did she hear her right?

Did she really say OK to his proposal?!

No way!

How can one invite THE WOLF to the home of sheep?!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 742 - Compromise