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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 741 - Dissapoint!

Chapter 741: Dissapoint!

As the beam of light emerged, Kiba transformed into his Holy Form. An intense golden glow radiated out of him and his wings spread open, slicing through the black energy tsunami.

The power bursting through him tore the spider silk, and he swirled the hammer in front.

"Can't take her lightly anymore."

Kiba looked at Martha like an equal adversary instead of something he could toy with. No, she was even capable of being a life-threatening adversary with the artifact she was wielding.

It all depended on how well and how long she could use its power!

Martha flicked her wrist, and the beam of light rushed down.

Kiba started rotating the hammer like a wheel, and it seemed like a rotating shield from a distance. He transferred his full power into it.

The beam of light violently blasted into the hammer shield.


An explosion that was no less than the detonation of multiple atomic bombs erupted, but its range was minimal – barely the size of a human.

There were no shockwaves, for the Realm Treasure was capable of avoiding any energy wastage, something not even the mighty Alphas could achieve!


Cracks emerged in the hammer shield, and the explosion rushed through it like water through a bursting dam.

A droplet of sweat ran down Kiba's face.

He had faced a similar explosion before without suffering much damage as its destructive force was spread out. Sadly he wasn't that lucky this time.

His chiseled skin split open, and blood burst out, turning his muscular chest and shoulders red. But this was only outside damage.

Inside his chest, the remnant of beam energy hit the source of his power – the Cosmic Spark. It lacked the intensity to damage the Spark, but was enough to interfere with its connection, albeit briefly.

This caused his aura to drastically fall. His radiance dimmed, and his broken hammer disintegrated into dots of golden light.


Blood flew out of Kiba's mouth, and he stumbled back into the air.

"Hehe, even the wielder of the mighty Ass Breaker couldn't face the Realm Treasure!"

Martha beamed with happiness, her face pale.

The Realm Treasure was absorbing her blood like crazy, but she was satisfied with its effect.

"But I need to end this before it turns me into a bloodless corpse!"

Martha began to extract more strength from the Realm Treasure.


Just then, the space before her folded, like it was being pulled violently. Before she knew it, she was before Kiba.

"Spatial Contraction!"

She exclaimed.

Kiba clenched his fists and punched out. It has taken great efforts for him to use space ability in this state, and he didn't want to lose the advantage of his surprise move.

Alas, the brief loss of power had made him slower than her.

Before his fists could collide with her body, blinding red radiance flashed in her eyes.

"You just brought your death sooner with that move of yours!"

Martha declared, the radiance erupting out as beams.

One beam was enough to damage him like this. So it went without saying that two beams were more than enough to kill him!

"Fucking bitch!"

Kiba shot back with everything he had. The beams chased after him.

Kiba turned into a bolt of lightning and rushed into the sky. He crossed a thousand kilometers in a moment, but the beams weren't any slower. In fact, they were turning faster, shortening the gap between them.

He could have just teleported elsewhere if he faced such fatal attacks in other times. Sadly for him, the beams were powered by a force that made the space highly volatile to teleportation. If he used a teleportation channel now, it would be a suicidal move.

"This is all your fault, dickhead!"

Kiba looked below his torso, where his cock was still erect and rock-hard. It couldn't wait to barge out!

"We are facing the worst crisis since Castor Damon, and yet you are thinking about that bitch's cunt!

"Don't you have any shame?!"

Kiba asked.


Kiba suddenly stopped as he reached the Earth's orbit. His cock's throbbing has lit a spark in his brain.

"You might be a dickhead, but you are smart! I expected nothing less!"

Kiba grinned and turned towards the approaching beams. They were barely a second away, but that was enough time for Kiba.

"Teleportation is highly dangerous now, but that makes it my trump card!"

The space before Kiba started rotating, and a teleportation channel made of power Cosmic opened up. The beams couldn't divert at such a close distance, and they flew into the channel.

Meanwhile, many miles below, Martha's face fell.

Before her, a teleportation channel appeared, sending out two light beams.

"Help me!" Martha yelled.

The Realm Treasure inside her body flashed, and the beams stopped just a hairsbreadth from her.

"Phew~" Martha sighed in relief.

But at the very exact moment, her face twisted in horror.

The space was highly unstable for teleportation, but the beams were teleporting out.

That meant…!


The space literally exploded!

It emerged with countless cracks like a mirror crashing onto the ground, and then exploded out, sending out spatial shards in every direction.


The stopped beams turned unstable and detonated, joining the force of the spatial explosion.


Martha cried as the shards slashed into her body.

The Realm Treasure saved her from fatal damage, but her body became miserable. She started falling down, shooting towards the ground like a burning meteorite.

But before she could even reach halfway to the ground, Kiba appeared before her, flashing out his signature smile.

Even though her body was numb from blood loss, Martha felt a shiver down her spine.

His smile was demonic - pure sinister!

"Hi there, nice weather, isn't it?"

Kiba waved at her and then pointed to his crotch.

"The Ass Breaker wants to slam into you, but I don't think it's the right time for that."

Kiba said while striking down with his elbow, slamming it straight into her nose.

"You agree, right?"


Martha only screamed in response.

Her face caved down, and cracks snaked out in her skull.


Martha brutally smashed into the ground, creating a crater and blowing up the soil in the air.

In the distance, Savi's face turned unsightly.


Didn't just a few seconds ago Lady Martha force that man to run?!

So how can the conclusion be like this?!

Even before these thoughts can fully emerge in her mind, Kiba landed on the crater. A circle of light swept out from him, clearing the dust cloud.

Martha was able to see him through her barely open eyelids.

"You might be a stupid cow, but you deserve praise for wounding me like this."

Kiba praised her while looking at her cleavage, where a ruby-like gem protruded out.

"While it might be thanks to that artifact of yours, but you deserve credit for wielding its incredible power for a few seconds. Thankfully you lacked the strength to control it fully, otherwise…."

Kiba trailed off and leaned down, his hand approaching her cleavage.

This artifact's of hers fascinated him.

And how can it not?

It was connected to the method by which the Cosmic Spark was damaged! How the Cosmic Shards came into occurrence!

Martha grunted and tried to move.

Failure in defeating the devil was shameful enough, but if she let him gain Eden's Realm Treasure due to her reckless actions… she would never be able to show her face to Her Highness!

Sadly, even though her mind yearned to move, her body lacked the strength to do so.

Kiba clawed his hand and grabbed the ruby.

Martha's eyes erupted with tears.

"You disappoint me, Martha."

Martha's heart stirred up.

This voice….!


Kiba's eyes narrowed.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere was filled with icy mist, surging with a presence that instilled fear and awe.

The mist spread far and wide, enveloping not only the battle site but dozens of cities in an instant. Everyone felt as if they were thrust into a blizzard.

A hand lightly landed on Kiba's shoulder. He didn't need to look at the side to know who it belonged to.

"It has been a while"

Kiba tightened his grip on the ruby. Simultaneously, the weight of the hand on his shoulder turned multifold, as if it was carrying the weight of the entire north pole.

Kiba turned his head to the side, bringing his eyes to the most beautiful woman in the world.

Ice Queen.

Her face was poker, just like the day he first met her.

"Is your face incapable of even expressing disappointment at the blunder of your servant?" Kiba asked.

Martha's heart forgot to beat.

She has disappointed her Queen… even her death couldn't make up for that!

But just then, to her shock, the mist surrounding her rushed into her body. The mist was cold, but inside her, it turned warm!

It turned into blood!

The price she had paid for using the Realm Treasure was undone in the blink of an eye!

Her wounds began to heal up, and she was able to see clearly, and what she saw made her heart skip a beat.

Her Queen was smiling at her!

There was no mistaking that!

Her misty blue lips were curved up!

"She disappointed me with her tears."

Ice Queen looked at Kiba.

"And not by what you consider as her blunder."

"Really?" Kiba's tone turned sarcastic. "Then you shouldn't mind taking me this artifact."

Ice Queen's smile didn't fade…

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 741 - Dissapoint!