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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 740 - Eerily Familiar!

Chapter 740: Eerily Familiar!

"Your webs are really sticky!"

Kiba exclaimed as his hands and spear were binded with spider silk.

"Don't tell me you will soon transform into a spider?"

Martha's face twisted. She had enough of his smart-ass comments.

She pulled her sword back and channeled her strength into it. With his hands and weapon tied by gravity-infused webs, he would be in no condition to evade her.

"Die, you vile man!"

Martha yelled and stabbed out. The sword point glinted sharply, ready to dye itself with crimson blood.

"Naa, I want to live, you stupid cow."

Kiba did a forward flip, rolling over her sword and head.

Martha was shocked. The terrifying gravitational force in the webs should have made such movements impossible.

"While your webs are really strong, using gravity against someone whose specialty is gravity attacks isn't exactly smart."

Kiba landed behind her, and simultaneously, she started turning around.


Just then, Kiba launched a back kick, smashing it straight on her face. That was the only part of her body not covered by the enhanced armor, and the kick took full advantage of that.


Martha felt like a mountain has hit her, and she was sent flying back. But the surroundings were covered with ice webs, and she slammed into them, stretching them backward.

"Lady Martha!"

Savi couldn't believe the scene playing before her eyes.

Martha was the second strongest person in Eden!

Not only that, she was even borrowing power from the Realm Treasure!

And yet she was kicked by someone whose hands and weapon were tied!!

If the world learned about it, Eden would turn into a laughing stock!!!

Kiba, in the meantime, tried to free his hands tied to the lightning spear.

He channeled destructive force from the spear into the silk. But the gravitational force inside them disintegrated it by pulling it apart.

"First time this has happened! I guess her silk is more resilient than I give her credit for," Kiba remarked. "And seems like her gravity abilities aren't exactly useless against me."

Martha spit out blood. Her eyes thirsted for vengeance, and she charged at Kiba, dragging the ice webs along with her.

Her sword moved to chop him apart.

"Oh well, no choice."

Kiba ducked down, causing the sword and Martha to fly past him. Simultaneously, the trapped spear morphed into the form he liked the best – a hammer full of sharp thorns!

They cut into the silk and protruded out.

"It will do for now!" Kiba thought.

Martha had turned down the air by now, and she slashed her sword at his ducking figure.


Her sword slashed into him, but her eyes constricted. His figure faded into thin air like a plume of smoke.

An afterimage!


At the same time, the sound of a sharp blow came from her rear end, shocking her.

No way!"

She looked behind to check her ass.

Bright sparks erupted from the armor portion covering her ass as Kiba slammed his hammer there.

"I want to smash something else in there, but the situation requires I improvise!"

Kiba explained, causing her eyes to land on his pants which caged his most terrifying weapon – Ass Breaker!

She instantly recalled the horrifying things he did with that; how it made women groan, cry, and scream!

"You won't succeed!"

Martha launched a rear kick accompanied by swirling her sword out.

Kiba evaded her attacks by moving away like a flash of lightning. His hands might still be glued, but he could move the hammer in the way he wanted, and that was enough.

As her attacks failed, he launched his own by pounding down on her ass.

Explosive sparks flew out, and Martha felt dents appearing on her armor.

If this continued, her ass was in real danger!!

"Vile man! I will kill you!"

Martha swung her sword out, slashing the fabric of space.

"You said that already. But I'm curious how exactly?"

Kiba asked while moving past the spatial rift.

"...….." Martha didn't reply; she only chased after him.

Had she been calm, she would have used the web domain to trap him further, but sadly anger clouded her judgment.

"Oh well, seems like you lack ideas to kill me."

Kiba noted while skilfully evading the ice webs and appearing behind her.

"But if you are open to suggestions, I will like death by breast smothering! Though I think death by that butt of yours isn't bad either!"


Martha's back turned cold.

This evil man's fasciniation with ass has reached a dangerous level!

He would even die for it!!

"I will never allow my ass to be tortured!"

Martha yelled and blocked the attack on her ass.

"Then how about your cunt?"

Kiba asked with anticipation.

While he loved a good ass, cunts were his first love.

"........." Martha almost stumbled down.

This man was beyond redemption!

Now not only for the female race but also for her own ass and pussy, he must be destroyed!

It has to be done, no matter the price!!

She gritted her teeth and tightened her grip on the sword.

Then like a vortex, she started rotating around, causing her sword's energy to violently explode out. Kiba was about to pound her ass, but her sudden move caught him off-guard, knocking him back.

Martha closed her eyes and concentrated on her chest.

There, the Realm Treasure erupted with a tentacle-like vein and rushed it into her heart, sucking her blood.

"Take as much as blood you want, but give me the power to destroy him!"

She prayed, and the Realm Treasure responded by releasing a fraction of its true strength. It fused with her energy, and the combined force came out as a black tsunami, dyed with a crimson hue!


In the distance, Kiba had just stabilized himself when the tsunami slammed onto him. Like a boat caught in the middle of a storm, he was engulfed by the tsunami, drowning in the massive energy flux.

"What the hell?!"

Kiba's head tingled with a sense of foreboding.

Even a confrontation with Lord Harley or Ksitigarba wasn't enough to alarm the ability he gained from his father's bloodline.

While thoughts ran in his mind, a stream of energy in the tsunami turned into a red beam. It was thin, very thin, like a silk thread.

But when Kiba saw it, his eyes widened.

"You got to be fucking with me!"

Now he finally realized why he felt that ruby-like artifact in her chest familiar.

Years ago, when he was nothing but a slum dweller, he was forced into a World Fragment by Castor Damon. It was there he fused with the Cosmic Spark – the source of his powers.

But before he fused with it, along with Castor Damon, he had witnessed records of it in the World Fragment. Those records showed him something he still found unbelievable: attempts to destroy the Cosmic Spark.

While the attempts didn't succeed, they did cause multiple fractures in the Cosmic Spark.

Something that ultimately lead to the emergence of Cosmic Shards!

And the form of these attempts looked eerily similar to the read beams he was seeing now!!

Kiba turned dead serious. Wings sprouted from his back, and he transformed into his Holy Form.

He didn't dare take her lightly anymore.

In Chapters 261-262, we saw attempts to destroy the Cosmic Spark.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 740 - Eerily Familiar!